eGift Cards

What is a digital or egift card?

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For that special someone who has everything or for the person who knows exactly what they want, an egift card is a great option. You can give the gift of choice and ease with a digital gift card that can be used online or in store. Wondering exactly how these electronic gift cards work? We’ve answered some of the most common questions in this guide.

What is a digital gift card?

Digital gift cards and egift cards are the same thing. They are simply an electronic version of a physical gift card that can be sent directly to the person’s email address and used online or in store.
A digital gift card can be loaded up with money like your usual physical gift card and spent in smaller increments or used to cover the cost of a larger expense.
Egift cards are great if you want to help the environment by reducing plastic waste, if the person you’re buying for lives further away or even if you’ve forgotten to buy a gift and need something quick! The great news is there’s no delay, a digital gift can be purchased and arrive in minutes, ready to be enjoyed.

How do egift cards work?

Buying and sending an digital gift card is so quick and easy. For those lucky people receiving one, full instructions on how to use them will be sent. However, for now, here’s a quick breakdown on how egift cards work:

1. You choose the gift card you want to buy

You’ll find retailers offering a range of digital gift cards that you can choose from. The Kroger egift card store has options for a range of brands, which means you can find the perfect digital card, no matter how fussy the receiver is.

2. Add to basket

Add your egift card to your online basket, like any normal online purchase. Plus, if you buy your digital gift card through the Kroger Family of Stores and have a Shopper’s card, we’ll add fuel points for you to enjoy at a later date.

3. Fill in your payment details and the email address for the person you’re sending the egift card to

Double check that you have the right email address for the receiver of your chosen gift card. Once you hit complete at the checkout, the details will be sent straight to them.

4. The egift card will arrive in their inbox

They’ll then need to open the email and use the code provided to make their purchase online, or they can present the code or barcode on the email in store to complete the transaction.

5. They can check their balance online

The email will arrive with details on how to check their egift card balance online, so if they’ve only used it for a small purchase, they can check to see how much is leftover to spend.

What gift cards can be sent electronically?

A wide range of gift cards can be sent electronically, from digital gift cards for dining out to online subscription services, such as Netflix. There are also clothing and grocery stores and even online games console stores, including Xbox, to choose from.

Whether you want to treat your best friend to a meal on you, with a range of egift cards for popular restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse, or know that they’ll love choosing a new outfit for their wardrobe at the likes of JC Penney – there’s an egift card for everyone.

How to use an egift card in a restaurant

Using an egift card in a restaurant can be a little different to using them in your favorite stores or online.

In a store, you take your items to the checkout and pay upfront, so its easy to use a gift card or have your egift card barcode scanned. In a restaurant, the way you pay is a little different, which changes the way you use an egift card.

When using your egift card to pay for a restaurant bill, you have three options:

Print your egift card out

Take a printed copy of your gift card with you – make sure it includes the barcode or gift card number. You can then hand this over to the serving staff who can run it through the cash register when collecting your bill.

Write the egift card number on your bill

Make a note of your egift card number and add that to the bottom of your bill. Give the bill back to the server and point out the information, so they know what to run through the cash register.

Take your phone and pay at the register

Ask if you can bring your phone to the cash register and pay there rather than at your table. That will save you from having to hand over your phone or write down the correct information. Instead, the cashier can just scan your phone with the register and get the information they need quickly.

Do I need to print an egift card?

No, the great news is that you don’t always have to print out an egift card. Most digital gift cards feature a barcode or a short code that can be used at checkout to complete the transaction.

If you have your email app on your phone, you can simply show this to the cashier, and they can scan the barcode to process your payment. This means that egift cards aren’t limited to online purchases, giving you more freedom when it comes to how you shop.

If you’re planning on using a digital gift card, we recommend opening the email before entering the store, that means it will be ready to go when you reach the checkout.

Sending an egift card is super easy and a great way of spreading the love. It’s quick and convenient with no need to visit a store.

With the Kroger Family of Stores, you’ll find a wide range of e gift cards. Browse our full gift card range online today!