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Best email gift cards

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Want to give a gift card but won’t be close enough to hand it over in person? Make life easier with our amazing range of email gift cards. Whether they have a favorite brand or a beloved hobby, we’ve narrowed down the best eGift cards for every interest and occasion.

What stores have eGift cards?


You can never go wrong with a Target gift card. From groceries, electronics, fashion and home décor, Target offers great value across the board – that’s why it’s at the top our list for the best eGift cards.

With more than 1,800 Target and SuperTarget® stores nationwide, plus, there’s plenty of opportunities to use an eGift card. There’s no expiration date, so there’s not rush to spend it.

Uber Eats

Know someone that loves to order in? Then an Uber Eats eGift card is perfect for them. With values ranging between $15 and $500, you can give their account a little boost or cover their Uber Eats orders for the entire year. You can even add to your own account ahead of any late-night cravings.

Enjoy having hundreds of local restaurants at your fingertips, from authentic local restaurants to national chains. Just add the unique gift code to your wallet on the Uber Eats app and you’ll be enjoying delicious takeout in no time.


For the online bargain hunter, there’s nothing better than an eBay gift card. Whether they are updating their wardrobe, updating their furniture or just looking for a great deal on the latest tech, there’s something for everyone.

With buyers and sellers across the world, these emailed gift certificates are a popular choice for long distance friends and family. Pick the perfect amount, anywhere between $25 and $200, and let them choose the ideal present from the comfort of their own home. You could even use the eGift card to treat yourself to something special – you deserve it!


It can seem hard to buy for someone who always has the latest technology, but that’s where the Apple eGift card comes in. Whether they want to upgrade their iPhone or are saving for a new MacBook, you can contribute any amount between $10 and $500 towards their big tech purchase.

These email gift cards can also be used on apps, games, books, subscriptions and even iCloud storage – making it one of the best eGift cards for versatility. You can add the gift card balance to your Apple account for online purchases or show the emailed gift certificates in any Apple Store.


Give the gift of endless at-home entertainment with a Netflix eGift card. Fund their account so you can share the excitement of a new series or switch your own account payments to an email gift card. You can load funds anytime, making it a great alternative to paying by credit card.

For long-distance loved ones, the Netflix eGift card lets you watch the latest releases together – no more waiting until you’re together to catch up on the latest season of your favorite shows.


Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift or you’re doing some DIY renovations in your own home, the Lowes eGift card is the best online gift card for you.

When you’re too busy decorating to leave the house, you can use the card online to order that extra can of paint you need. Prefer to see the products in person before you buy? Great news – the card can be used in store too.


Treat them to a fresh new look with one of the best eGift cards for beauty. Whether they are obsessed with skincare or an up-and-coming makeup artist looking to expand their makeup collection, an Ulta gift card is the ultimate gift. They’ll have a lot to choose from with Ulta’s impressive range of more than 550 beauty brands.

You can choose your own value from $5 to $500, so you can say a little thank you or supply them with a year’s worth of products. Don’t forget to add your own message for a personal touch.

Sony PlayStation

For all-round entertainment, a Sony PlayStation Store eGift card is one of the best online gift cards. Gamers can download the latest games, while movie lovers can watch the latest blockbusters. If music is more their thing, there’s a whole range of albums and artists for them to enjoy – the entertainment options are endless.

Treat them to a $25 or $50 gift card which they can add to their Sony Entertainment Network account on any recent PlayStation console or personal computer. Let the games begin!


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of going on vacation – so why not gift someone their dream getaway? With the Airbnb gift card, you don’t have to worry about the destination, date or number of people – just choose a value between $25 and $500 and let them pick the rest.

If someone has already booked a trip, they can use the emailed gift certificates to add an instant upgrade. From family vacations to romantic road trips, this truly is one of the best online gift cards year-round.


Whether they’re an arts and crafts enthusiast or just like to do a little DIY now and again, a Michaels eGift card is sure to put a smile on their face. With values ranging from $25 to $200, you can treat them to something small or spoil them with an impressive haul of art supplies.

If you’re a regular Michaels customer yourself, why not purchase an eGift card to help budget for future projects? With an amount already set aside, you can purchase that new set of paints you had your eye on guilt-free.

How to send a gift card online

To send gift cards by email, choose your favorite brand, select the value, and add the recipient’s email address. The eGift card should appear in their inbox instantly or on a future date, if selected. They can print out the details or use the online code to make their purchase. For further information on how to send gift cards online, read our dedicated page.


Can you use eGift cards in store?

Whether or not an email gift card can be used in store depends on the brand. Some gift cards can be used both in store and online, such as Target, Lowes and Apple. However, some eGift cards will be online only – for example, where the retailer is only available online. We recommend reading the Terms and Conditions to confirm.

How long does it take email gift cards to arrive?

Once you have purchased an eGift card and the order has been processed, the emailed gift certificates are usually delivered within minutes. Sometimes it may take slightly longer, up to 2-4 business hours from the time of purchase. If it is a gift purchase, you can also specify a future delivery date – a great option for birthdays or anniversaries.

Do eGift cards expire?

Email gift card expiration dates vary for each individual brand. Some are only valid for two years, while others expire due to inactivity. There are also those which do not have an expiration date, so make sure you are aware of the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

No matter the occasion, our email gift cards are a quick and easy way to give the perfect gift. Browse our full gift card range online today and discover even more brands.