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The best sustainability gifts

woman with a reusable grocery tote bag full of fruit and vegetables

Go green next gifting season for a happier planet and less landfill waste. Sustainability gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from handmade soaps for skincare superstars to compost caddies for green-thumbed gardeners. By turning to more eco-friendly gifts, we can show our love for both our loved ones and the planet.

Zero waste gifts can help cut down on unnecessary packaging and waste that would have otherwise headed to a landfill, often taking centuries to biodegrade. With a few small and simple changes to our lives, we can all start making a difference for a happier, greener world.

Browse some fantastic sustainable gift ideas below to get yourself started.

1. Start composting at home

Turn food waste into a sustainable gift idea with a compost caddy or starter kit for an eco-friendly family member. Harness the growing power of natural waste by turning your kitchen leftovers into fresh compost for use in the garden. Leftover vegetables, fruit peels, eggshells, coffee grounds and more can be collected in the caddy and it will slowly biodegrade, turning into nutrient-rich compost that’s ready to use.

Plants love the natural nutrients present in compost and a little sprinkled over a garden or a veggie patch will make the soil ready for next year’s growth.

2. A reusable coffee flask

Reusable coffee flasks make great sustainable gift ideas for the coffee addict in your life. Flasks come in all shapes and sizes and are made from sustainable materials like bamboo or stainless steel – meaning they can be used time and time again. They make great companions for the morning commute and can double-up as water bottles for keeping you hydrated throughout the day.

Most leading coffee chains offer a discount when you use a reusable flask, which means if you know someone who can’t function without a morning Starbucks, they’ll save on money, as well as disposable mugs.

3. Soap and shampoo bar gifts for zero-wasters

Be kind to your skin and cut out unnecessary plastic by switching to soap and shampoo bars in your shower. These handmade beauties are chemical-free and packed with perfect natural fragrances. Handmade soaps lather up well, leaving skin feeling clean and soft after every wash. Shampoo bars make great treats for friends and family with short to medium length hair too. These eco-friendly bars last months, meaning your loved ones will be able to save a few dollars on bottles of shampoo too.

You’ll leave a happier world once you’re done, with no plastic shampoo or shower gel bottle left over to head to a landfill. You can pick handmade soaps with our Joann e-gift cards.

4. Grocery tote bags

Swap your plastic grocery bags for a canvas tote. These handy carryalls are strong and sturdy enough to carry your weekly groceries and cut out the need for plastic bags from the store.

Light, washable and easy to store, these eco-friendly alternatives make great affordable gifts for would-be zero wasters. A tote bag is not reserved exclusively for fruit and veggies either, these useful sacks can carry laptops, lunch boxes and more – making them the perfect carry bag for a day on-the-go.

They’ll be able to use these cute tote bags when shopping at their favorite Kroger grocery stores.

5. Stainless steel straws for sustainability gifts

Many leading café and restaurant chains are moving away from single-use plastic straws in their drinks, and you can help do the same by gifting someone a handy set of reusable stainless steel straws.

Easily cleaned and carried around, these straws are great for on-the-go drinking and save on plastic waste from one-use drinking straws. The stainless steel makes them much more hygienic and highly durable. Most sets also come with a cleaning brush to keep the straws in the best condition.

6. Garden Herb Planter

Your family members with green thumbs will love their very own windowsill garden. With a starter kit they’ll be able to plant their favorite herbs and in a matter of months be using them to season their cooking.

Not only do these indoor plants pack plenty of flavor, they’ll save on buying pre-cut or dried herbs from the grocery store. Without the need to refill on oregano and basil from the supermarket, your green-thumbed loved one can reduce on the plastic and glass packaging used to store shop-bought refills.

7. e-Gift Cards

Our range of e-Gift Cards make great zero-waste presents for those family and friends that are just too hard to buy for. Not only can these cards be sent instantly via email, there’s a wide range of choice. You could treat a friend to a meal at their favorite Texas Roadhouse, or feed the family with a surprise takeout from Papa John’s.

e-Gift Cards are waste-free and are sent as a digital code that can be redeemed in store or on the website of your chosen retailer. From food and drink to video streaming and office supplies, you’re sure to find something to suit all tastes.

Leave the planet a little happier and start a loved one on their zero-waste journey with a sustainable gift that packs plenty of fun – and a little less plastic waste.

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