Wanderlust: 7 gifts for travelers

Friends hanging out at a waterfall

Searching for gift ideas for travelers? Look no further – we’ve got seven super suggestions to consider for the person in your life with a strong sense of wanderlust.

Chance to fly away

Where to get it: Delta
Price range: $50+

The regular traveler in your life is bound to have a long list of places on their bucket list. Whether that’s cities and states within America or overseas destinations, they’ll always be saving up for flights to get them there, so why not help them out?

Whether you can afford the full fare or just want to give them a helping hand, buying a gift card gives you some flexibility over what you spend – and them the option to choose where and when they go. Delta cards are great gifts for travelers as the airline serves more than 300 destinations.

Somewhere to stay

Where to get it: Airbnb
Price range: $50-$200

Your travel-mad loved one will always be on the lookout for somewhere safe and convenient to stay as they head out to explore the world. Vouchers that can help with the cost of accommodation are definitely going to come in handy for them – and are especially great gifts for international travelers who are waiting to head out on their next world tour.

Airbnb gift cards are good for millions of properties in almost 200 countries worldwide.

A good pair of boots

Where to get it: Academy Sports + Outdoors
Price range: $25-$100

Regular travelers will know the value of comfy shoes. Whether they’re hitting up the downtown sidewalks of a great city or going off the beaten track to explore the great outdoors and soak up some natural beauty, they need the right footwear. Hiking boots and trail shoes are great gifts for people who travel – but you need to let them find the ones that fit them best and suit their travel plans.

Buy them a gift card for Academy Sports + Outdoors and they’ll be able to get the perfect pair.

A decent book

Where to get it: Barnes & Noble
Price range: $10-$30

Books are such great gifts for people who travel. They can read about other peoples’ adventures exploring the world, buy practical guides to their next destination or get a taste for their next trip by searching out a piece of fiction set in the city they’re going to next. The possibilities are endless – and the choice is all theirs. Inspire them with a Barnes & Noble gift card loaded with the amount you want to spend.

Admission to a top attraction

Where to get it: Space Needle
Price range: $20-$35

Where’s your loved one going to next? Pay close attention to their travel plans and you might be able to help them out by pre-booking entry to a top attraction. That way you’ll save them a few dollars and give them something fun to look forward to when they arrive.

The Space Needle is a great example of this. Promising spectacular views of the Emerald City from its amazing revolving viewing platform, it’s a must for anyone visiting Seattle. Our travel gift card range features this as well as Detroit Zoo, Arizona Science Center and Coney Island, among others.

A camera

Where to get it: eBay
Price range: $25-$500

When looking for gift ideas for people who travel, it’s always worth considering a camera. Booking a trip means you can experience some pretty amazing things – and capturing the moment to remember and relive it is important. Sure, they might have a phone – but for top quality pictures to print, keep, frame and show, they need a good camera.

An eBay gift card gives them chance to browse a massive marketplace. That way they can get a new camera – or new parts and accessories for their existing model. Leave it up to them to choose.

A helping hand with their car

Where to get it: Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone
Price range: $25-$200

Wondering what to gift a traveler who appreciates something practical? Why not help them keep their car in great shape. Whether they head out on long road trips or just need their vehicle to be reliable enough to get them to the airport on time, every traveler needs a car they can count on.

We stock gift cards for Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone and Jiffy Lube in our travel range to take care of the essential car maintenance that’s needed to keep your wanderlust-lover on track for their next great adventure.


There are more than 200 gift cards to pick from in our range – so there’s bound to be great gift ideas for travelers waiting for you. Check them all out here.