8 gifts that will wow your employees

portrait of creative business people teamwork meeting at cafe

Buying gifts to celebrate you employees’ hard work and successes is one of the most rewarding parts of owning a business.

From birthdays and engagements, to farewell gifts and maternity leave, plus everything in between, there’s always something to celebrate at work. Here’s eight amazing gift ideas for employees that are sure to impress.

 1. A tasty meal out

Where to get it: Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse
Price range: $50 - $80

Dinner at their favorite restaurant is always a treat and it’s a great gift when you’re struggling to think of an idea. With so many places offering amazing gift cards -  whether they love a juicy steak, sizzling burgers or fresh-out-of-ocean fish, they won’t be disappointed. Red Lobster is a favorite for those who love fresh seafood, while LongHorn Steakhouse serves up American classics that they’re sure to love.

 2. An unforgettable trip

Where to get them: Airbnb, Hotels.com, Princess Cruises
Price range: $50-$80

Who doesn’t love jetting off on vacation? Whether it’s a present for newlyweds about to go on their honeymoon, or the perfect way for someone to kickstart their retirement, travel-themed gifts really help to reduce the expensive cost of a dream getaway. Help them enjoy their time off with contributions towards weekend escapes, once in a lifetime adventures or round the world cruises.

3. An interior makeover

Where to get it: Wayfair
Price range: $25 -$75

From moving house to buying their first place, home improvements like decorative accessories, new furniture or a contribution to larger projects are an amazing way to boost an employee’s well-being. Not only do they help them create a place to relax away from the office, but home improvement gift cards are also an ideal gift for people of any age within your company.

 4. Delicious desserts

Where to get them: The Cheesecake Factory
Price range: $25 - $50

The perfect gift when you’re not quite sure what to buy someone is a tasty, sweet treat. Who can resist fresh donuts, indulgent chocolate or a sugary selection of colorful candy? From enjoying decadent desserts with a loved one at the Cheesecake Factory to stocking up on goodies for the kitchen cupboards, tasty treats will always be well received in the workplace.

5. A family day out

Where to get it: Detroit Zoo
Price range: $50-$100

Spending quality time with the family is the perfect way to relax away from work. Kids will love a day trip to the zoo, with the chance to see an amazing range of animals from across the globe. There’s plenty for adults to enjoy too, with on-site restaurants, live animal shows and a great chance to get some unforgettable family photographs taken with the animals.

6. Gifts for the new arrival

Where to get them: Baby Gap
Price range: $25 - $200

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a huge event for parents - so make it as stress free as possible for them with new clothes, blankets or toys for the little one. From a contribution towards a stroller, to new baby clothes, teddy bears and daily essentials, there are so many things they’ll appreciate a little help with. At Baby Gap, you’ll find tons of quality baby clothes for both boys and girls.

7. A romantic anniversary date

Where to get them: Coney Island
Price range: $50 - $80

Anniversaries call for a unique and special type of date. From romantic weekends away to candlelit dinners and unforgettable day trips, gift the special couple a day out they’ll never forget to show your appreciation. A fun-filled day at Coney Island finished off with ice cream is a truly memorable way to celebrate their love.

8. A heavenly spa day

Where to get them: Gene Juarez
Price range: $25 - $100

A relaxing massage, nourishing body scrub or rejuvenating facial are great ways to reward a much-loved employee. What better way to unwind after a long week at work than with a tranquil trip to a day spa? Any employee will love taking a dip in the pool, relaxing in the sauna and having a little ‘me time’ with an indulgent spa day treat.

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