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The best gift cards for Father’s Day

The man, the myth and the legend who is your dad deserves the very best on Father’s Day. After all, we have a lot to thank him for. From the dad jokes to giving us a few extra dollars even after mom said no and straight-to-the-point life advice, our dads have always had our backs.

Far from a traditional pair of socks or a personalized mug, which will get lost in the cupboard or chipped, gift cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation. We have hundreds of gift cards catered to every kind of dad – from the dad who pours his heart and soul into his hobbies, to the gadget-obsessed pops always looking for his next project. Find out the best gift cards for Father’s Day with our handy guide.

The music maestro dad

Does your dad think he’s a bit of a music connoisseur? Is he looking to be the next Jimi Hendrix? Whether he loves to play an instrument or listen to his favorite dad rock tunes time and time again, a music gift card is the perfect present for those fathers who’ve mastered the beat.

If your dad has too many records and CDs in his collection than he knows what to do with, a Spotify gift card could be the perfect solution. A Spotify membership will give your dad access to millions of tracks on demand, so he can rediscover those much-loved tunes of his youth or find new artists to fall in love with.

If your dad’s more interested in making music, a Guitar Center gift card will firmly cement your position as the favorite child (not that he’ll admit it). As the world's largest musical instruments retailer, your dad will be able to finally have the high-tech gear he needs to take his hobby to the stage or treat himself to a new music book to expand his repertoire.

The sports enthusiastic dad

If your dad never misses the baseball, basketball or football game or spends most of his free time outside, why not indulge his passion with a sports gift card?

A Nike gift card allows your dad to choose his own activewear from the latest collections. Let him wear his team colors proudly or treat him to a stylish pair of trainers he can wear with pride next time he’s in the gym. The best thing about a gift card is, he gets to choose the items he loves, so you don’t have to worry about size, style or taste.

For more of an outdoors man, a REI gift card will have him planning his next great adventure in no time. From outdoor clothing to high quality gear, your dad can run, cycle, climb and camp his way to happiness.

The handyman dad

Never seen without a tool in his pocket, or a new project on his mind, these dads love to tinker. But with an arsenal of equipment already overfilling the garage, it can be impossible to know which tool he needs next.

With a gift card from Lowes, you can leave it to the expert – your dad. He can browse tools from impressive names such as Black & Decker and Irwin and get all the supplies he needs for his next home improvement project.

If he’s more of a vehicle man, an AutoZone gift card will place you on the road to Father’s Day success. With over 6,000 stores across the US, your dad will have everything he needs to turn that beaten old truck into a prized possession. As you’re providing the gift card to turn his dream into reality, he has no reason not to let your drive it, right?

The gaming legend dad

Whether your dad is a Candy Crush hero or a Call of Duty champion, fuel his passion for gaming with a gift card.

App warrior dads who can’t put their phones down on the daily commute will love an Apple store gift card, the perfect way to give him all the latest games at the touch of a button. From mind-boggling puzzles he’ll spend hours trying to solve to strategy games he can’t put down, he’ll be spoilt for choice.

Or, if consoles are his go-to, a GameStop gift card is sure to keep him busy. With Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo games and accessories to choose from, he’ll be stepping onto the battlefield one day and searching the wastelands the next.

The dad who has it all

Sometimes your dad doesn’t need anything. He’s got a garage full of junk he promises to organize, your old room has been transformed into a gym he’s determined to use, and he has a to-do list brimming with projects he’s yet to start.

For those dads, the perfect gift isn’t something he can keep, but something he can treasure – a special day or evening out. Why not get him a gift card for his favorite restaurant? We have over a hundred restaurant gift cards to choose from, such as the meat-lovers paradise Texas Roadhouse and family favorite Olive Garden.

For the full night out, give him the gift of the cinema. Whether he loves a gritty action movie, or is a big softie at heart with a romantic comedy, a Regal gift card allows him access to all the latest and greatest movies.

Whatever type of dad you have, say thank you with a present he’ll remember with a gift card from Kroger.