Get well gift ideas

Get well soon gift

When we’re feeling down, just knowing a loved one is thinking of us can be enough to lift our spirits. So, if a friend or relative is sick, buying them a simple get well gift is a great way to cheer them up and even help them on the road to recovery.

But deciding what to get them can sometimes be difficult. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve pulled together a handy guide of get well soon gifts that will help you pick the perfect present for your friend or family member in need.

1. Candles

Candles create a calming ambiance in any room, but a healing candle can add an extra personal touch for a sick friend and help them recover. Aromatherapy candles can help lift the mood and relieve feelings of anxiety. Find the perfect fragrance for your friend or loved one with a Yankee Candle gift card.

2. Balloons

It’s natural for someone to feel glum when they’re unwell, but studies have shown that a positive attitude can help with recovery. Thoughtful get well soon gifts can help put a smile on your loved one’s face – like balloons, which are reminiscent of childhood, parties, and plenty of other happy memories. Buy balloons with a Target gift card.

3. Audiobooks

Whether your loved one is in hospital or recovering at home, being unwell often means long periods of waiting, resting, and having limited physical movement. Audiobooks could help your sick friend or family member to stay entertained and keep their mind active. They’re also a practical get well soon gift as they can be listened to on speakers or headphones and don’t require the reader to hold a book for hours on end – helping your loved one to reserve energy for other things. Let them choose their own book with a gift card from Barnes & Noble.

4. Pajamas

The feeling that our appearance has changed when we’re sick can take its toll mentally. And, when we’re relaxing, nothing feels better than a fresh pair of pajamas. So, giving your friend a lovely new pair to keep them feeling comfortable and fresh might help to make them feel better than they have in a while. Buy pajamas with a gift card from Macy’s.

5. Board games

Board games keep the mind active, and they’re an entertaining way to pass the hours with friends and family. That’s what makes them such an ideal get well soon gift. Be sure to pick a game which you know they’ll love so that you can play together when you visit and bond with some harmless competitive fun. Purchase board games with a Target gift card.

6. Flowers

No gift says ‘thinking of you’ like a beautiful bunch of flowers. They brighten up the room, bring a pleasing scent, especially to hospital wards, and will remind your friend of you whenever they look at them. They’re also an ideal present for someone you might not know very well, such as a colleague or neighbor. Plus, you can find bouquets for a range of budgets. Find the perfect bunch of flowers with an 1800 Flowers gift card.

7. Books

Nothing feels quite the same as the weight of a good book in your hand, especially for traditional book lovers. Plus, leafing through the pages of a captivating novel or biography is a relaxing way to pass the time, bringing some escapism to your loved one and keeping their thoughts away from how they’re really feeling. Buy them a book with an Kroger Family of Stores gift card.

8. Bath bombs

Part of recovery is self-care, and nothing says self-care like a long relaxing bath. If your sick friend or relative is recovering at home, a bath bomb is a thoughtful get well gift that will make their baths even more enjoyable. They could even bring their candles, flowers, and book into the mix! Get bath bombs with a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card.

Send get well soon gift cards

Struggling to find the perfect gift idea for a sick friend? A gift card is suitable for all situations, from hospital stays to operation recoveries to long-term illnesses. It also gives your friend or loved one the option to choose their own gift. Send a gift card today and let your friend know you’re thinking of them at this difficult time.
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