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How much do gift cards cost?

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Remove the stress of picking out the perfect present with a gift card. Whoever you give it to can spend it on something they really want. All you need to do is decide on the type of gift card and the amount to load onto it.

Whether you want a small gesture for a helpful neighbor, to spoil a loved one on their birthday, or to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion, gift cards give you great flexibility.

Discover how much gift cards cost and how to choose the right one to suit your budget and the occasion.

How much is a gift card?

Most of the gift cards available through Kroger range in value from around $5 to $500. There is no set amount for how much a gift card costs though, so you can easily find one that suits what you plan to spend.

Some gift cards have a minimum and/or maximum amount you can load onto them, along with a choice of set amounts in between. Others are more flexible and you can decide how much you load onto it – perfect if you have in mind a specific amount to spend on someone.

On top of the amount you load onto a gift card, extra fees may apply that you should factor into the total cost. However, at the Kroger Family of Stores you won’t pay fees on any third-party gift cards. You’ll also get added benefits such as Fuel Points when you buy many gift cards.

It can also depend on how and where you buy your gift card. There are two main ways to purchase and get your gift card to your intended recipient:

  • Send a gift card online – Choose the type of gift card and send the code online to save on postage costs and delivery time.
  • Send a physical gift card Buy a gift card online and choose to have it shipped to their address or head to your nearest Kroger Family of Stores. If you’re not giving it in person, factor in postage costs.

How to pick a gift card

First, choose a gift card that suits the interests of whoever will receive it. You can find options for foodies, gamers, sports fans, travelers, pet lovers and many more. Easily filter by recipient or head to our blog for gift ideas.

The gift card you pick and whether you want a digital or physical one will affect its total cost, including any fees. Open loop prepaid cards – such as Visa and Mastercard gift cards – can charge a fee for each use. Normally this only applies if the card is not used for 12 months. Before you buy, check the terms for any extra charges.

Most other gift cards for specific stores, restaurants and online retailers have low or zero fees. Read the terms before purchasing. If you’re unsure what to pick or are looking for a good deal, check our promotions page to save on selected gift cards.

How much are gift cards from Kroger?

Most Kroger gift cards cost anything from as little as $5 to $500. There’s not always a set price, so you can load yours with however much you want to spend – whether it’s a leaving gift for someone at work or a birthday present for your teenage niece or nephew.

Find gift cards that fit your budget by filtering them based on value. If you have a specific amount in mind but are unsure of what type of gift card to buy, this can help narrow your search.

Fees may still apply to any gift cards you buy. These will appear in your basket before you check out online. You can also ask our in-store associates when buying a gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores.

Visit your nearest Kroger Family of Stores or browse our full gift card range online, to pick one that suits your budget and the recipient.