Cool, unique and quirky: Gifts for your brother

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Brothers are one-of-a-kind – they’re the best at getting on our nerves and equally good at picking us up when we’re down. They know how to make us laugh, how to make us cry and how to support us through our lives.

Show them how you feel with a personalized gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas for brothers, so you’re sure to find something that suits him.

The cool

These gift cards are for those brothers who are too cool for school. Whether it’s fashion or music, these siblings are always riding the wave of what’s hot. Help your brother stay at the cutting-edge of cool with a range of gift cards for shopping, entertainment, music and more.

1. Musical instrument

Where to get it: Guitar Center, eBay
Price range: $25 - $500

Learning an instrument is a lifelong skill that can be used to wow friends and family alike. Kickstart your brother’s musical journey with a gift card from Guitar Center or eBay. Whether they want to pick up and play around the campfire with a classic six string, or try their hand at a drum solo, treat your musically talented sibling.

2. Dinner on you

Where to get it: Applebee’s, Darden Restaurants
Price range: $15 - $100

Ideal for a brother who already has everything. Everyone loves being treated to dinner at their favorite spot. Take your brother out on the town with a gift card for top US restaurants. From pizza parlors to steakhouses, you’ll find cards for all types of cuisine with Kroger gift cards. Feeling generous? Why not treat the whole family to a special birthday dinner.

3. A new look

Where to get it: Hollister, American Eagle, Famous Footwear
Price range: $25 - $120

Clothing is the perfect present for a bro with an eye on style. From fresh footwear to tees, jeans and more, we’ve got gift cards for some of the nation’s leading clothing and fashion brands. Help your sibling save a little on their new look, whether they’re wrapping up for winter or searching for summer styles.

The unique

Shop gift cards for brothers who love being themselves - whether it’s unusual hobbies or indie movies. These guys can be tough to buy for unless you know something about their interests. Take the hassle out of shopping with Kroger gift cards.

1. A new experience

Where to get it: StubHub, Esquire Theatre Group, Airbnb
Price range: $25 - $200

Experience days make great gift ideas for brothers. Shop our travel and vacation gift cards for days out, ticket and more. Treat your brother to a day at the big screen, or grab tickets to his favorite band. There’s also the choice of taking him somewhere special with our range of hotel and accommodation gift cards.

2. A night in

Where to get it: Xbox, Netflix, PlayStation Store
Price range: $10 - $40

These cards make great gift ideas for brothers who love nothing more than putting their feet up in front of the TV. Treat them to the latest video game or a few months of streaming membership to Netflix. You could always plan a big birthday night of online gaming with our Xbox and PlayStation gift cards - just don’t forget the snacks.

3. The big screen adventure

Where to get it: Fandango, AMC Theatres, Regal
Price range: $10 - $30

Entertainment gift cards are great for movie-mad brothers. Treat them to a trip to the big screen or rent their favorite film for a home cinema experience. Gift cards can be used to cover tickets and snacks, so you can make sure the full event is on you. Whether art-house or action, epic or experimental, give your brother the choice for movie night .

The quirky

These siblings love nothing more than an enjoyable day out or an exciting adventure. Whether it’s an eye-opening museum tour or an excitement-fueled day at the karting track, these gift cards are for brothers who love doing something different. Treat them to something special with a range of gift cards that’ll inspire them to try new foods, new places and new adventures.

1. Zoo Trips and Museum Visits

Where to get it: Taft Museum of Arts, Detroit Zoo, Space Needle
Price range: $30 - $50

It’s no secret the United States has some of the best museums and galleries in the world. Venues rich in impressive collections of artworks, eye-opening exhibitions of history, and hands-on museums catering to a multitude of interests. We’ve got gift cards for leading attractions across the country, so you can often find something for a day out near you. Visit the Detroit Zoo, Seattle’s Space Needle and more.

2. Something different

Where to get it: Zeel, Umigo Racing
Price range: $20 - $40

For those brothers that are just too hard to buy for, surprise them with something a little different. Relax and recharge with a massage treatment from Zeel delivered straight to your doorstep or office. Alternatively, speed-kings will love hitting the go kart tracks for an afternoon of racing with gift cards for karting tracks like Umigo Racing.

3. Food on the go

Where to get it: Uber Eats, GrubHub
Price range: $10 - $20

Grab lunch on the go with gift cards for food delivery and takeout companies across the US. From salad to sushi, pizza to paella, treat your brother to a meal on you with gift cards for Uber Eats, GrubHub and more. Shop food and drink cards for gift ideas for brothers from Kroger.

With over 200 gift cards from leading retailers across the US, you’re bound to find something for even the hardest of brothers to buy for. Browse our full gift card range today.