Gifts for gamers

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Shopping for the gamer in your life can be hard, right? They know exactly what they’re into and it’s tough to keep up with what updates they do or don’t have. If you don’t know much about gaming, it becomes even more difficult.

Gift cards take all the hassle out of finding the perfect present – whether they’re a child, teen, young adult or older, you can get them whatever they want. It doesn’t matter if they prefer Xbox, PlayStation or a PC, great gifts for gamers are simple to find – if you know where to look.

Getting a gift for a gamer doesn’t have to be impersonal either. Buy a gift card via the Kroger Family of Stores and you can add your own personalized message. For birthdays, graduations and even Valentine’s surprises, there are all kinds of gift cards designed for those who love gaming.

Here’s our guide to the best.

Choosing gifts for video gamers

Great gift ideas for gamers come from knowing what they play, whether they have a favorite game console, a passion for a certain franchise, or they just love games, period.

The first thing to figure out is how they play their games. Some of the best gifts for Xbox One gamers include Microsoft Xbox gift cards, which come in dozens of variations.

Grand Theft Auto fans are bound to appreciate a Microsoft Xbox Grand Theft Auto online eGift certificate, while Nintendo eGift cards, Sony PlayStation gift cards or tokens for retailers such as GameStop are also available.

Gaming gift cards open up a world of possible gift ideas for guys and girls who like video games.

Which gamer gift card should I buy?

The best gift card depends on who the gamer is – their style, their interests and even their age.

There are a wide range of gaming gift cards at Kroger, plus Happy gift cards, which group together a bunch of leading brands including gaming services like Gamestop. Whether you want to go broad to give them even more choice, or appeal to their specific interests, it’s all here.

Types of gift cards for gamers

When it comes to thinking of gift ideas for video gamers, gift cards just might offer up the winning formula. Gift cards are custom gifts, which come with a side order of freedom.

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Microsoft Xbox gift cards

Happy gift cards for gamers

There are several great Happy gift card options that are perfect for putting a smile on the face of the gamers in your life.

For the gaming mad, D-pad dad

This is one of the best gift ideas for Xbox gamers, Nintendo users or regular PC gamers who just happen to be dads.

Whether your dad is always reaching for the latest sport video games, or he just loves playing with the family on Switch, the Happy Father’s Day is the perfect way to send your love.

This gift card features cinematic treats, great restaurant offerings and more – whether your dad chooses to buy some stylish sneakers or a steak dinner as well as his games, the options are open.

Gift cards for gamer girls

Searching for gift ideas for gamer girls? Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend, sister or a gaming mom, a Gamestop gift cards means she’ll be able to pick up the latest release she’s into. Or, why not grab a Google Play gift card so she can get hooked on all the trending smartphone games?

For the gaming all-rounder

Do the likes of Cheesecake Factory, GameStop and Macy’s sound like a good time? The Happy You eGift card lets the gamer in your life enjoy all these treats and more. It’s perfect for gamers who also love to take a break from the virtual world to shop and dine.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for an acquaintance or co-worker, this winning option is a real crowd-pleaser.

If they’ve had their fill of Nintendo or Xbox, they’ll even be able to game at the arcade, since this gift certificate is also valid at Dave & Busters.

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