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Buying gifts for music lovers

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Music fans are a diverse group – so when it comes to buying gifts, there’s a lot to consider. You only have to look at streaming services to see how many options, genres and sub-genres there are.

Whether the music fan in your life is a K-pop crazy teen, a jazz-loving dad or a metalhead mom, finding gifts for music lovers is easier than ever with Kroger’s range of gift cards.

Music gift cards helps you fuel their passion. Whether they love going to gigs and hearing live music, want the latest releases from their favorite artists as soon as they drop, or prefer to play their own music, you can find the right present for them. You can’t go wrong.

For birthdays, the holidays or just to say ‘thanks’, many gift cards seem to be made for music lovers.

What to gift a music lover

Finding the right gift all depends on what type of music lover they are, but this doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may seem:

The at-home musical genius

Some of the most passionate music fans love to make music themselves – and it can be hard to know what to get a drummer or guitarist for a gift. If you’re looking for gifts for musicians, a Guitar Center gift card, which can be loaded with anywhere from $25 to $500, could do the trick. Or maybe you want to inspire them? It’s a great idea to nudge them in the right direction if they’ve always wanted to learn to play a guitar, keyboard or a percussion instrument.

To get a musician the perfect gift, it’s often smart to let them choose. After all, they know better than anyone else what’s on their radar.

The live music fan

There’s nothing quite like the experience of live music. A StubHub gift card allows them to choose exactly what they want. Load it with any amount from $25 to $500 so you can strike the perfect balance based on your budget and the occasion.

But what if their favorite artist isn’t on tour right now? Or they can’t get out to the venue? Well, the Spotify and Apple Music egift cards are here to deliver. It means they can connect to their favorite bands at the click of a button. Plus, there are curated playlists to help them discover new music or the best of live performances.

The collector

If your recipient loves nothing more than collecting the classics, as well as the latest, there’s no better option than a gift card. It allows them to put your present towards something they will treasure for years to come. A Barnes & Noble gift card is a great gift idea for vinyl lovers. The retailer may be best known for books but its also got an impressive catalogue of music.

Exploring gift ideas for music lovers

Thinking of special gift ideas for music lovers requires a knowledge of their musical interests. Do they live and breathe classical music, or is the rock n roll lifestyle more their thing?

Buying gifts for musicians is even trickier, since dedicated singers and instrumentalists might not be content with a simple CD from the local store. To get it right, think about which category they fit into and you’ll be on the path to getting them the perfect present.

What’s more, with gift cards through the Kroger Family of Stores, you can add your own personalized message. So whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion, you can make sure your present strikes the right note.