Gift ideas for writers

Choosing gifts for writers can be fun as you search for something to satisfy their creative mind. Whether they aspire to be the next Hemmingway, John Grisham or Stephen King, thinking outside the box is essential to give your scribe something they’ll truly appreciate.

Gift cards from Kroger are the perfect choice for your writer friend or family member so they can pick out something they really want or need. With a variety of stores and retailers, Kroger offers great brands to stir up some excitement.

Go beyond the predictable with these helpful gift ideas for writers to fuel their passion for the written word.

The best gifts for writers

The writing world is huge and diverse – with no two writers the same. From young kids to experienced wordsmiths, the best gifts for writers depend on what category they fit into. To narrow your search for the best present, consider whether they are a:

  • Professional writer – a published author or copywriter
  • Young or amateur writer – just getting started and ready to learn
  • Journalist – freelance or full-time writers telling real stories
  • Creative writer – working on short stories, blogs, freeform prose, and more
  • Poet – may not class themselves as writers, but they still write regularly

Whether you’re after birthday or Christmas gifts for writers, the following ideas can suit all types of wordsmith.

Useful notepads and stationery

Even in the modern digital age, many writers still revert to the trusty pen and paper. A notebook and decent pen are convenient for jotting down ideas when away from the laptop and can easily slot into a small bag for scribbling on the move. Various gift cards can be spent on quality stationery, such as:

  • Staples – the go-to place for office supplies and every paper type you can imagine. They can pick up a new journal or notepad, sticky notes and all writing supplies.
  • Michael’sfrom gorgeous notepads and planners to special pens and home office items, there’s plenty for writing friends and relatives to choose from at Michael’s.

Books that inspire

Most writers get their motivation from other writers. Often a passion for reading is what sparks an interest in transferring from reader to writer. As a wonderful source of inspiration and comfort, books are great gifts for writers and you can get them from:

  • Barnes & Noble – Browse a range of bestsellers, as well as stationery and art supplies. There’s a Barnes & Noble in every state, making it simple to use online or in store. eGift cards can also be used on NOOK devices and accessories.
  • eBay – from preloved classics to international literature and indie favorites, you can find them all across one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces.

Computers and technology

It’s not all about paper and pencil for modern writers. Having the latest laptops, tablets and word processing programs are essential. How else are budding young writers or experienced hacks going to make edits and submit their drafts to publishers? These gift cards can help:

  • Applewriters can use Apple gift cards on more than just Apple Books. Invest in products, apps and accessories to get the latest tech and help finetune their work.
  • Google Play – alongside downloading eBooks and audiobooks on the Google Play store, they can buy helpful writing apps across Android devices.

Assistance and education

Many new writers will be looking for tips and tricks to improve their craft, while finding their style and genre. A great way to help them develop their skills is with a gift they can put toward lessons, workshops and advanced classes for those with a bit more experience. That real-life experience beats flicking through a ‘how to’ guide any day. Consider gift cards for:

  • Grouponbook a memorable one-off workshop or series of sessions as part of a writing course. Discover everything from beginner to specialist courses.
  • FandangoNOW – access the on-demand video service across a range of devices. Alongside hit movies and TV shows, writers can find educational content that could help inspire and improve their writing.

Fueling your writer

Writers need to be well fed to get those creative juices flowing. Writers require plenty of brain energy to pen the next War and Peace. Deliver the food and drink boost that fuels their writing with the right gift from:

  • Starbuckscoffee and writers go hand-in-hand. Whether sitting in their local Starbucks for the creativity boost the buzzing environment provides, or just for the caffeine kick, it’ll be greatly appreciated.
  • Uber Eatsfor writers who prefer home comforts, home-delivered food provides the ultimate convenience. They can spend it on groceries or takeout to fuel their creativity.

Send gift cards for writers

Seasoned scribes, eager young writers, journalists and others who love to have a pen in hand – they’ll all find something they’ll love. Whatever their style, skill level and ambitions, gift cards from Kroger can help you give a gift as unique as their writing.

Kroger has a wide array of gift cards available covering everything from music and technology to travel. Whatever inspires your writing friend or relative, fuel their passion with the right gift card. Explore our full range of gift cards here.