A gift-buying guide for friends

Two female friends hugging outside

We’ve got the perfect gift ideas for your friends to prove you know them better than anyone else.

From heartfelt presents that’ll make your long-distance friendship stand the test of time, to foolproof ideas to get your friends together and make unforgettable memories, our gift-buying guide has it all.

Gifts for best friends

Your best friend has been there for you through thick and thin, but how do you express years of appreciation in one fantastic gift?

A gift card can be the perfect answer. Here are some ideas for every type of friend:

  • The foodie – from the friend who makes their own sourdough starter, to the one who knows their way around a cheese board, we have gift cards for more than 200 restaurants, including Olive Garden, IHOP and Chipotle.
  • The hobbyist – from Barnes & Noble, for the bestie with their nose always stuck in a book, to GameStop, for a gaming legend, show them you care about their passions, without getting caught buying something they already own.
  • The stylist – keep up to date with their latest look, without risking a fashion faux pas with something special from one of the top retailers. We’ve got gift cards for Forever 21, Hot Topic and Hollister.
  • The homebody – whether they’re a DIY expert or a feng shui master, give them the tools they need to create the perfect home space with a gift card from the likes of Target and Wayfair.

Gifts for long-distance friends

Send a friend who’s far away a gift that truly goes the distance with gift ideas for the:

  • College friend – give your friend the best start to their new adventure at college with a Happy Student gift card. They can shop their favorite brands, including Bed Bath & Beyond and American Eagle, to find something for their dorms or to freshen up their style.
  • Childhood friend – keep your childhood buddy reminiscing about the good old days with those beloved pastimes. We’ve got gift cards for all occasions, from bowling at Main Event to ice cream at Cold Stone.

Gifts for roommates

Shake up the routine and make the times spent together even more special with these ideas:

  • Home dining – make a meal out of chilling out at home with a fantastic feast. Order from your favorite restaurants and get them delivered to your door with Grubhub.
  • Home cinema – find a film you’ll both love on Netflix and get ready for a night of laughs.

Gifts for quirky friends

Friends come in all shapes and sizes – some mix music, others cake batter. Here are some gift ideas for the quirky friend in your group:

  • Audible – got a friend who loves a conspiracy theory or gets lost in their thoughts? An Audible gift card gives them access to thousands of stories, podcasts and memoirs.
  • Michaels – it’s always handy to have a creative friend in your corner. Whether they like to draw, build or decorate, Michaels has their craft supplies.

Kroger’s array of gift cards makes knowing what to gift your best friend a walk in the park.

Find something they’ll cherish and let them know they’re your number one by browsing the full range of Kroger gift cards for friends.