From cool to sporty: Top 5 gifts for boys

Young boy smiling as he watches video on a tablet

Buying gifts for boys can be tough. There’s always the next cool toy, the next craze, the next obsession… it’s impossible to keep up. So, why not let them choose what they think is the coolest gift ever with gift cards from a range of big-name brands?

From toys to t-shirts, games to books, there’s something for every little man who knows his own mind. And we’ve pulled together five ideas to get you started.

1. Street-smart fashion

Where to get it: Foot Locker, GAP,
Budget: $20-$50

Every little boy has his own unique look. Whether it’s camo and dinosaur tees or designer tops and the coolest new sneakers, gifts for little boys that lets them express their own style are a great choice.

Buying new shoes for constantly growing kids can be pricey, especially if your kid likes to have the latest sneakers from big-name sports brands. With the US’ largest range of athletic footwear, Foot Locker is retail heaven for the boy who cares what he puts on his feet, so a gift card is sure to make his day.

If his uniform’s a slogan tee and a pair of well-cut jeans, a GAP gift card has got him covered. Valid at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta, he can spend it all in one place or hit the mall and browse all the options. Perfect for the boy who’s always updating his look, you can spend as little as $20 to pay for a couple of tees or load up enough for a whole wardrobe refresh.

2. Becoming his own gaming hero

Where to get it: Nintendo, eBay
Budget: $10-$50

Show us a boy who isn’t obsessed with gaming… we’ll wait. Whatever their console of choice, a gift card for games is sure to please. Just make sure you check what gaming systems he’s into so you choose the right brand.

Nintendo has had a real comeback in recent years and it’s the gaming brand most kids are obsessed with. From the return of Mario to the innovative handheld Switch, there are so many options to keep boys busy. With a Nintendo eShop gift card, they can buy games for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. That’s sure to get you in their good books.

New games can be expensive and way out of kids’ budget, but secondhand games can be a steal. If he likes to change it up regularly, eBay’s a great place to find the games he wants. With an eBay gift card (and a bit of adult supervision) he can find the best games from as little as $10.

3. Streaming and downloads

Where to get it: Hulu, Netflix, Apple
Budget: $10-$30

If they like nothing better than chilling with a movie or boxset with their friends, why not treat them to credit for a streaming service? With kids’ profile settings available on the major streaming services, you can give them access to the latest movies and shows made especially for them.

When they’re always battling for the remote, access to their own TV services would help resolve those family fights. Streaming service Hulu has extensive kids’ offerings, including big movies like The Addams Family and Ice Age, plus Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney for when only a cartoon marathon will do.

When it’s cold and wet outside, there’s nothing better than bingewatching a popular TV show. Netflix is packed with cool kids shows they won’t want to stop watching. From Spongebob to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Captain Underpants to Star Trek, there’s sure to be a series he wants to spend his gift card credit on.

Apple TV has loads of cool original kids’ content, from cartoons to movies where kids are the stars. With an Apple gift card, he can access TV and movie content, download and stream for as little as $5, and even add to his music collection track by track.

4. The music of his childhood

Where to get it: Apple, SiriusFM
Budget: $10-$50

For the kid who’s just getting into artists, a music gift card is a great way to help him explore. Whether he’s into the latest hits or starting to discover classic bands, a loaded card will help him work out what he really loves.

Struggling to keep up with who the kids are into these days? So are we. But if you know a cool kid who’s always listening to the latest jams, get him an iTunes gift card. Whether he wants to download his favorite track for a couple of dollars or find all of his number one band’s tunes for $50, he’s sure to find it here.

If he’s never without music in the background, how about treating him to a subscription to streaming service SiriusFM? With a mix of news, sport and plenty of music, and absolutely no ads, it’s a great gift choice for the boy who’s never tuned out.

5. Trips to the movies

Where to get it: AMC Theatres, Regal
Budget: $10-$50

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the movies – the excitement, the volume… the snacks. And, if you know a cool kid who can’t wait for the latest blockbuster, loading up a gift card with movie theater credit is such a great gift. Why not add enough so he can take a buddy too?

If he’s first in line for the latest release, a gift card from AMC Theatres is the gift for him. With credit to spend on tickets and at the concession stand, you can pay for him to escape to another world for as little as $20, even if it is just for the afternoon.

Perhaps a standard 2D movie isn’t exciting enough! With 3D, 4DX and iMax theaters across the US, you can pay for his next big adventure to a whole new world of entertainment with a Regal gift card.

Don’t spend a lot of time choosing gifts for little boys in your life. Choose a gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores. Browse our full gift card range online today to find even more great gift ideas for boys that are sure to score you some serious points.