Gift ideas for book lovers

Woman reading a book outside

For the fictional fan on their 500th novel or the tot who’s loving learning their A to Zs, there are so many gifts you can give the book lover in your life.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite gift cards to inspire you and make buying a gift for a reader so easy. Do they already have that book? What kind of reading hideaway hobbit hole are they imagining? Let them choose!

The social reader

Reading isn’t always a solitary hobby. If you’ve got a friend or family member who turns their love of books into a social event, a gift card from one of these could win their favor:

  • Audible – help them keep up with the latest bestsellers on-the-go, with a huge collection of audiobooks. There are also podcasts for the reader anxious to hear other people’s thoughts.
  • Office Max – from reading this week’s book club entry, to checking out a friend’s recommendation, the life of a social reader is a busy one. A journal or organizer from Office Max will help keep them on track.

The storybook narrator

Capture the magic of reading with a gift for budding book lovers. Make their bedtime story come to life with gift cards from:

  • Buy Buy Baby – it’s never too early to ignite their love of books. With a gift card from Buy Buy Baby, new parents can treat their bundle of joy to their very first story.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – from adorable book racks to cozy teepees, parents can make the perfect reading nook.

The bookstore browser

Around a million books are published in the US every year. For the one who tries to read them all, but gets distracted by the gleam of the next bestseller, a gift card from one of these top brands is sure to do the trick:

  • Barnes & Noble – grant them the freedom to browse to their heart’s content with a gift card from America’s favorite bookstore.
  • Wayfair – swap their piles of unread books for their own home bookstore. They’ll find storage solutions such as bookcases, floating shelves and racks.

The hideaway bookworm

From a gritty thriller to a high-fantasy adventure, reading takes us to another world. Help the hideaway bookworm build their nest with a gift card for:

  • Google Play – let them download books straight to their phone or tablet, to always have their love of reading close by, even when they’re on the move.
  • Their favorite home store – help your hideaway bookworm build their haven with a gift card from a wide range of home retailers.

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