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Can you return gift cards?

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Giving gifts can be difficult – it's not always easy to know what people like or need when shopping for presents. Gift cards are a popular way to get past this, but if you're unsure what to do with one, you might be wondering if you can return or exchange the gift card for money.

To help you answer these questions and more, such as whether you can return gift cards with a receipt, we've put together this guide. Gift cards make amazing alternatives to physical presents, so we're here to help you find out what you can do with yours.

Returning a gift card

The rules around returning gift cards can vary. Depending on which retailer or store you visit, you'll find there are different policies to consider.

However, no matter where your card is from, there are usually a few ways you can return or exchange your gift cards – whether that's for cash or another card.

Some retailers may only exchange your gift card for another card ora reduced cash amount. They may also have a policy that states you're unable to return the gift card altogether or there might be a time limit to do so. Other stores may allow you to return a gift card for the full cash amount and some could simply ask to see the receipt before accepting the return.

To be sure you can return your gift cards, you'll first need to check what these policies are.

From experience, you'll know that when you attempt to return a Christmas or birthday present that doesn't fit or didn't quite hit the mark, you'll often need a gift receipt. So, if your gift cards came with a receipt, there could be a chance you can return them in some form.

As we've already mentioned, the rules on this can vary and some retailers will have rules in place to say it's not possible. However, if you want to try returning a gift card, you’ll need to visit a store of the retailer in question with your gift card.

Before you attempt to return a gift card for cash, it could be helpful for you to understand that this might be a complicated process. For example, sometimes not only will you need a receipt, but some retailers may require the gift card amount to be credited back to the card it was bought with.

If this was a gift from someone, you might not have a receipt or the payment card. Of course, this isn't as much of a problem if the gift card was purchased with cash as the receipt – provided you have it – might be enough to complete the return.

Can you return a gift card for cash?

Yes, you can return a gift card for cash, but again, this will depend on the retailer. There will be different options available from being able to retrieve the full amount in cash to getting a percentage of the card's value.

Can you return gift cards with a receipt?

Absolutely – your best chance of being able to return gift cards is when you have a receipt. While not all retailers will allow the return or exchange of a gift card, a return is usually only possible with a receipt.

How to exchange a gift card

The important thing to keep in mind with exchanging a gift card is that all retailers have different rules for their products. So, if you've had a certain experience in one store, the chances are it won't be the same with another store.

The majority of retailers can only help you return a gift card for cash if you have a receipt, so it's a good idea to get your hands on this first before attempting an exchange.

If you're looking for practical steps on how to exchange gift cards for cash, here's a simple guide to get you started.

  • Locate your gift card and the receipt
  • Visit the store of the particular retailer and ask who you need to speak to
  • Present your card with the accompanying receipt and ask what options you have

Once you have all the information you need, you can decide what you want to do. But remember, you might not be able to get the full amount back in cash. For instance, some retailers may have a policy where they're only able to offer you cash at a discounted rate rather than the full amount of the original gift card.

What can you do without returning a gift card?

If you still want to use the gift card but aren't sure what you can buy, the good news is a Kroger gift card can be used for lots of different things, so you have plenty of options. This might not be something you previously thought was possible, but you can use your card to buy another gift card for something more appropriate.

You could be hoping to buy something more specific – whether it's for your favorite spot to eat, shop, or your favorite entertainment option. There are lots of brands under the Kroger umbrella for you to choose from – from Arby's and Papa John's to Target, Netflix and Xbox. Buying a more specific gift card with the one you have means you can then enjoy a burger or a new game or even give it as a present.

Check out our guide to whether you can to understand more about this option.

When returning a gift card, it's best to first ask the retailer what's possible. With the Kroger Family of Stores you'll have lots of options – browse our full gift card range online.