Gift ideas for gamers

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, from all ages and backgrounds. Finding the perfect gift for them might seem like a tall order. Since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you know your target audience pretty well already.

Whether they’d be jumping for joy (press X, A or B depending on your leaning) with an adorably nostalgic soft toy or would appreciate a contribution toward the next big game release, a versatile gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores can make it happen. Read on to discover the best gifts for gamers.

The best gifts for gamers


The gaming world is ever-expanding. From retro gamers and collectors, casual gamers to competitive keeping-up-with-the-latest console streamers, there’s a whole variety of video game fanatics out there. So, the right gift can depend on the individual.

These days, as gaming and eSports have become mainstream entertainment – even for casual viewing – there are plenty of resources to tap into to find the perfect gift for your gamer friend or loved one.


In the gaming universe, consoles can sometimes be a point of debate – are they a die-hard PlayStation follower, Xbox enthusiast, or Nintendo devotee?

Some gamers can be particular about the type of console they play, so it’s a nice idea to do a little homework and buy presents based on their preference. Showing how well you know them might earn you more brownie points, too.

  • PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership | Kroger Gift Cards – Covering the latest PS5 to the handheld PlayStation Portable (PSP), allow your gamer giftee to stream and download hundreds of new games with this 12-month subscription to PlayStation Now.
  • Xbox Live 3 Month Subscription | Kroger Gift Cards – Gift your gamer the wide world of the Xbox community with a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. It offers endless multiplayer possibilities, discounts, and two to four free games every month.
  • Nintendo eGift Cards Online | Kroger Gift Cards – Give $10, $20, $35, or $50 towards new Nintendo releases and bestsellers. Whether they’re loving their 3DS, prefer the charm of the Wii, or soak up the glorious HD of the Switch – from Super Mario to Pokémon – the Nintendo eShop has it all.


The best gift ideas for gamers are the games they love most. While some enthusiasts simply enjoy all things video games, you can add extra flair by gifting some of their favorite titles.

A few of the most popular games include:

  • FIFA 20 – Starting from 500 to 4600 FIFA Points, gift your gamer the choice of brand-new packs and players to expand their squad.
  • Madden NFL – Another one for sports gamers, gift points to customize avatars and upgrade teams with the National Football League.
  • Call of Duty – Available on PlayStation, Xbox, or Call of Duty Mobile on the Google Play Store for in-game content, you can gift rewards and purchasable items for this popular first-person shooter franchise.
  • Minecraft – Gathering over 140 million active players since its release in 2011, play Minecraft on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or PC – discover our Starter Collection for Windows 10.
  • Grand Theft Auto – Stir up some trouble with millions of in-game dollars on Grand Theft Auto Online or check out GTA on most consoles.
  • Fortnite – The wide online world of Fortnite has captured 350 million gamers since its launch in 2017. Shop for new releases, accessories, and collectibles with a GameStop eGift Card.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Coming 20 years after the first Animal Crossing launch, the latest best-selling installment sold millions of copies worldwide. Explore New Horizons with Nintendo or collect merchandise at GameStop.
  • Super Mario – The colorful world of Nintendo’s Super Mario is a sure-fire hit with almost any gamer – from Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, to playful mustached merchandise from GameStop.

Fueling your gamer

It’s important to make sure your gamer is not hungry or thirsty as they work up the hours and achievements. To keep the experience going, the perfect gift for gamers could be one that helps them stock up on the essentials.

To cover all bases, check out our versatile Game & Grub eGift Card. Including GrubHub, GameStop, Domino’s, and more, fuel your gamer’s favorite player habits to be on the ultimate winning streak.

Christmas gifts for gamers

Gamers can be tricky to buy for during the holidays. But fear not, as we have an easy and effective solution with our all-encompassing Happy Holidays Gift Card – perfect for the hard to please.

Inspire the best gift experiences for pop culture lovers with a visit to the movie theater or satisfy their sweet tooth as they (banana) split to Cold Stone Creamery. Enjoy an evening at feel-good restaurants like Red Lobster or take on a shopping spree at GameStop and Riot Games. Our Happy Holidays Gift Card treats them to their favorite experiences.

Send gift cards for gamers

Still not sure what to go for? Everyone has favorite pastimes to help them unwind, and most gamers tend to have a wide scope of interests beyond just video games. Check out our long list of music and technology gift cards for even more exciting options – you’re bound to strike gold with one of them.

A gift card can offer an infinite choice for your friends and loved ones, making them great gifts for gamers. Cater to their interests and personalize your eGift Card for all occasions when you send them via email. Send an eGift Card to find the perfect gifts for the ones that matter most with the Kroger Family of Stores.