A handy guide to gifts for your incredible in-laws

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Buying gifts for you in-laws can be tricky, especially if you don’t know them as well as you do your own family. Find them the perfect gift with our tips on great gifts for in-laws.

Dining out

Where to get it: Olive Garden, Omaha Steaks
Price range: $25-$500

If your in-laws are avid foodies, then they’ll love a gift card that lets them dine out at their favorite restaurant. Whether you’re planning to take them out for a hearty meal with the whole family or hope to send your mother and father-in-law out for a romantic dinner, our gift cards can be the perfect present. Treat your in-laws to a delicious meal and a night full of memories at their favorite restaurant.

Olive Garden is a staple dining experience loved by many across the country. An authentic Italian experience delivered from the Culinary Institute of Tuscany, everything on the menu is made fresh and delicious. For meat-lovers, Omaha Steaks serves gourmet cuts of beef, as well as ocean-fresh seafood dishes and plenty of desserts.

Experience days

Where to get it: Groupon
Price range: $25-$200

No matter what age you are or what your interests are, there’s something for everyone to enjoy a day out. Maybe your in-laws would love a couple’s day at the spa or are adrenaline junkies who’d rejoice in a day of white-water rafting. Whatever their hobbies, a gift card to experience a day of fun is the perfect gift idea for in-laws.

A gift card for Groupon is the perfect way to send your in-laws out for a day of entertainment. Groupon is a renowned world-wide marketplace that offers discounted prices on memorable days out. Spa packages are very popular, as are yoga classes, three-course meals at esteemed restaurants, discounted hotel packages, and a plethora of beauty treatments. With a Groupon gift card for your in-laws, they can choose exactly how they want to spend their special day.


Where to get it: Barnes & Noble, Target
Price range: $25-$200

While Netflix and YouTube are dominant entertainment platforms, there are still many who love the feel of a book in their hands. If you’re thinking of gift ideas for in-laws who are avid readers, gift them a new world to get stuck into with a book gift card.

It can be difficult to know exactly what type of books your in-laws like to read. A Barnes & Noble gift card gives them a chance to explore the shelves themselves to find their next favorite read.

Barnes & Noble stock almost every author you can think of, covering a range of genres from sci-fi and fantasy to romance and contemporary fiction. Maybe your in-laws mentioned they were interested in reading the newest bestseller, but you can’t remember the title? With a gift card for your in-laws, you don’t have to worry about picking them up the wrong copy.


Where to get it: Spotify, App Store & iTunes
Price range: $30-$150

Whether it’s to unwind on an evening, to enjoy in the car while driving or to liven up a party, everyone shares a connection through their love of music. Give your in-laws this magic when you buy them a music gift card. They can download the newest album of their choice and curate the perfect playlist including all their favorite tracks.

Millions of people choose the browse the newest singles and albums through Spotify. Those who subscribe to a premium membership can stream every artist they love and tailor playlists for any occasion. Follow your friends and listen to what they love as well.

Others are avid fans of iTunes and the other platforms it gives users access to. As well as music, your in-laws can stream the latest episodes of popular podcasts and even TV shows and movies.


Where to get it: Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond
Price range: $25-$200

Whether it’s a full redesign of the home for a fresh start or if they just want to add a few extra flourishes to bring their home to life, buy a gift card for your in-laws so they can choose how to decorate their home.

Pottery Barn sells home furnishings of exceptional quality and style, all for great value. From larger furniture to use in every room to intricate décor to bring in their own style. Let them find a rustic, sturdy table for the dining room or a grand cabinet for the kitchen.

With more than 1,000 stores nationwide, Bed Bath & Beyond really do take home décor beyond the norm. Find products at low prices, including bath accessories, glassware and dinnerware, decorative accessories, and bed linens to name just a few.


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