Gifts for writers

A man wearing a yellow sweater writing in a notepad

When it comes to treating your writer friends to special something, look beyond the standard notepad and pen gift set – it’s time to get creative.

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you find gifts for writers of all types – from part-time poets to creative copywriters, and all the hobbyists in between.

Gifts for the indie writer

You’ll usually find the indie writer scribbling away in their notebook with a stylish fountain pen with a cup of hot signature coffee by their side.

A truly unique individual who likes to do things their own way and has their own individual style. With a gift card for online giant eBay, the indie writer can seek out hundreds of small, independent companies to find the gift that suits them to a tee.

Gifts for the budding writer

The budding writer is probably new to the world of notepads, pens and stories and is likely to indulge in a ‘how to’ book or two.

They’re still developing their skills and finding their style and genre. Help them hone their skills and stoke their passion with a Groupon gift card – they can use it to attend writing and reading events, from kids’ workshops to advanced classes.

Gifts for writers who love to read

Most writers love to read – books and other people’s writing are a bountiful source of inspiration and comfort. A Barnes & Noble gift card will not only let them feast on a range of bestsellers, they’ll also have a choice of colorful stationery and art supplies for their other creative endeavors.

Gift ideas for journalists

Journalists will always need a good notepad to jot things down and a plethora of pens to keep them going. Here are some of our top picks for gift cards for journalists:

  • Michael’s – their tagline is ‘Where creativity happens’ for a reason. From gorgeous notepads and planners to special pens and home office items, there’s plenty for your journalist friends and relatives to choose from here.
  • Bloomingdale’s – for something really luxurious, treat them to a gift card from one of the biggest department stores around. They can choose from high-end stationery, home office supplies and so much more.

The vast range of gift cards available from Kroger means you’ve got plenty of options to help spoil the writers in your life. Browse our full range for more ideas and great gifts for writers.