10 cool gift ideas for coworkers and work friends

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Whether it’s an office birthday, or a going away gift for a colleague, we’ve got some great gift ideas for coworkers to get you started.

It can feel like we spend more time with our coworkers than we do our families, so say thanks – or happy birthday – with a gift card.

1. Coffee

Where to drink one: Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee
Price range: $10 to $20

We all have that colleague who runs on caffeine. To keep them going, treat them to a bag of their favorite beans.

Whether they prefer indulgent favorites like Starbucks, or artisan blends from Peet’s Coffee, you can pick up the perfect mix to get them through those busy days in the office.

Single bags of whole bean blends from Starbucks start at around $10. More specialized brews from Peet’s Coffee start from less than $20 and provide a unique flavor sensation.

2. A potted plant

Where to pick one: Wayfair
Price range: $10 to $40

If your colleague’s desk is looking a little bare, help them brighten things up with a potted plant.

A small succulent will cost between $10 and $15, depending on the type of pot and design. Flowering plants and sets containing multiple pots will cost a little more and could reach around $40.

3. Cell charging station

Where to find one: eBay, JCPenney
Price range: $20 to $60

There’s nothing worse than your cell phone dying at lunch time and having to face the commute home without your favorite tunes.

A portable charging station that sits on your desk is a great gift idea for your work team. Not only do they look cool, they’re practical too.

You can choose a more affordable charging tower for around $20, where you can plug in multiple USB devices, or ultra-modern wireless options, which can cost up to $60.

4. Thermal travel mug

Where to grab one: Target, Pottery Barn
Price range: $10 to $70

Help your favorite colleague on those chilly commutes with a thermal travel mug. That way they can brew a hot beverage before they leave home or the office and it will stay nice and toasty throughout the trip.

A basic mug should start at around $10, but the more high-tech you go, the higher the price will be.

You can also get some funky designs on mid-range mugs to suit their personal taste. Pottery Barn does some great F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed options, starting at around $25.

5. Notebook

Focused african business man in headphones writing notes in notebook watching webinar video course, serious black male student looking at laptop listening lecture study online on computer e learning

Where to find one: Barnes & Noble, Michaels
Price range: $5 to $30

Maybe they’re the person who always scribbles notes in meetings, maybe they like to write drafts by hand, or maybe they just need to doodle. However they work, a notebook is sure to come in handy.

Choose from a basic range, starting from $5, or more luxury hardback options. Popular leather effect notebooks from Traveler cost around $10 and make a great mid-range option.

6. Desk tidy

Where to get one: Staples®, Wayfair
Price range: $5 to $90

If their desk is always a mess and they’re forever losing things, a desk organizer or pencil can is what they need.

Pick practical options in black or chrome that get the job done or opt for something a little fancier, such as rose gold.

While a simple storage basket could cost as little as a few dollars, you could get a full desk organizer set with a storage basket, copy holder, file dividers and all the necessary stationary for about $90.

7. Beverage bottle

Where to find one: Target, Macy’s
Price range: $10 to $40

A stainless steel, temperature-controlled water bottle is great for keeping drinks cool and refreshing during the hot summers and can cost between $10 and $40, depending on the brand.

You can also get cute tumbler designs with built-in straws for those colleagues with quirkier tastes.

Butterfly Meadow offer both options for around $16.

8. Ballpoint pens

Where to find them: Michaels, Barnes & Noble
Price range: $5 to $40

Make sure they always have a stylish pen with a brand new ballpoint pen. A colorful set of five writing pens will help brighten up their notes and costs around $5.

For something extra special, why not treat them to a limited-edition Kate Spade ballpoint pen, setting you back around $20 to $40.

9. Lunch box

Where to find one: Crate and Barrel
Price range: $10 to $75

If they’re the type to pack a lunch for work each day, a new lunch box is a great way to spruce up their lunch break.

Basic Tupperware starts at around $10 or treat them to stylish design for a little more. If you want to go all out, Picnic Time offers a Disney and Star Wars themes.

10. Portable cutlery set

Where to find them: Target, eBay
Price range: $15 to $30
If they already have a lunch box but are always hunting for cutlery in the office kitchen, treat them to a set of their own.

You can get cute and colorful options from around $15. Stainless steel sets will cost a little more but will also come in a variety of colors and are likely to last longer than plastic alternatives.

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