Gift buying guide for men

male on laptop with headphones

What gifts for men are guaranteed to impress? Whether you want to show your teenage son that you’re still cool or need to get the right gift for your brother, getting a present that’s exactly what they want can be tricky.

Gift cards help you overcome this hurdle. You can buy one based on his interests, such as the Happy gift card range or use our helpful categories to browse our best-selling entertainment, fashion or music gift cards.

Your gift card can be bought online or in store – whichever is easiest for you. You’ll also have the chance to load as much or as little money as you like so it can fit any budget.

Gifts for men to suit every occasion

You’ll want to be sure your gift is right for the occasion but finding something to fit your budget can be a challenge. The best thing about Kroger gift cards is you can decide how much you want to spend and still have a wide choice so you can get him the perfect present without breaking the bank.

Here’s how we can help to ensure your gift ideas for men match the moment:

  • Birthday: His birthday is your chance to make him feel special. Take the opportunity to treat him with our variety of birthday gift cards. Gifts for young men might be an Xbox card to let him play his favorite video games or Hulu to stream the latest TV shows. There’s plenty of gifts for older men too. Whether they’re into home improvement or music, you’ll find something that will make the perfect birthday treat.
  • Moving: There’s a lot to take in when you’re moving. If you want to support your son, brother or another family member as they make the move – and take some of the stress away – a housewarming gift card can be ideal. You might want to encourage him to get stuck into home improvement with a Lowe’s gift card or make sure he doesn’t have to worry about cooking with a Happy Bites gift card.
  • Graduation: Proud of the student in your life for reaching graduation? Mark the occasion with a gift card so they can celebrate however they want. Our range of gift cards at Kroger means it’s easy to find a card that will suit him. From Bed, Bath and Beyond, to help him make the next move to Buffalo Wild Wings to help him savor his success, the Happy Graduation gift card has it all.

Gifts for men that you know they’ll love

Maybe it’s not for a specific occasion but just a gesture so he knows you’re thinking about him? Whether it’s one time treat or to show your support during a difficult time, you can also browse Kroger’s gift cards by looking at his interests:

  • Tech lover: If he’s into the latest technology then use a gift card to help fuel his passion. He can stream the latest album releases and award-winning podcasts with Spotify, watch the latest movies and TV with Netflix or Hulu, or download the latest apps with the App Store or Google Play gift cards.
  • Sports fan: So, he’s a sports fan? A sporty man needs sporty apparel – so consider Foot Locker, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Hibbett Sports, Columbia or Champs gift cards so he can pick out the right gear.
  • Fashion lover: If your son or brother is passionate about style and making sure he looks his best at all times, a gift card can help him update his closet. You don’t have to worry about getting the color or size, it’s all up to him. Whether he’s a Hollister kind of guy or likes to grab everything at TJ Maxx, you’ll find something that suits him perfectly.

Kroger’s card selection offers gifts for men that are bound to make his day. He’ll love the chance to choose how and when to spend his present, and you’ll love the fact you’ve not wasted your hard-earned dollars on an unwanted gift.