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Gift ideas for music lovers

For some people, music is the joy of life. It can lift spirits, motivate us, bring back memories or even provide the soundtrack to our favorite movies and shows. So, the way we listen to music can be very personal.

A gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores leaves that choice up to the music lover in your life. Whether they prefer live gigs, downloading albums onto their phone, or even playing an instrument, we have the perfect gift ideas for music lovers. Show them you care and fuel their passion with the ultimate present: a music gift card.

What to give a music lover

Music fans are a diverse bunch. You only have to do a quick online search to discover thousands of music genres and new artists emerging every week. There’s a sub-genre for even the most niche of tastes, which means that knowing which music-themed gift to buy can be tough.

Whether you’re buying for a K-pop-crazy teen, a jazz-loving dad, or a metalhead mom, our range of music gift cards are perfect for every occasion. They make ideal gifts for music lovers to keep them toe-tapping their way through the year.

Live music tickets

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ll know just how magical it is to hear a stadium full of strangers united by their love for music. Live gigs are an unbeatable experience. Nothing quite compares to feeling the bass run through your body, catching a glimpse of an artist you admire, and the journey home with your pals.

From classical concerts to drum and bass festivals, a StubHub gift card can provide memories that will last a lifetime. Load it with any amount from $25 to $500 so you can strike the perfect balance based on your budget and the occasion.


Streaming has fast become the most popular way to consume music thanks to its on-the-go nature and online communities. With a variety of music streaming apps available, you can enjoy quick access to pre-made playlists in no time. You can also be one of the first to listen to new releases from artists across the world.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of streaming music, though, is having all your favorite music in one place and being able to customize your own playlists. Gift cards for Spotify and Apple make great birthday and Christmas gifts for music lovers, letting them listen to their favorites wherever they are.

Musical equipment

For the naturally talented and musically gifted among us, playing an instrument is an intimate and immersive way of enjoying music. However, it can also be an expensive hobby.

Foster a future music star in the making with a Guitar Centre gift card, which can be loaded with anywhere from $25 to $500. They can decide whether they want to buy a new set of drumsticks with it or perhaps an amplifier for their old faithful guitar.

Musical equipment can make great gifts for music lovers, whether they’re beginners or seasoned pros.


Did you even go to that concert if you didn’t get the t-shirt? Music fans love to support their favorite bands and artists with branded merchandise. These days, you can show your love with everything from a mug to a giant poster, and an eBay gift card can be a handy way to help them grow their collection.

Why not buy your loved one a special edition record they can treasure forever, or even take them out for a music-themed meal with a Hard Rock Café gift card? These are presents that will take pride of place in their home.

Send gift cards for music lovers

Buying gifts for music lovers is easy with the Kroger Family of Stores. Please the percussion player in your family with a new instrument, surprise your rock’n’roll friend with gig tickets and merchandise, or let them listen on the go with streaming services.

Our music and technology gift cards will be music to their ears.