The top 10 Christmas gifts for little girls

two little girls open christmas presents

Christmas is a wonderful time for the whole family, especially those who still believe in the magic of the season. Whether she’s pretty in pink or an active adventurer, bring the spirit of the holidays to life with the perfect gift.

Stock the tree with presents and make her whole year with our top ten gift ideas for little girls.

1. Bicycle/Tricycle

Where to get it: REI Co-op, Academy
Price range: $50 – $500

Whether it’s her very first tricycle or she’s ready to ditch the training wheels, a brand-new bike can be the perfect way to reward a year of good behavior.

Companies like REI and Academy are experts in creating a lifelong love of the outdoors and have impressive ranges of kids’ bikes for all budgets, ages and personalities. Get those wheels turning with their first tricycle starting from around $50 or give them to courage to go out on their own with a kids bicycle starting from $100.

2. Stuffed toy

Where to get it: Build-A-Bear, Disney
Price range: $15 – $75

No doubt she already has a room full of cuddly teddies and dolls, but she’s sure to love her newest friend all the same.

The Disney store has all her favorite characters, from princesses and their companions, to superheroes and galaxy saviors. Meanwhile at Build-A-Bear, you can create her own stuffed toy from scratch or choose from the ready-made collection. Then add your own personalized voice-recorded message for an extra special touch come Christmas Day.

3. Activity kit

Where to get it: Michaels, Joann
Price range: $5 – $50

Keep them busy while you get on with cooking with an activity kit. From arts and crafts to science and slime, places like Michaels and Joann have plenty of activities to spark her imagination, no matter her age. Find something the whole family can enjoy, like indoor bowling or bingo, or let her figure it out on her own.

happy family watch as little girl opens presents

4. Christmas outfit

Where to get it: The Children’s Place, Nordstrom
Price range: $15 – $60

We all love treating ourselves to a new outfit for the big day, so why not our little ones? If she’s getting to the age where she takes pride in her wardrobe, then a new sparkly dress or fashionable romper could be the perfect gift.

The Children’s Place specializes in kids clothing from newborns to pre-teens with the latest trends at affordable prices. While Nordstrom offers a grown-up range for little girls who want to dress just like mom.

 5. Family game

Where to get it: Nintendo, GameStop
Price range: $10 – $60

Instead of fighting to get them off their electronic devices, why not embrace it this Christmas with a game the whole family can enjoy?

The Nintendo Store has a great collection of family-friendly games for their Nintendo Switch, from racing to sports and everything in between. Meanwhile, GameStop caters to all consoles and even has a range of board games if you still want to get them off their screens.

 6. A day out

Where to get it: Groupon, Cinemark
Price range: $20 – $80

It may not be as fun to unwrap but finding out they’re going to their favorite theme-park or activity center could make their Christmas the best ever.

Groupon has great deals and discounts for local activities, from ice skating and paintball, to soft play centers and arcades. If they love the big screen, a trip to the cinema or theatre could also fuel their excitement.

mother and daughter opening presents together

7. Bedtime reading

Where to get it: Barnes & Noble
Price range: $5 – $30

When they’re all grown up, it’s the little things they’ll look back on fondly, like reading a bedtime story. So a collection of new books could be a great way to keep the tradition going into the new year.

Barnes & Noble have great books for kids, from inspiring stories of important women in history, to imaginative tales of dragons, magic and adventure.

8. Doll house

Where to get it: Target, Wayfair
Price range: $25 – $250

A doll house is a great gift for little girls. From traditional Victorian houses to modern city apartments, they can make-believe to their heart’s content.

You don’t need to stick to stereotypes either, Wayfair and Target both offer up creative doll houses, from fire stations to Viking castles.

9. Musical instrument

Where to get it: Guitar Center, Kohl’s
Price range: $20 – $100

Build their skills and give them a gift that could help shape their future with a musical instrument.

Both Guitar Center and Kohl’s have the tools to fuel their musical talents. A kids drum kit can cost around $20 up to $100, depending on their age and number of pieces. Meanwhile, a junior guitar is around three quarters the size of a normal guitar and is a great steppingstone to starting their own garage band.

10. A pet

Where to get it: Petco, PetSmart
Price range: $15 – $150

A pet isn’t just for Christmas, but if your little girl has started to show responsibility and dedication, it may be time to finally cave into her pleas. Plus, adopting from a rescue center is a great way to give a helpless animal a new home.

Once you’ve found the perfect pet, places like Petco and PetSmart have all supplies and accessories you need – including training classes and day camps.


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