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31 of the best gift ideas for dog lovers

A woman and child sitting and smiling with two pet dogs

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives. And in-turn, we love to show them how much we appreciate them. These 31 gift ideas for dog owners will get your favorite furry friend’s tail wagging and their owner will be pretty impressed too.

The best gifts for dog lovers


1. Personalized dog bowls
Whether they’re a Rufus or a Beethoven, having a bowl with their name on it will warm their owner’s heart. You can also find one that fits in with your friend’s personality or home design.

 2. Personalized dog blankets
Gifts for dog lovers don’t get much better than a blanket with their cute pooch all over it. You can pick your friend’s favorite photo of them and their pet or pick a pattern and color combo that showcases their personality.

3. Dog treats
Treats are always a great gift. Whether they’re a puppy still in training, an old dog trying to learn some new tricks or just there for a special occasion, everyone loves a treat and dogs are just the same.

4. Dog subscription box
Subscription boxes have taken off and this could be a perfect gift for the owner of your favorite furry friend. Choose a selection of treats, food tailored to them and their needs or new toys to arrive in the mail each month.

5. Rubber boots (for their loving human)
Dog lovers adore their pups (and for good reason) but looking after them can take a toll on their shoe collection. Treat them to some hardwearing shoes like rubber boots or walking boots so they can keep going as long as their four-legged pooches do.

6. Dog coats
Some dogs prefer to go natural, but many pups enjoy the comfort of a coat. For long-haired breeds, it can keep them dry and matt-free, while smaller dogs will benefit from the added warmth. Choose from a range and find something that suits their dog’s personality.

7. Pet shampoo and conditioner
Finding the right shampoo and conditioner can make a massive difference to a dog’s coat. If the dog lover in your life is a new owner, finding the perfect products to keep their pooch clean will be a massive help.

8. A trip to the groomers
Some dogs need the hands of a professional. If they have fur that needs cutting, contributing to grooming costs can be a major help. Pick up a Pet Smart gift card to treat the dog owner in your life.

9. Chew toys
The best gifts for dogs depend on their personality. Labradors, Border Collies and Chihuahuas are just some of the breeds who typically love a good chew. Save your dog-loving friend’s slippers or cell phone by finding the perfect toy for their pooch to play with.

10. Plush dog bed
There’s no joy quite like getting into your bed after a long day, and our doggy friends feel the same. From plush beds designed to comfort anxious dogs to personalized dog beds with their name on, there’s a bed out there for every type – and size – of pup.

11. Dog comb or brush
Keeping a dog’s coat under control can be a battle. Research the coat of your friend’s dog breed and find the perfect tool to keep their fur under control. Even dogs that need to head to the groomers can benefit from regular brushing.

12. Doggy deodorant
Even dog lovers dislike the smell of wet dog so grab them some doggy deodorant to help keep their pooch smelling clean. It’s a quick and easy way to freshen up fur between baths.

13. A new dog leash
Leash, collars, food, worming… there’s so much to buy when you first become a dog owner. A luxury lead can be the perfect gift and prices can be lower than you think. A Petco gift card means you can find something within your budget every time.

14. Custom dog portrait
Looking for something truly special? A custom portrait of your friend and their dog is bound to be a gift they’ll never forget.

15. Paw wax
Looking after paws is an important way to keep any dog’s tail wagging throughout the year. Paw wax and balms can help reduce irritation and discomfort from cracked or sore paws.

16. Leave-in conditioner
Is your friend’s pup the type that does not like to be messed with? Leave-in conditioner is a great way for any dog lover to look after their furry friend’s coat without any trouble. A few sprays and they’re good to go.

17.Personalized harness
Harnesses are a growingly popular way of walking dogs. For most breeds, the design takes pressure away from their neck and can be personalized so they’ll be safe and stylish.

18. Odor remover
Odor removers are the ideal gift for dog owners that are also house proud. Target has a great range of pet and home accessories. Send a gift card and they’ll be able to pick what works for their flooring, rug or carpet best or find something from the your nearest Kroger Family of Stores

19. Pet-friendly vacuums
Want to push the boat out a bit further? Pet-friendly vacuum cleaners tidy up all the lost fur without getting clogged. You can even get automatic robot hoovers, where your friend won’t even have to get up from the couch to tidy.

 20. Cuddly toys
Soft toys are great gifts for dogs and your friend will love having them around too. From hippos to dinosaurs and aliens, you’ll find a range of toys designed for dogs at your nearest Kroger Family of Stores.

21. Portable water bottle
Staying hydrated isn’t just important for humans. Portable water bottles are a practical gift that will ensure your favorite dog can have a drink on the go, meaning your friend can make a day of it at the park or out on a hike.

22. Treat pouch
Treats are brilliant gifts for dogs, but they can smell. Dog lovers will be thrilled to get a pouch to keep all different types of treats without having to carry them in large bags or packs.

23. GPS tracker
If your favorite dog owner is worried about letting their dog off the lead, a GPS tracker makes a great gift. Whether they are young, a rescue or are just stubborn when it comes to recall, a GPS tracker can give your friend peace of mind that they’ll always know where their pup is.

24. Ball launcher
Every dog lover has their limit when it comes to how long they can play fetch. Give them a break and get a ball launcher. Their dog will get hours of fun and your friend will get to enjoy some peace.

25. Pet camera
Separation anxiety can be just as hard on owners as it is on pets, especially if you’ve been spending more time at home lately. Let your friend check in and see how they are with a pet camera.

26. DNA test
If your friend has a rescue or a mixed breed, they may be really curious to know what breeds make up their dog. A DNA test can break down all this information in a handy guide and makes a fab gift for dog lovers.

27. Fancy dog tag
Dog tags are often the first gift owners buy. Plenty of walks, puddles and playing will have an impact on even the best quality tags, so why not give them a refresh?

28. Car seat cover
Taking a dog out to explore the great outdoors is one of the best things about being a dog owner but it can make your car a mess. Car seat covers come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you can find the perfect gift for your dog-loving friend.

29. Kongs and stuffable toys
You may have been told to not play with your food, but for dogs it’s a world of fun. Kongs and other stuffable toys make them slow down and work to get their delicious food, rather than just having it in a bowl.

30. Natural dog treats
Dog lovers are often worried about their pooch’s health and cutting down on additive-packed treats is a great way to get pets back into shape. Pigs ears, steak grillers and chicken cuts are great natural treats. Find them all right at the Kroger Family of Stores.

31. Puzzle games for dogs
Give your dog-lover friend a break and help them stimulate their pooch with a puzzle. Puzzle game gifts often encourage pups to work for their food. You can get them for different skill levels, so you can start them off simple and see how they go.

Send dog lovers pet gift cards

Not sure what to choose? Treat the dog lover in your life with a gift card. You could help them book a deluxe grooming session, PetsHotel weekend or Doggie Day Camp stay with a PetSmart gift card.

Or treat your own beloved pooch to a brand-new toy for hours of entertainment or a new bag of treats to fuel their training. A Petco gift card is a fantastic option whether you want to splash out on your dog’s birthday or want to budget how much to spend on their toys this year.

You can also check out the range of pet accessories on offer at Target and the Kroger Family of Stores – you’ll find everything your four-legged friend could need.