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Gifts for plant lovers

A male gardener inside, arms folded, smiling and surrounded by plants

Weddings, housewarmings and thank-yous are all great opportunities to look for gifts for the plant lovers in your life.

Use our in-depth guide to find the best Kroger Gift Cards for every occasion and plant lover to fuel their love of all things green.

Gifts for outdoor plant lovers

If your green-thumbed friends love to spend time outside on their balcony or in their garden, take a look at our guide to buying gifts for gardeners. We’ve picked out some of the best stores:

  • Lowe’s gift card – give them the chance to pick from gorgeous greenery, pots, planters and the necessary tools for caring for their beloved plants.
  • Your favorite store – find the best home gift card for your plant lover, from some of the nation’s top retailers.

Gifts for indoor plant lovers

Few things make a house feel more like a home than brightening the place up with a few plants and flowers. Having plants inside is also a great way to improve your mood, mental health and even boost your immune system.

A gift card for Bed, Bath & Beyond lets your plant-loving pals browse an extensive range of artificial indoor plants, so they can bring in some of the outdoors – without the mess of soil and dirt.

They can also pick from low-maintenance succulents to bring in some greenery. It’s also a great gift idea for plant lovers who have less of a green thumb.

Green gifts for those without a green thumb

Artificial plants make great gifts for those that love a bit of greenery but don’t have the time, skills or tools to look after a living plant.

If you know someone who’s just moved, they make a great housewarming gift! A gift card for Wayfair lets them treat themselves to an artificial plant that will perfectly fulfil their vision for their new home.. Plus, it’s easier for them to care for it in the madness of moving.

Plant care gifts

Of course, a plant isn’t the only gift suitable for a plant lover. Every plant lover also needs supplies to care for their greenery. Whether they’re in need of some new pots, gardening tools or watering cans, a gift card is a great way to help them get what they need. Some top picks include:

For more great gift ideas for plant lovers, browse our full range of gift cards.