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Gift ideas for a wedding anniversary

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Whether it’s for your better half or a couple you know and love, anniversary gifts are the perfect way to show them you care. Go for just a little token to let them know you remembered their special date or something fancy to make a statement.

We’ve got great ideas, whether it’s for your partner, your parents or another couple entirely. Knowing what to buy as an anniversary gift takes a lot of thought and heart.

Gift ideas for wedding anniversaries

What to buy for your first wedding anniversary

Traditionally, your first anniversary gift should be paper to symbolize the start of this new chapter in your lives together. A gift card for Barnes&Noble is a fantastic idea, providing access to your favorite paperbacks or to gorgeous new stationary.

Of course, you could argue that any Kroger Gift Card counts as a paper gift, so you can be as creative as you like with this tradition.

What to buy as a 10th anniversary gift

Your 10th wedding anniversary is symbolized by tin – a metal that will never rust, just like your love for each other! It might not sound like the most creative or romantic gift choice, but there’s plenty you can do with this tradition.

Pick up a gift card for Target or Lowe's and you can pick out some cool kitchenware to whip up your favorite meal together.

What to buy as a 20th anniversary gift

Anniversary gifts after 20 years of marriage are traditionally made from porcelain. Some great ideas include beautiful new sets of plates or tableware, or a delicate new vase to brighten up your home with fresh flowers.

A gift card for JC Penney, Target or Wayfair lets you choose from a range of great products.

What to buy as a 25th anniversary gift

At 25 years of marriage, you’re starting to hit the big time – and so are the anniversary gifts. Silver is the traditional gift for your 25th anniversary and gives you a chance to spoil your better half with a little luxury.

Nothing says indulgence like a shopping spree at Bloomingdale’s, where you can browse everything from silverware to sparkling silver jewelry.

What anniversary gift to give another couple

There are plenty of couples and relationships you’ll want to celebrate at some time or other – your parents, children, friends, neighbors, anyone!

Many of our Kroger Gift Cards let them create an anniversary to remember, from romantic breaks to delicious date-night meals. Make sure they get the anniversary they deserve with a gift card from:

  • Airbnb – help them plan a romantic weekend away with plenty of accommodations to suit all tastes in hundreds of cities around the world.
  • Red Lobster – treat them to a luxurious lobster dinner at America’s favorite seafood restaurant for an anniversary meal they’ll never forget.
  • Golden Nugget – with first-class accommodation, live entertainment and exquisite dining on offer, a Gold Nugget gift card ensures they celebrate in style.
  • Olive Garden – if you can’t send them to the romantic hillsides of Tuscany, a gift card for the Olive Garden will still treat them to an Italian meal.

For more special anniversary gifts that are sure to create everlasting moments, browse our full range of gift cards.