Red, white and rose: Gift ideas for wine lovers

Need a gift for someone in your life who’s a connoisseur of all things Merlot and Sauvignon? Perhaps you just want a present that will help them kick back after a stressful day with a soothing glass of red, white or rose?

We’ve shortlisted the perfect gifts for wine lovers to guide you. From glassware and gadgets, to subscriptions and summer days out, you’ll find gift ideas that’ll suit all budgets, from some of the US’s biggest retailers.

1. Wine decanter

Where to get one: Bloomingdale’s
Price range: $35 to $3,000

Give their next evening entertaining friends an extra air of sophistication with a stylish wine decanter.
Ranging from $35 to $100, many decanters feature a simple clear-glass design and stylish curved outline. Some even come with a wine stopper as standard, to keep this season’s bottle fresh for hours.
If you’re looking to give them a attention-grabbing centerpiece, there are elegant, figurine-stopper options from the likes of Versace that start at $700.

2. Electric corkscrew

Where to find one: Macy’s
Price range: $30 to $145

Save their wrists for picking up and pouring the wine by gifting a friend an electric corkscrew.
With a combined battery-operated wine bottle opener and corkscrew available from $30, they remove the effort of opening a stubborn bottle after a hard day’s work – or leisure.
There are also rechargeable models, which can be picked up for around $145, so no need to keep buying new batteries.

3. Wine-tasting experience

Where to find them: Groupon
Price range: $10 to $90

There’s nothing better than bringing a few friends together on a relaxing afternoon to tantalize their taste buds with a wine tasting session.
Many vineyards and wineries now offer in-house virtual sessions for groups to try up to four bottles – with prices ranging from $50 to $90.You can also gift a tour around one of America’s finest vineyards, with the option of adding a tasting session while they’re appreciating the beautiful surroundings, for just $30.

4. Wine bags

Where to find them: Michaels
Price range: $10

If they’re swinging by to pick up a bottle from the store, bringing one to dinner or gifting a prized bottle in turn, then a wine bag is the perfect way to do it.
A pack of ten bags for less than $10 can ensure they’re never short of a way to safely transport a bottle to wherever it’s headed.
You can also add a personalized note when you send the bags over, for a special touch.

5. Cheeseboard

Where to find one: Crate and Barrel
Price range: $20 to $200

Cheese is the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of wine, so why not give them the gift of wine’s best friend?
There are pre-selected cheese sets that come without a board, offering regional flavors from across the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast, for just $60.
You can also pick up a cheeseboard and cheese knife set to present it all for $50 – completing the dinner party look.

6. Wine cabinet

Where to find one: Target
Price range: $100 to $1,200

Not all wine lovers are able to realize their dream of building a wine cellar just yet, so make their next crate of wine part of their home décor with a sophisticated wine cabinet.
With storage cabinets starting from around $100, there’s a range of designs to suit different spaces and tastes.
From vintage wooden styles to understated modern facades, you’re sure to find the right color, finish and layout to suit the décor of your loved one’s home.

7. Wine glass set

Where to find them: Pottery Barn
Price range: $10 to $40

Get back to basics with your wine gift and give them the essentials with a collection of wine glasses.
You’ll find crystal glassware collections that are ideal for the next dinner party they’re planning at Pottery Barn. This includes sets of four glasses, costing up to $40. They’re identical and work well as a set, keeping in-sync with their existing tableware.

8. Yankee Candle

Where to find them: Yankee Candle
Price range: $30

After a long, hard day at work, help your wine-loving friend relax, glass in hand, with a candle to take away the stresses of the day.
Yankee candles can set the atmosphere and are available in a range of soothing smells. From cozy woody fragrances to relaxing sweet and spicy scents, you can choose the one that’ll best complement their favorite vintage when they’re having a relaxing evening.

9. Wine Spectator magazine subscription

Where to find them: Barnes & Noble
Price range: $60 to $80

Know a real expert (if they’re a real connoisseur, they’ll call themselves an oenophile) who loves getting to know the stories behind each bottle and how they’re made? An annual subscription for Wine Spectator will satisfy their intrigue.
Featuring profiles of the world’s finest wines, from Bordeaux to the Basque Country, the magazine also features a buying guide – perfect for helping the wine lover in your life find the latest tastes in their local store.
Get a digital or print subscription for $60 or combine the two for just $80.

10. Aerator

Where to find one: Bloomingdale’s
Price range: $15 to $100

Let the bottle breathe when they’re pouring their next glass with the gift of a wine aerator. Designed to attach onto the end of a bottle, it exposes the wine to more air pressure than if it were simply poured out.
It’s the sophisticated wine drinker’s choice and is available from $15. While more premium models at $100 can aerate your wine with the touch of a button, instantly exposing the whole bottle.

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