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The best gifts for veterans

Picture showing a military jacket and American flag badge stitched on the arm

Veterans’ day is our opportunity to celebrate our veterans. It is important to celebrate those who have served our country and put their lives on the line to protect the safety and security of the United States.

We want to be able to give our veterans the presents they deserve, which is why we think a gift card is a great way to say thanks. This guide from Kroger has loads of suggestions for presents, objects, and items that demonstrate your appreciation of the sacrifice veterans have made for you.

1. Military cufflinksWhen going to an important event, cufflinks can set off an outfit. A veteran will want to pick out the right cufflinks to show off their unit. Give a gift card to eBay to help them get ideas and buy the perfect cufflinks to show off.

2. An American FlagIt’s common for a veteran to have the American flag waving proudly outside of their home. If it’s starting to look a little bit rough around the edges and in need of an update, send them a gift card for Target for them to pick up a new one and keep their yard looking proud.

3. A tactical penWho doesn’t love a good tactical pen? With an array of tools and tricks, they are everything you might need around the house. Most have a pen, screwdriver, stylus, ruler, a spirit level, and an LED light. Choosing one can be difficult though, so give your veteran a gift card for Lowe’s and enjoy them telling you all about their new pen.

4. A cigar boxCigars seem to be an intrinsic part of a veteran’s life and we’ve all seen the films and TV shows where after a dramatic battle scene, the cigars are passed out. A cigar box that can also hold a cutter and a lighter is a great gift and one that is personal to each veteran. A gift card for Kohl’s is the perfect way to say ‘thank you for your service’ and give them a good enough reason to get that cigar box they’ve had their eye on.

5. A portable gymKeeping fit has many health benefits and being able to keep fit at home or wherever you are is better than trying to find a gym. People want to do more workouts at home, and workout equipment is becoming more and more popular. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a wide range of portable gym equipment, so why not give a gift card so they can choose exactly what they need for delivery the very next day.

6. Rosary beadsGiving a set of rosary beads can hold very special importance and they are a great gift to give. However, giving a gift so a veteran can buy their own personal set can also hold great value and importance. Give a gift card to eBay to allow them to pick out a very special set of rosary beads.

7. A leather journalJournals are a great way of documenting thoughts and feelings, which can help a veteran with their mental health and give them room to talk without having to physically speak to someone. A gift card for Macy’s will give them plenty of choice to find the perfect journal for them.

Send veteran gifts

We all know that veterans deserve to have gifts and be celebrated, not just on Veterans’ Day, but every day. They are a very special part of our past, present, and future and the gifts above are just a small selection of gifts that would show our gratitude.

Give the veterans in your life a gift card from Kroger’s large range of those available for a variety of brands and shops. Head over to our gift card mall to find the right one to give.