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Gift Ideas For Car Lovers

amaaCar lovers are passionate — but their needs are very specific, and finding the right gift can be a challenge.

For example, racing enthusiasts are quite different from antique car collectors, and die-hard mechanics have different needs than those who love DIY. From toolsets to automated control systems, to important accessories and even models in miniature — gifts for car lovers can take on many forms.

If you find yourself looking for gift ideas for those into muscle or exotic cars, year after year, Kroger can help. Here are five all-purpose gift ideas for the gearhead in your life.

1. Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto is one of the best overall gift ideas for car lovers. It helps personalize a car and keeps the driver safe too.

It’s built around Amazon’s Alexa smartphone voice assistant and a small box of microphones, which connects to the car’s speakers, via a cable or Bluetooth connection. The driver can then check the news, make phone calls, set reminders, add shortcuts, access radio stations, and streaming services, and even pay for gas, all with the easy press of a button.

Echo Auto can also pick up commands over traffic noise, humming air conditioning, and loud music. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use.

Purchase one through eBay to keep them digitally connected on the open road.

2. Driving gloves

A set of driving gloves is one of the most unique presents you can give. Gloves are especially perfect gifts for race car lovers, enthusiasts who visit the track often, and anyone else who grips the wheel tight in pursuit of speed and thrills.

Brown leather gloves are classic and sophisticated looking, but an array of styles and materials are available; providing greater control and a softer touch on the curves. Driving gloves don’t have to be expensive either. Some varieties are relatively cheap but provide great value for money and look the part.

Fancy yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton or Jimmie Johnson? Check out these gift cards at Dick’s for one of the best birthday gifts for car lovers there is.

3. A mechanic’s tool kit

Most gearheads love to tinker away fixing and improving their auto. So, unsurprisingly mechanic’s tool kit is perpetually among the best ten gifts for car lovers — and it may be a top ten list all by itself.

Tool kits make great gifts for many occasions. They have the longest shelf life, providing proper use, and they’re a perfect choice for those who are restoring antique gems and classic vehicles.

Kits provide endless hours in the garage and shop and open up a world of adjustments, tweaks, and repairs. A gift card from AutoZone will have them happily working on their vehicle in no time.

4. Model cars

Model cars are thoughtful, they’re great keepsakes, and because they come in so many styles and varieties they’re also one of the best-personalized gifts for car lovers.

If you’re looking for a present for a real auto enthusiast, models are an ideal place to start. Better still, many model cars come in kits which can be assembled — providing endless hours of enjoyment.

Build your own model car, make your collection of model vehicles or even trade them online. They’re a hobby that can excite and delight. For more model car ideas, check out these gift cards from Advance Auto Parts.

5. Battery jump pack

Battery jump packs make exceptional last-minute gifts and are also incredibly useful. No driver should be without one.

Even if you already have traditional jumper cables, jump packs are an excellent upgrade. They bring peace of mind to parents of young drivers, and they are also handy for luxury car lovers — simply because they are the rare item most cars do not come equipped with.

There are no two ways about it, giving one will ensure the recipient has no problems on the road with flat batteries becoming a thing of the past.

Send gift cards to car lovers

If you’re still spinning your wheels — wondering about more gifts for classic car lovers, or unsure what the best ones for lovers of antique cars are — Kroger can help.

Gift cards can be used for a wide variety of goods and services, making them suitable gifts for car lovers, in and of themselves. This flexibility is guaranteed to make even the most devoted auto enthusiasts, car lovers, and diehard gearheads happy.

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