Gifts for new moms: Thoughtful ideas she’ll actually use

When a new baby arrives, everyone rushes to spoil little one, but it’s important not to forget mom in all the excitement. Having a newborn is amazing but can be exhausting too, so mom’s going to need some TLC.

Not sure what to buy? When you’re struggling for gift ideas for new moms, a gift card is the perfect choice. From at-home spa treatments to time-saving take-outs, there are so many gifts you can choose that will make a difference.

 1. Spa treatments

Where to get it: Spafinder, Visa
Budget: $20-$30

Being a new mom can be a challenge. So, why not spoil the one who needs it most (sorry dads!) with the perfect gift for new moms - a relaxing, indulgent spa treatment.

With a newborn, it can feel like moms never have time for themselves, so a spa gift card lets her take a bit of time out. A card from Spafinder lets her find a provider and a treatment to suit her, from express manis to hour-long full body massages. You don’t have to spend lots – a simple pedicure costs around $30 – but she’ll thank you for that ‘me time’. Why not go that extra mile and offer to babysit too?

Not sure where to get her a spa treatment? A Visa gift card is a super flexible gift for new moms and lets her use her credit wherever she likes. Valid wherever you can use Visa, it’s a great choice if she wants to visit her local salon.

2. At home pamper session

Where to get it: Zeel’s, Ulta Beauty 
Budget: $10-$50

When baby’s still tiny, mom might not be ready to leave them with a babysitter. So, a gift card that gives her access to at-home pamper sessions is the perfect solution. From treatments with a professional therapist to products to create her own spa session, a gift card lets her choose the experience that’s right for her.

Some days, mom’s going to need a little more help, and Zeel’s got her covered, with luxury spa treatments at home from as little as an hour’s notice. She can choose from a range of treatments including massages from as little as $50.

Self-care’s something she can do a little each day, especially if her bathroom’s stocked up with some great beauty products. Ulta Beauty stocks more than 25,000 products, and a gift card will let her buy the products that help her feel her best. With a relaxing bubble bath from under $10, you can spend as much or as little as you like.

3. Meal out

Where to get it: Applebee’s, Darden
Budget: $30-$50

When you’ve got a newborn to look after the last thing you want to do is cook. If the new mama in your life is ready to leave the house, a gift card for a meal is a real treat. Choose a card for her favorite place or pick one that works at lots of different restaurants for the most thoughtful gift for new moms.

While the little one might not be ready for solid foods, choosing a gift card for a restaurant where babies are welcome makes venturing out again a little bit easier. With a gift card for family favorite Applebee’s, mom and dad can enjoy sharing platters, burgers and meat from the grill, all in a laid-back family-friendly environment.

Not sure what she likes? Let her choose what she’s craving most with a Darden gift card. Valid at Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Yard House, Seasons 52 and Bahama Breeze, there are plenty of places where kids are welcome.

4. Date night with dad

Where to get it: Big Y, Main Event
Budget: $30-$75

When dealing with diaper changes, middle-of-the-night feedings and those precious naps, making time for each other can be tough. So spoil the new parents with a gift card that will take care of a much-needed date night.

If they love to get dressed up and sample the most delicious drinks and dishes, a gift card for the Big Y group gives them access to some of the classiest restaurants in town. Valid at Sonoma, Seviche, Nola and Perle, you can load their card with enough for a couple of martinis or go all out with enough for a three-course meal.

Do they love a bit of competition? Treat them to a fun date night with a gift card from Main Event and get them to let off some steam playing laser tag, bowling and arcade games. With places to eat and drink, they can kick back and have fun with no pressure – just valuable time to reconnect.

5. Movie night at home

Where to get it: Netflix, Fandango
Budget: $20-$30

After a tiring day caring for baby, kicking back with a good movie could be just the gift a new mom needs. A gift card for a movie streaming service lets her pick exactly what she wants to watch while baby sleeps on her or she gets some time to herself.

When you’re super tired, a classic movie you know and love is the perfect choice. Streaming service Netflix is packed with old school classics you don’t have to concentrate on. From rom coms to action adventures, plus lots of original new movies, there’s sure to be something on there to help new parents relax.

Finding a movie you’ll both enjoy can sometimes be difficult, but with more than 100,000 hit movies on Fandango, there’s bound to be something they can agree on. It’s available on TV, tablets and phones, so a gift card gives them movies they can watch wherever they want. Even under a sleeping baby in bed.

6. Much-needed retail therapy

Where to get it: H&M, Bloomingdales
Budget: $20-$50

When you’ve just had a baby, your maternity clothes are too big, but your pre-pregnancy wardrobe isn’t practical when you’re nursing or recovering. So a shopping trip could be the gift for new mums that she’s been looking for.

Maternity and nursing clothes aren’t always the most inspiring and she may not feel like her old self. A gift card from H&M gives her access to great quality, right on trend looks to give her wardrobe a quick update. With cute logo tees from $10, she doesn’t need to break the budget to start feeling like herself again.

Having a baby means you’re probably spending all your money on diapers, toys and baby clothes rather than designer labels. So, why not give her permission to spoil herself with a gift card from Bloomingdales. Valid in the main stores and outlets, as little as $30 could get her a new designer top to brighten her day.

7. Dinner with no dishes

Where to get it: Uber Eats, Dominos
Budget: $20-$50

Making time to shop and cook between all the jobs that come with a new baby is hard. Sometimes, the new parents will want someone else to help with dinner, and that someone else could be you, with a gift card for takeout or restaurant delivery.

They’re probably missing their regular date night at their favorite restaurant, so why not bring it to them instead? A gift card from Uber Eats gives them credit to spend at local restaurants without them having to get out of their sweats. From as little $20, you could treat them to a much-needed night off – no effort required.

When you’ve had a long day, snuggling up on the couch with pizza and a movie is the perfect remedy. With a gift card from Dominos you can treat them to a feast for two with a pizza and sides from around $25, and the only effort they’ll need to put in is answering the door.

8. Music to dance to

Where to get it: Apple, Google Play
Budget: $10-$30

Whether she’s getting ready for her day or winding down to sleep, a great playlist is any new mom’s best friend. Help her keep energy levels up as she dances with baby, or soothes the little one to sleep, with downloads and streaming gift cards.

Sometimes even an 17th cup of coffee can’t keep mommy energized, so why not give her the gift of an uplifting playlist to help her reach bedtime. An Apple gift card gives her access to all her favorite party tracks from just a couple of dollars each – perfect for a mom and baby disco party.

Relaxing music and sounds can help rock baby to sleep and Google Play has plenty of great apps to help them sleep soundly. From classical melodies to soothing white noise, a gift card lets mom choose the apps or tracks that work for her and baby, from a few dollars each.

9. Make up to spoil herself

Where to get it: Sephora, Target
Budget: $20-$100

Some days it’s a struggle to get out of your jammies when you’re a new mom. Others, you want to make an effort and get out into the world. For the mama who loves to be well made-up, a gift card to refresh her make-up bag is a great gift that’s just for her.

If mom’s a girl who loves her brands, a gift card from Sephora is a great choice. Stocking lots of quality brands like Dior, Fresh, Jo Malone, Benefit, Urban Decay, Clinique and more, you can spend $20 on a special lipstick or as much as you want on a whole new look.

For the mama who likes to experiment with new looks, a gift card that gets her more for her money is the best choice. All the big stores offer great make-up brands for bargain prices for less than $10 a piece, and a Target gift card will let her stock up on items for her while she’s shopping for diapers.

10. Baby clothes

Where to get it: OshKoshB’Gosh, TJMaxx
Budget: $20-$50

Dressing your little bundle of joy can be great fun and something mom really enjoys. So while this gift idea isn’t just for the new mom, it’s something she can use to bond with baby and spend some time out of the house.

What could be cuter than a brand-new baby in comfy overalls and an animal print tee? Cool kids’ brand OshKoshB’Gosh offers loads of cute looks that are practical and comfortable. Tiny t-shirts start at $5 so a $50 gift card could get baby a whole new outfit.

If mom loves brand name labels but her maternity paycheck won’t stretch, a gift card for bargain store TJMaxx is a great gift for new moms. With loads of great quality basics like rompers and bootees, plus designer dresses and shirts for little fashionistas, mom can get baby some brand name clothing for a fraction of the price.

Give a gift for new moms that make their day with gift cards from the Kroger Family of Stores. Browse our full gift card range online today to find the perfect gift, whether that’s a spa day, a night off dinner duties or a whole new look for mom and baby.