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Newly single gift ideas

Newly Single

The end of a marriage or a relationship can be heartbreaking and take a while to recover from. It’s important to be there to support those friends or loved ones going through a break-up as they move into a different stage of their lives.

Cheer them up and help them celebrate the start of a new chapter with a gift for your newly single friend. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone going through a divorce, or a present for someone newly single, a gift can help them bounce back quickly and show that you care.

Here are our top 10 gift ideas to help you help them.

1. Netflix subscription

A good TV binge can be the perfect distraction when things in your love life aren’t great, so a Netflix subscription could help someone going through a divorce or break up by giving them access to thousands of movies, TV series, and documentaries. The online streaming service can help them pass some time and switch off from the world. Get a Netflix gift card here.

2. Champagne

Pop that cork and raise a glass with your friend or loved one. Champagne could be the perfect gift for a newly divorced woman who wants to celebrate the end of something, or a male friend going through a horrid breakup who needs to look forward to the future.  A champagne toast can help to turn this difficult time into something positive. Get them a bottle and pair it with food delivery from Uber Eats.

3. Folding bike

Wherever your friend or loved one lives, the chance to get explore the world on a bike while getting some fresh air and endorphins pumping is the perfect antidote to a breakup. A folding bike is something that most people can fit into their home and bring with them in the car or public transport. It will clear their head and get them healthy. Browse leisure equipment including folding bikes at REI.

4. New bed sheets

A great gift for a newly singly friend or perhaps a divorced mom is new bedsheets. Help them get used to sleeping alone again by sprucing up their space with some new sheets.  After all, we all know how good that fresh-bedding feeling is. Choose a set that will match their style and personality to cheer them up. Find the perfect bedding set with a Home Goods e-Gift card.

5. Margarita and slush machine

For the cocktail lover in your life, a Margarita and slush machine is a fantastic gift for a friend going through a divorce. Put on some tunes and make some ice-cold cocktails while you laugh, cry and dance together. And, when your friend is back on their feet again, this gift will be perfect for parties. You can get them one from Kohl’s.

6. Flowers

Show you care by sending a beautiful bouquet. Whether your gift is for someone going through a divorce or a newly single friend, send flowers to their door wherever they are. Flowers are also a relatively inexpensive and versatile gift that are relevant whatever the season. A gift card from 100 Flowers can help you find the perfect bouquet.

7. Meal delivery

Breakups can be super tough and sometimes we just want to curl up and hope the world goes away for a while. Show you understand with a delivery of their favorite takeaway, which will not only save your loved one from having to make dinner but will also give you the peace of mind that they’ve eaten a good meal. Browse Grubhub gift cards for thoughtful food delivery.

8. Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless gift idea that is bound to put a smile on your friend or loved one’s face. Show your friend they don’t need a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or partner to buy them jewelry or be spoiled. And with so many styles to choose from the sky is the limit with this gift for the newly single. Discover beautiful jewelry at Belk.

9. Gourmet coffee set

Help your newly single friend or loved one to get their day started on a more positive note with a cup of gourmet coffee. Great tasting coffee can be like a warm hug in a cup. So, whether your recipient is near or far, show them you’re thinking of them with this gift idea.

Find the perfect coffee set with a Mistobox gift card.

10. Whiskey

Some occasions in life call for a shot of the hard stuff, so an ideal gift for a newly divorced man could be a bottle of their favorite whiskey or bourbon. Let them sit back with a glass in hand and finally relax. Or, maybe your newly single friend wants to raise a glass and say goodbye to their partner with a glass of something special? Explore alcohol offers and gift sets from several retailers.

Send newly single gifts

Experiencing a divorce or a relationship ending can be life-changing. But you can help put a smile on your newly single loved one or friend with a special present.
If you haven’t found the perfect gift for them these gift ideas, explore our Kroger gift card mall to discover hundreds of more options.