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Gifts for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and now is the ideal time to start planning gifts for your family. November 24 this year is a special day for everyone and a time when loved ones get together, celebrate and give and receive gifts.

Knowing what to get a family member can sometimes be tricky. That’s why at Kroger, we think giving a gift card is a perfect idea. You get to give your loved ones a present, but they don’t receive something they didn’t want or already have.

We’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving gift ideas that are sure to delight and entertain your loved ones this November.

 1. Cheese knives

A cheese board is a perfect way to round off a family celebration and using ordinary knives just doesn't cut it.  It can be easy to get lost in a world of cheese knives so give someone a gift card for TJ Maxx and leave them with the difficult decision of choosing the right knives.

2. Embroidered napkins

You may wonder why we’re talking about something your parents had in the 70s, but embroidered napkins are making a comeback. Embroidered napkins are perfect for new couples, and they can have funny slogans on to bring them into the 21st century. Give your family or friends a gift card from Kohl’s so they can pick the perfect napkins for their Thanksgiving dinner parties to be a success.

3. Prosecco

Prosecco is a great drink for a celebration – it’s not as expensive as champagne, and it’s the perfect drink for welcoming guests to a Thanksgiving party. With a gift card from Kroger, you can allow the recipient to get the exact prosecco they want and make the party a hit.

4. A cocktail shaker

Like prosecco, a decent cocktail shaker and set are an ideal companion to a dinner party or a party with friends over the holiday season. Buy a Macy’s gift card for your friend and watch them wow guests with their bartending skills as they make cocktails to remember.

5. A Trivia Game

You’ve eaten the food, you’ve had some nice drinks, and now it’s time to get the games out! With a gift card from eBay, your recipient can get the games that they want that will suit everyone from the children to the adults. Trivia games bring family and friends together, and Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to get a game night going.

6. A Cake Stand

Cake stands are something that can be quite personal. For bakers, they showcase their work and people comment on the cake stand almost as much as the cakes on them. Giving a gift card for Bed, Bath & Beyond will give the baker in your life the choice to pick the perfect cake stand for them and their cakes.

7. A Charcuterie Board Set

A perfect appetizer for a big day for the family, the charcuterie board can do so much, so it’s best to find one that fits what you need. Take the hassle out of finding one yourself by giving them a Pottery Barn gift card and then show up to enjoy the cold meats, cheese, and crackers.

8. Pie Dish

Thanksgiving is all about the pies - pumpkin, apple, and pecan - but you don’t want to run out of crockery at the crucial time. Give them a  Kroger Thanksgiving gift card and you can save the day and they can get a brand-new pie dish. You might even get a second helping of pie!

Send thanksgiving gifts

It’s easy to get lost in a variety of different gifts when the family gets together. Giving a gift card to family and friends for Thanksgiving is ideal, especially if you’re not physically going to be together.

With the ability to send or email gift cards, your family will be able to pick out exactly what they need. You can also buy some gift cards in bulk, which is perfect for business gifts for bonuses or holidays.

This Thanksgiving, head over to our selection of gift cards and take the hassle out of picking presents.