Just hitched: 10 great gift ideas for newlyweds

Beautiful wedding car with plate JUST MARRIED

They've just tied the knot and are basking in wedded bliss, so help the happy couple ride that honeymoon wave a little longer with these great gift ideas for newlyweds.

Whether you choose something to help them spend more time together or something that helps them look back fondly on their big day, a great wedding gift is the perfect way to remember their special day.

We’ve put together a selection of top gift ideas for newlyweds to suit all budgets from some of the US’s most popular stores.

1. Couples experiences

Where to get one: Groupon, Elements Massage
Price range: $5 to $300

Let the newlyweds try a new skill such as bartending and cookery classes with local courses. Bartending courses can be bought through Groupon deals from as little as $5, while sessions from famous chefs will cost more.

You could even send them on a helicopter tour of their home city from $30 or a tailored experience to suit their interests. For a little extra luxury, spa days start at around $80.

2. Fondue set

Where to find one: Kohl’s
Price range: $30 to $100

Food doesn’t get much more romantic than a fondue set.
A basic set from Nostalgia Electronics will cost around $30. More premium brands like Boska create stylish sets made from copper and cement or ceramic and oak, which can range all the way up to $100.

Happy young couple embracing and smiling while sitting on the pier near the lake

3. Picnic basket

Where to find one: Bed Bath & Beyond
Price range: $18 to $350

For a classic, wicker picnic basket for storing snacks and sandwiches for a sunny afternoon picnic, look for a brand like Vintiquewise.
If you’re looking for something more luxurious, The Picnic Company and Over & Back offer beautifully lined wicker baskets with different compartments and dining accessories to suit every kind of picnic.

4. Photo collage frames

Where to find one: eBay, Crate and Barrel
Price range: $10 to $270

If you’re looking at what to give as a wedding gift, you can’t go wrong with a great photo frame.
A small wooden frame will cost you around $10 while personalized frames and digital collages from independent eBay sellers will cost a little more. If you want to really splurge, , Icon’s gallery frames display up to 17 photos at a time.

5. Couples cookbook

Where to find one: Barnes & Noble, eBay
Price range: $5 to $30

Another great gift idea for wedding couples is a cookbook made for two. Smaller recipe books by lesser known chefs or food writers can cost as little as $5, while big names like America’s Test Kitchen will cost closer to $30.
Choose from popular classics filled with hearty meals for two or let them test their cooking skills with something a little more adventurous like Thai and Gourmet recipes.

6. Spa gift set

Where to find one: Bed Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body Works
Price range: $10 to $30

A little pampering is good for everyone. Most spa gift sets will cost around $15 to $30 and will come in a range of scents from natural oaks and sea breezes to vibrant citruses and floral fragrances.
You could even go for a set of personalized towels from Carved Solutions’ Signature Spa collection. for the couple to lounge in while they relax.

7. Hammock

Where to find one: Home retailers
Price range: $25 to $450

From basic, portable varieties that the happy couple can take with them, to larger and more luxurious hammocks that make the perfect garden. centerpiece.
A lightweight polyester hammock, from brands like Vivere or Byer of Maine start from around $25, while a more premium fabric or rope hammock can reach up to $450.

8. Luxury blanket

Where to find one:, Crate and Barrel
Price range: $15 to $4,000

Perfect for those cozy nights in, a simple cotton fringed blanket for two to snuggle under will cost around $15.
More luxurious options, handmade from materials like faux fur, sheepskin, silk and velvet will cost more, with larger luxury blankets ranging all the way up to $4,000.

9. Popcorn maker

Where to find one: Kohl’s
Price range: $20 to $1,500

Bring that movie theater atmosphere home with a popcorn maker.
Go all-out with a commercial movie theater machine or a vintage popcorn cart. If you’re looking to keep things simple, countertop popcorn machines start from less than $20.

10. Vacation

Where to find one: Golden Nugget,
Price range: $40+

Help them get away and spend some much-needed downtime together with a vacation gift card. Send them on an indulgent Vegas trip to the Golden Nugget from around $40.
If you would like to send them out-of-town, you can pick from a range of packages from

Obviously the further they fly and the longer and more extravagant the trip, the higher the price will be.

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