Kroger Gift Cards

Game on: Gift card your way through the work day – AWAITING SIGN OFF

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at work. While knowing what you need to do from the moment you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow may make you feel organized, it can quickly become tedious.

Adding some excitement into your work day doesn’t have to mean making a big change. At Kroger, we challenge you to ‘game’ your way through the day by having a gift card for everything you need.

Using a gift card will put a new spin on your day-to-day schedule and help you gain some perspective of your spending.

Follow our guide on the different daily elements you can use a gift card for and get your game on:

Getting to work

Upgrade your daily commute and enjoy a stress-free ride to work with an Uber gift card. Whether you usually walk, drive or rely on public transport, an Uber will make you feel like a VIP as you cruise through the city towards work in style.

Download the Uber app to load credits and enjoy a smooth ride at the touch of a button – no more fumbling around for your ticket or making a pit-stop to fill up on gas.

As a bonus, any credits left over at the end of the day can also be put towards some of the delicious restaurants and takeaways listed on Uber Eats – win-win!

Morning fuel

So, you’ve arrived at work in your fancy new ride. But before you sit down at your desk and get down to business, grab some fuel at your nearest Starbucks.

A Starbucks gift card makes paying for your favorite beverage a lot easier than cash. Plus, with thousands of stores across the US, you’ll never be far away from your next caffeine fix.

Grab your coffee-to-go and enjoy a celebratory sip from your desk as you start the morning’s workload. If you were rushing to get your Uber this morning, it’s also the perfect opportunity to grab a muffin or pastry to keep you going until lunch.

Another perk of a Starbucks gift card is that you can register online and start earning rewards every time you purchase something. Even when your gift card runs out, you’ll still get a free drink on your birthday – cheers!

Grabbing lunch

The favorite part of most people’s work day – lunchtime. Rather than pulling together a mismatched ensemble based on whatever leftovers you can find in the fridge, treat yourself with a Panera gift card.

Warm, freshly baked breads with a range of delicious fillings, an array of different hearty soups served every day and fresh salads full of goodness – this is lunch done the right way. Take your lunch back to the office or relax with a well-deserved break, sitting down to eat in their welcoming café.

If you’ve got a tight deadline or are short on time, order lunch ready to be collected with a Chipotle gift card. A gift card for this Mexican grill lets you customize your order online to create your favorite dish, from burrito bowls and tasty tacos to scrumptious salads – burritoful!

Afternoon tunes

With lunch over and done with and hours of work still left in the day, give yourself an afternoon mood boost by listening to your favorite songs while you work.

A Spotify gift card puts you in charge of the playlists, without the irritating ads and un-skippable songs included in the free version. Browse thousands of playlists, from chilled-out beats perfect for keeping your stress-levels low to the best feel-good Friday hits to get you ready for the weekend.

Apple Music gift cards work in a similar way, so it’s all about personal preference. If you want to know which music streaming service comes out on top, see our Spotify vs Apple Music ultimate guide.

Make the most of the city

When the work day is done, there are still plenty of gift card opportunities. If you work in the city, when was the last time you took advantage of the wealth of activities at your disposal?

Have a browse over your lunchbreak and see if there’s anything exciting on at the cinema, then book your tickets online with an AMC Theaters gift card. From action-packed adventures to laugh-out-loud comedy, an evening watching the big screen is the perfect way to wind down after work and dive into a different world.

Or, create a cinema experience at home with a Netflix gift card. Grab some popcorn from your nearest Kroger store, change into your pajamas and settle down for a relaxing evening of entertainment. From Netflix original shows you won’t find anywhere else to the greatest movies of all time, end a day of gift carding on a high.

These are just some of the ways you can gift card your way through the day. Browse over 200 gift cards from Kroger and create your own path towards the perfect work day.