Top gifts for tweens in 2021

Tween girls eating pizza and talking at a block party

When it comes to picking the right gifts for tween girls or boys for 2021, things can get tricky. From fashion and movies to games and sports, it can be hard to judge what is age appropriate and what an older child might enjoy.
This handy gift guide is the perfect inspiration to get the right gifts for the tweens in your life, no matter the occasion or what they’re into.

1. For the gamers

Where to get it: Nintendo, Roblox
Price range: $5-$200

For those game-loving tweens in your life, why not treat them to a gift card from Nintendo to redeem on their Switch, 3DS or Wii U consoles.
They can treat themselves to games like Super Mario 3D World or Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which are both released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021. If they prefer computer games, a Roblox gift card could be perfect. On Roblox they can have fun with friends as they create and explore millions of immersive 3D experiences.

2. For the Disney and Marvel fans

Where to get it: Disney
Price range: $15-$500

For the Disney and Marvel-loving tweens in your life, 2021 brings the release of many exciting new movies, like Cruella and Black Widow.
Why not treat them to a Disney gift card so they can buy merchandise from their favorite movies at stores across the US? Disney gift cards are also redeemable at Disney World, so you could even help them take a trip to the most magical place on Earth!

3. For the fashionable tween

Where to get it: Footlocker, Nordstrom, Claire’s
Price range: $15-$500

The tween in your life is probably finding their own fashion style. So why not help that exploration with a gift card? There is nothing more exciting for a fashion lover than dollars to spend on a new outfit.
You can find gift cards to all their favorite stores, so they can treat themselves to some new shoes from Footlocker, some clothes from Nordstrom, or accessories from Claire’s.

4. For the animal fanatics

Where to get it: Detroit Zoo, Groupon
Price range: $15-$100

If you are looking for a gift for tween girls or boys who you know love animals, a gift card for a zoo is a great idea.
They can use the gift card to contribute towards a day out to see their favorite animals or even buy a souvenir from the gift shop to remember their day. At Detroit Zoo, they can explore 125 acres of realistic habitats that are home to more than 2,500 animals. Or, with a Groupon voucher they can find days out to other animal attractions nearby.

5. For the sports fans

Where to get it: Fanatics, Adidas, Champs
Price range: $15-$50

For the sporty tween in your life, try a gift card to Fanatics, so they can buy some official merchandise from hundreds of professional teams.
A Champs Sports or Adidas gift card will give them access to the latest in athletic footwear, apparel, accessories and sports equipment. Help them follow their sporting passion or discover a new hobby.

6. For the food lover

Where to get it: Cheesecake Factory, Grubhub, Starbucks
Price range: $25-$100

For most tweens, hanging out with their friends is top priority. Many would appreciate a gift card for their favorite restaurant chain so they can enjoy a meal out with their buddies without having to ask their parents for cash.
Whether they’d enjoy a sweet treat at the Cheesecake Factory, a tasty drink from Starbucks or even food delivery from one of their top restaurants on Grubhub, there will be something to satisfy any hungry tween.

7. For the budding make-up artist

Where to get it: Ulta Beauty, Sephora
Price range: $5-$100

Experimenting with make-up is a rite of passage for many tween girls. Whether they like getting creative with bold colors and sparkles or like a more natural lip gloss and mascara look, gift cards to leading make-up stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty are a great option.
With amounts ranging from $5, you can choose a gift card to suit any budget, whether you’re contributing to a larger gift or have a specific product in mind.

8. For the artists

Where to get it: Michaels
Price range: $25-$200

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a tween girl or boy, fueling their creative streak will be a hit. It’s great to be able to nurture a talent and help support their interests, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or as a thank you for helping you out over the holidays.
A gift card for Michaels can be used to stock up on all their favorite art supplies including paints, pencils and even books for inspiration. Just think, you could help them create their next masterpiece!

9. For the music lovers

Where to get it: Spotify, Apple Music
Price range: $10-$100

Often kids approaching their teens are starting to discover what music they like themselves so a music gift card can be a fantastic gesture. Whatever the artist or genre and whether it is an album, song or a music streaming service, getting a gift card for Spotify or Apple can be a great gift for tweens.
You’ll unlock a library of thousands of hours of music, podcasts, and playlists so they can choose what they love or explore a new genre. Most people love music and with a gift card, you don’t have to guess what they’re into.

10. For the film buff

Where to get it: Netflix, AMC
Price range: $25-$50

Everyone loves the magic of Hollywood, so why not treat the tween in your life to a gift card for their local movie theatre?
With loads of exciting new films being released in 2021, including brand new Tom and Jerry and Peter Rabbit 2, they’ll love hanging out with their friends at the latest blockbuster showing.
Or, if they would prefer to throw a movie night or slumber party at home, get them a Netflix gift card. The streaming service has plenty of big movies and TV shows planned for 2021 that they are sure to love.

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