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Eight best Mother’s Day gifts for 2022

Mother’s Day

Moms - you’ve got to hand it to them. They do so much for us, and with Mother’s Day coming up we wanted to highlight our most popular ideas for the best Mother's Day gifts for 2022.

From accessories and homeware to unforgettable experience gifts, we have put together some unique presents so you can spoil your mom. She’ll know how you really feel and be properly appreciated this May 8th.

Plus, Kroger gift cards help make that important purchase even easier. Read on to find the perfect gift for your mother.

8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Bath salts and other pampering goodies

Moms work so hard. They spend all day looking after little ones or working tirelessly in their careers. They take care of the house, the pets, the garden… the list is endless. Why not treat mom to a bit of downtime? Spoil her with bath salts, bubbles, and pampering lotions. Give your mom a night off to enjoy a soak in the tub and some well-deserved “me time.”

Where to get it: Bath & Body Works
Price range: $5 - $200

2. Dinner and a show

A night out is a fun treat for anyone, so give your mom the chance to paint the town red this Mother’s Day. Head into the city with your favorite lady and spoil her with a bite to eat, followed by that show she’s just been dying to see. You can find some great ideas for treat experiences and nights out on Groupon, often at special prices, so it’s even easier to show your mom that you love her.

Where to get it: Groupon
Price range: $10 - $200

3. Fresh flowers

Flowers are a fantastic option for your mother because you can personalize this thoughtful gift for her. Maybe she has a particular scent or color she likes? Show up with a bouquet of her favorite flowers in person or send them via courier to let her know you’re thinking of her. Better still, get your mom a flower subscription so she can feel cheery all year round!

Where to get it: 1800
Price range: $15 - $500

4. A new mug

If you’re searching for a little extra Mother’s Day gift idea, a new mug is always a classic present. You can find original, thoughtful, and stylish designs at Lowes and a host of other great homeware ideas. Her home is her sanctuary; make it feel more special this Mother’s Day.

Where to get it: Lowes
Price range: $20 - $500

5. A new handbag

Whether the special lady in your life is an accessories aficionado, or you want to treat her to the perfect purse to help her keep all her essentials in order, a new handbag could be the ideal gift for mom. Surprise her with a trip to Macy’s so she can treat herself to a bag that suits her style.

Where to get it: Macy’s
Price range: $25- $200

6. Perfume

Who doesn’t love refreshing their signature scent? A bottle of your mom’s favorite perfume is guaranteed to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day. Sephora offers everything from classic fragrances to new perfumes, all at great prices.

Where to get it: Sephora
Price range: $15 - $200

7. A coffee machine

We all know that moms are very busy ladies. If she’s a coffee lover, then a coffee machine is a fantastic gift idea for Mother’s Day that will make her life a little easier and more delicious. Give the gift of a pick-me-up or elevate her espresso to a luxurious new level. Coffee machines come at different price points and in different styles, so find the one that will work for your mom from the extensive range at Target.

Where to get it: Target
Price range: $1 - $500

8. Scented candles

Candles are a top Mother’s Day gift, whether you’re treating your mom, your mother-in-law, or a special auntie. Yankee Candle creates heavenly scents that will help fill your mom’s home with relaxing, refreshing, or uplifting aromas. Choose from beautiful fragrances such as Midnight Jasmine, Pink Sands, Calm & Quiet Place, Clean Cotton, or Afternoon Escape.

Where to get it: Yankee Candle
Price range: $20 - $150

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