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Brilliant gift ideas for your brilliant boss

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Picked out your boss’s name in the yearly secret santa? Need a gift for their birthday and lacking in inspiration? Or maybe you just want a present to say thanks for being a wonderful manager?

Remove the guesswork and last-minute panic with our great gift ideas for your boss.
Whether you want to give them something to enjoy their hobbies outside of work, give them something useful they can use in the office or a day experience they’ll love, you’ll find it in our list.

1. Audible subscription

Where to subscribe: Audible
Price range: $15 to $150

Help them kick back and take it easy by listening to an audiobook from Audible.
Whether they love the latest thrillers, are a fan of literary classics or want an inspiring autobiography to enjoy, they’ll find it in Audible's extensive library.

They can enjoy a monthly subscription, where they’ll also get a free audiobook credit to download their next one for free.

2. Restaurant gift card

Where to find one: Darden®
Price range: $5 to $250

Business lunches are pretty cool, eating for free is always a good thing. But they’re not the same as having a meal with friends, family or a partner. A restaurant voucher for the Darden® family of restaurants can let your boss enjoy great food and company.

With a range of eateries nationwide that they’ll know and love, including Olive Garden®, Longhorn Steakhouse® and Bahama Breeze®, they’re sure to find the ideal place for an evening out.

Load a Darden® gift card with anything from $5 for a quick lunch, or up to $250 if they’re planning on dining with their family – perfect for getting in their good graces.

3. Art gift set

Where to find one: Michaels
Price range: $10 to $600

Does your boss have a passion for the arts? Give them a gift they’ll use time and time again with an art gift set.

Whether they’re a drawer, painter or like to mix the two up, you’ll find a huge collection of kits to restock their current supply or kick-start their new favorite hobby. Kits start at $6 for basic sketching pencils and watercolors, all the way up to $600 for specialist kits for the serious artist, who may be thinking of a new career outside the office.

4. Spa day

Where to find them: Groupon
Price range: $35 to $250

Help your boss relax on one of the weekends they’re not dealing with emails and calls with a spa day experience.

Whether they’re a fan of enjoying a relaxing massage to get rid of the knots and aches or want to chill out with a soothing swim, there’s a day out there for them.

With spas located across the US, you can choose the one that’s closest to them – so they don’t have to travel far to unwind. Packages start at $35 for a Swedish massage, all the way up to $250 for a couple’s spa day, where they can treat their partner too.

5. Foot and back desk support

Where to find them: Target
Price range: $20 to $50

Why not give them something that’ll make those long working hours a little more comfortable?

Buy them a foot support and they can, quite literally, put their feet up while they’re on that all-important call with a client. They start at around $20 and can be adjusted for different tilts, angles and heights – helping your boss find their most comfortable working position.
For $50, you can get both a foot rest and lower lumbar support. This straps onto any office chair and can help promote better posture while they’re at their desk.

6. Music subscription

Where to find them: Spotify, Apple Store & iTunes
Price range: $10 to $200

While your boss might not be able to listen to their favorite tracks during work hours, they’ll love a subscription they can enjoy on the drive home.
A Spotify subscription or iTunes voucher is perfect for making sure they don’t miss the latest releases from the music and podcasting world.
With Spotify, they can enjoy premium privileges by downloading unlimited tracks and listening when they’re away from a Wi-Fi connection. And with Apple Store & iTunes, they can pick and choose what they buy from their favorite artists.

7. Workout gear

Where to find them: Adidas, Foot Locker
Price range: $10 to $200
Is your boss the get-up-and-go type who hits the gym before work, at lunch or straight after they leave? Help them look the part with some new workout gear.

Choose from several big-name brands like Adidas and Foot Locker and let them choose their perfect workout outfit for the next time they hit the treadmill.
There’s clothing for all sorts of workouts, including yoga attire, running gear and general sportswear, as well as a huge collection of shoes.

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