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Top of the class: Gifts for teachers

A good teacher does so much more than guide children through the school syllabus. They help mold them into the fantastic humans they’ll grow up to be.

Whether it’s the end of the school year, the Holiday season or in recognition for an above-and-beyond moment of help, we have plenty of great gift ideas for teachers to help you say thank you.

Some of our top ideas include:

  • The perfect gift to show your appreciation
  • A personal touch with homemade gifts
  • Encourage their passions
  • Help them take time for themselves

Gift for teachers to show your appreciation

Teachers put their heart and soul into helping their students succeed socially, emotionally and academically. From planning the perfect lesson to offering supportive words at a difficult time, they help children mature and grow. Finding gifts for teachers is a great way to say thank you for all their help and hard work.

  • A personalized mug – Teachers spend a lot of time on their feet and chasing around after little ones, so they need plenty of energy. Treat them to a personalized mug or drinks bottle with their initial on to keep them hydrated and energized throughout the school days.
  • A new notebook – Whether it’s for planning out lessons, leaving themselves notes or perhaps pursuing their love of writing, a good notebook is the perfect gift for a teacher. It means nothing will be missed or forgotten during the busy school day.
  • Pens – Teachers always need pens. When it comes to grading papers, they’re likely to need pens of different colors to stand out and help their comments get noticed, so a new set of colored ball-point pens is a great idea.
  • A sweet treats gift basket – Bring a smile to their face with a delicious gift basket of tasty treats. Go sweet or savory and help them fill up on yummy snacks to keep them going during a hectic day entertaining and educating your little ones.
  • Plants and flowers – Teachers are usually the nurturing and caring kind, so a new plant for them to care for and brighten their home or classroom.

Making your own gifts

Nothing expresses your appreciation quite like a homemade gift. It’s personal and shows that you’ve put as much care and attention into your gift-giving as they put into their job.

  • Home-baked treats – Get together with your kids and whip up some homemade cakes, cookies or other snacks to gift to their teacher. Ingredients won’t cost a lot, and you can even keep a few for yourself – for quality control purposes, of course.
  • Letters and poems – A homemade card with a little note can be a touching and personal gift that could only come from your children. It’ll be the perfect unique and heartwarming way to let your teachers know how much their help and support has meant.
  • Stationery gift boxes – Teachers always need stationery. Fill a gift box with sticky notes, planners, pens and highlighters so they’ll have everything they need.

Gift for teachers to encourage their passion

The best teachers are the ones that share their enthusiasm for learning and subject knowledge with their students. Show them how much you appreciate that and how inspiring it is by giving them a gift that helps them pursue their passions during the weekends and holidays.

  • A new book – Whether it’s a new novel to fuel their love of reading or a non-fiction book on a subject they’re passionate about, a new book is a great way to show you appreciate their enthusiasm for learning.
  • A day at the museum – If they have a special interest in history or art, a day trip to a local museum or an art gallery would be a great way to show a teacher how much you appreciate them.
  • A craft set – From creating engaging displays to helping on art projects, a lot of teachers have a bit of a creative streak. A craft gift set, sketch pad, paints or pencils could be the perfect gift for the artsy teacher in your life.

Support local

Buying from local merchants and businesses is a great way to support your local economy and treat the teachers in your life to a special, unique gift. Whether it’s something from a popular local boutique or something personal from a local merchant.

  • Coffee house vouchers – Teachers often run on caffeine, so giving them the opportunity to refuel is a great idea. With a gift card they can get something to grab and go on a busy day or have a catch up with family and friends on the weekends.
  • Personalized gifts – A lot of small local businesses and craftspeople will happily take on custom orders so you can truly tailor a gift. Have it engraved with their name or initials or include a personal thank you message.
  • Food baskets – Pick up a ready-made basket from your local bakery or deli or buy a selection of their most popular products and create your own gift set depending on the recipient’s tastes.
  • Flowers – Flowers are a great way to brighten up a classroom or living space. Speak to a local florist about putting together a personalized bouquet to suit the season and personality of your recipient.
  • Handmade gifts – Look for local merchants creating unique handmade gifts. From homemade soaps and toiletries to hand-bound notebooks and hand-crafted accessories, something made by hand brings a personal touch to your gift.

Help them take time for themselves

Being a teacher takes a lot of energy and dedication. From late nights planning and grading to early mornings setting up their classroom, they’re on the go for much longer than the standard school hours. That’s why they need to remember to take time to rest and recharge, so they’re able to keep delivering the same enthusiasm, energy and support all year round.

  • Spa days – Very few things offer the same level of R&R as a spa day. See if you can find a deal for a massage, facial or other spa treatment to help them unwind and give themselves some much-needed pampering.
  • Scented candles – When they get home after a long day of planning, teaching, grading and supporting a classroom full of kids, teachers need some downtime. Pick a candle with a relaxing scent to create a calming atmosphere.
  • A meal out – Give them a night off from cooking after a busy term with a meal out. If you know what food they like, you can be more specific or pick a gift card that they can cash in at a variety of restaurants.
  • Tea sets – Many teas help relax the mind and revitalize the body. Pick a selection of boosting and calming teas to suit every kind of day.
  • A journal – Journaling is a great way to unload any stresses from the day and help you plan for the days ahead. Having everything written down can be a huge help for teachers who have lots of things to consider daily.

Finding great gifts for teachers

When it comes to picking gifts for teachers, think about the subjects they teach and what they’re passionate about. Or, think about their life outside of work and treat them to something that will help them relax and unwind.

A tight budget doesn’t have to be restricting either. Something as simple as a handmade card or home-baked cookies will show just how much you appreciate the effort and dedication they put into their work.

  • A meal out – After a long day in the classroom, make it easier for them to get a delicious meal without the effort of cooking. Send them off for dinner at The Olive Garden or let them bring their favorite restaurant home with Uber Eats.
  • Day trips – Support their enthusiasm for a particular subject with a day out to their favorite museum, art gallery or education center. A Groupon gift card helps them find the perfect day trip if you’re not sure which to go for.
  • Sweet treats – Visit a local bakery and pick up a selection of delicious treats or get creative in the kitchen and bake up something tasty yourself to have fun and say a personal thank you.
  • A homemade card – Get out the glitter and colored pens and let your kids express their thanks in their way. Because it’s 100% unique and completely from the heart, it’ll mean a whole lot to teachers who’ve given their all this term.
  • A spa day – Groupon offer hundreds of local spa days perfect for the teachers who’ve gone above and beyond this academic year. Help them relax and unwind with a massage or revitalizing massage.

Send gift cards

Buying a gift for teachers is a great way to say thank you and acknowledge the effort and dedication they put into their jobs every day, and a gift card gives them the freedom to get something they love.

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