Buying gifts for him

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Want the perfect gift for a man but don’t know where to start? It can be tricky to know what to get, which is why we’ve put together this guide to make buying gifts for him simple. Whether he’s indecisive, unhelpful or just unclear about what he wants, gift cards can be the ideal way to get your husband, partner or boyfriend exactly what he wants.

The range of Kroger’s gift cards means there’s something for every occasion and every type of man. Whether food, fashion, sport, movies, books or music are the key to your man’s heart, we can help you make a smart choice.

It’s quick and easy to pick your gift card – either online or in store. These are gifts for him that are flexible to suit your budget but also ensures he gets exactly what he wants, every time.

Gift for him: Occasions

Sometimes, your choice of gift will depend on the occasion. You might want to express your love, give thanks or celebrate a special event like a birthday.

Here’s a few ideas on what to consider:

  • Valentine’s Day: When searching for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for him, you’ll want something that’ll make him feel truly loved. How about a guaranteed treat? Our Valentine’s Day gift cards include a variety of choices such as getting his favorite food from the likes of Texas Roadhouse and LongHorn Steakhouse. Or why not buy a ticket to the latest from Hollywood with a Regal gift card?
  • Birthday: You’ll want to mark his birthday in style. Do that with a great meal, a memorable experience or a one-time treat with our selection of birthday gift cards. Maybe you know exactly what he’d want. Is he always spending his spare dollars at Hollister or do you spend all your time trying to distract him from his games console? Whatever he’s into, browse the Kroger gift card range to find something that fits him perfectly.
  • Retirement: When your partner has worked all their lives, their retirement is a big event. It’s important to consider what to get for a retirement gift. Ideally, this should be something they’ll put to good use in their new-found spare time. Consider a Lowe’s gift card for that home renovation project that they might finally be getting around to? Maybe they’ll want to take a break with Golden Nugget? Find these and more in our retirement gift card selection.

Gifts for him: Pick a card to fit his passion

If you know a person well, then you’ll want to show that in the gift you choose.

  • Sports fan: Foot Locker, Columbia and Champs gift cards are the perfect fit for a man who leads a sporty lifestyle.
  • Book lover: When you’re looking for gift ideas for book lovers, look no further than Barnes & Noble. If audiobooks are his thing, Audible is also a smart gift card choice.
  • Smart-looking guy: If you think of clothes when shopping for gifts for your boyfriend, let him choose. Kohl’s, Nordstrom and TJ Maxx are just some of our clothing gift card brands .

Buying gifts for him has never been easier thanks to the great range of gift cards from Kroger. With help from us, you’ll have your idea sorted in no time.