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Picture perfect gifts for budding photographers

Female photographer facing forward

Need gift ideas for photographers? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we look at what you could buy for the person in your life who always has a camera ready to capture every moment.

Stylish camera bag

Where to get it: Nordstrom
Price range: $25-$1,000

Every great camera needs a great camera bag. The perfect choice should be stylish as well as practical – somewhere to store their camera and all of its accessories but also look smart when they’re out taking pictures. This is what to gift a photographer who is fashion conscious too. Nordstrom is a great choice when it comes to shopping for sophisticated camera bags, with designer options for the ultimate style statement. Choose to load between $25 and $500 on your gift card and then let them pick the perfect bag.

Inspirational photography book

Where to get it: Barnes & Noble
Price range: $10-$35

Books make great gifts for photographers. They’re great for inspiration – allowing your photographer friend or loved one to admire and learn from stunning pictures taken by professionals. They’re also great for learning – and there are plenty of books out there than can help you perfect your picture-taking technique with tips and tricks from the experts. Let them decide which book is best with a gift card for Barnes & Noble.

Attention-grabbing frames

Where to get it: Target
Price range: $3-$100

Great photographs deserve to be put on display for all to see – and the right frame is the perfect finishing touch needed to turn an amazing photograph into a stunning feature in your home.

Encourage the photographer in your life to showcase their work by letting them go shopping for the frame. Target is a smart choice – with its range including simple budget options as well as larger wall frames that can feature several pictures.

Camera equipment

Where to get it: eBay
Price range: $10-$500

It can be tricky to know what to buy a photographer as a gift when it comes to considering the kit they use. Sure, you know they have a camera – but what make and model? What type of lens, battery, strap or tripod fits it? There’s always going to be something new that they need when it comes to camera equipment – and it’s always best to leave it to them to pick the right product. With an eBay gift card, they’ve got access to a huge global marketplace where they can search for the right equipment.

Hard drive

Where to get it: Office Depot and OfficeMax
Price range: $50-$150

High quality pictures take up a lot of storage space – and photographers can quickly fill up the memory on their computers if they’re not careful. Every photographer needs storage space and this is an expense you can help them with if you want to give them a present that’s of practical use. Get them a gift card for Office Depot and OfficeMax and they can take their pick of external and internal hard drives, as well as solid-state drives.

Photo printer

Where to get it: Staples
Price range: $110-$300

The best photos deserve to be more than just digital images – but you need a high quality printer to do them justice. That’s why printers are great gifts for photographers – letting your recipient see and share their favorite pictures in true-to-life quality. There’s a great range of photo printers available at Staples – let your budding photographer pick the one that suits their projects and camera best with a gift card. Pick a balance between $10 and $500, depending on your budget.

Editing software

Where to get it: App Store
Price range: $10-$100

Taking photos is only the start of the process for any photographer – and a lot of work needs to go into editing an image to make it just right. While you can get free software packages when you’re just starting out, premium programs are good gift ideas for photographers who want to take their work on to the next level. Buy them an App Store gift card if they use a Mac and they’ll be able to pick their ideal photo editing package.


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