10 great gifts for any 2 year old

Young boy plays with wooden train set

Who says twos are terrible? At two, tots are living their best lives, exploring the world and learning something new every single day. But there are so many gifts for two-year-olds, it can be difficult to decide. From dinosaur tees to days out with their baby buddies, a gift card is the perfect choice for the kid who’s always on the go.

1. Clothes

Where to get it: OshKoskB’Gosh, TJMaxx

Budget: $10-$50

By two, kids really know what they like – especially when it comes to what they wear. For the kid who knows what they want, a gift card from cute kids’ brand OshKoskB’Gosh is a great choice. From cool graphic tees and character shirts to durable overalls and joggers, there’s loads for them to choose from. Unique t-shirts start from around $5, so it’s an option that fits into any budget.

Bargain labels store TJMaxx might seem like an odd choice for a gift for a two-year-old, but there’s so much great kids clothing to choose from, including loads of fun dress up options. From full-on space suits to superhero capes and masks, you can find all kinds of fun stuff to really expand their imagination. With options from around $10, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make their day.

2. Play day

Where to get it: Boondocks Play Centers, Arizona Science Center

Budget: $20-$40

Sometimes the best thing you can give your kids is time, so a gift card for a family play day is the perfect gift for a two-year-old.

Is the tot in your life always exploring? Why not introduce them to new activities with a gift card for Boondocks Play Centers? With loads of family-friendly activities like bowling, mini golf and soft play, plus lots of places to eat and drink, you can make a whole day of it. Activities start at less than $10, so it’s great value too.

Kids learn best through play, so why not give them a play day that helps them build brain power too? The Arizona Science Center – voted Best Visitor Attraction in 2020 – has loads of hands-on activities to spark a child’s curiosity. Kids under three go free, but an adult ticket is just under $20, so why not fund a day out for the whole family?

3. Craft and art supplies

Where to get it: Barnes and Noble

Budget: $10-$30

What kid doesn’t love crafting (especially if there’s glitter involved)? Make their day with a gift card to stock up on all their favorite crafting materials.

Say Barnes & Noble and you probably think books. But they’re also well-stocked with stationery, art and craft supplies, so a gift card from here is the ideal gift for a two-year-old who loves to get creative. From coloring books for less than $10 and craft sets for around $20, you’re sure to find a gift any two-year-old would love.

4. Days out

Where to get it: Groupon

Budget: $10-$50

By the age of two, most kids have already collected a whole lot of ‘stuff’. So, instead of adding to the pile, why not treat them to an experience instead?

Not sure what kind of experience they’d prefer? Let mom and dad choose with a gift card for deals site Groupon. From day trips to wildlife parks to weekends away, there are always plenty of experience deals to choose from, and all at massively reduced prices. From days out for $15 to kids’ party packages for around $40, they’re sure to find something they love.

5. Educational toys

Where to get it: Buy Buy Baby, Macy’s

Budget: $20-$100

At two, kids are learning every second of every day. From language to math, motor skills to reasoning, there are so many great educational toys to spark a love of learning that will stay with them all their life.

A gift card to spend on an educational toy takes the pressure out of finding a gift for a two-year-old, as mom and dad can choose what they’re into right now. Superstore Buy Buy Baby has loads to choose from. From handheld toys from around $10 to toddler tablets for over $100, there’s an educational toy for them, whatever your budget.

Nothing keeps little kids quiet like a great jigsaw puzzle, and big-name Macy’s has them by the bucketload. Great for building spatial awareness, shape recognition and developing concentration, you can pick up a cute 36-piece puzzle in its own carrying bag for around $10.

6. Concert and theater tickets

Where to get it: Stubhub

Budget: $40-$75

Little kids love live events. The lights, the sounds, the atmosphere – it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before. So, why not treat them to an experience they’ll never forget with a gift card they can use to buy tickets.

Whether they’re big into Disney or love singing along with their favorite musicals, you’ll find an event through StubHub for them. With tickets for thousands of events at venues across the US, you can book for big-name shows like The Lion King and Mary Poppins, with prices for kids starting at around $40. Why buy a gift when you can buy an experience?

7. TV and movies

Where to get it: Netflix, Hulu

Budget: $10-$50

Sometimes snuggling up together with a great kids’ movie or cartoon is just what your family needs. Give them access to thousands of cool movies and shows, selected especially for kids.

Netflix has become a cultural phenomenon and that doesn’t look likely to change any time soon. A gift card for the world-famous streaming service is a great gift for a two-year-old – and their parents. With special settings for kids, plus loads of big-name movies and original series made just for tots, credit for Netflix gives them access to hours of entertainment.

When you want big-name movies like Frozen, Trolls and How to Train Your Dragon, you need a Hulu subscription. With dedicated kids’ content, parental controls and all the big TV and movie franchises they love, a gift card for Hulu gives them access to all kinds of adventures, right in their living room.

8. Disney magic

Where to get it: Disney

Budget: $20-$200

What kid doesn’t love Disney? A gift card can give them a splash of Mickey Mouse magic. Whether you’ve got $20 or $200 to spend, loading a card with Disney dollars is always a good idea.

Are they always pestering mom and dad for the latest Disney toy or dress-up set? A Disney gift card is valid in stores across the country so they can treat themselves to the items they love. With toys starting at around $10, you don’t have to break the bank to make their day.

9. Books

Where to get it: Barnes and Noble, Kohl’s

Budget: $10-$50

Books are such an important part of any kid’s development. Whether it’s a picture book to browse quietly on their own or a storybook full of fun and adventures to share at bedtime, you really can’t have enough of them. So, help the toddler in your life discover a lifelong love of learning with a gift card to stock their bookshelves. All from as little as $5 a book, they’re the ideal gift for a two-year-old.

Are they obsessed with animals? Dedicated to dinosaurs? Barnes and Noble has hundreds of age-appropriate educational books to feed their obsession. A Kohl’s gift card lets mom and dad pick up a new bargain every time they shop – perfect for kids who are constantly eyeing up the next thing.

10. Toys

Where to get it: Kroger, eBay

Budget: $5-$50

Toys are always a sure-fire favorite, especially if they get to choose them themselves. Whether they’re big into cars, love to build or need another stuffed animal to add to their growing collection, a gift card they can spend on toys gives them the freedom to choose.

With a gift card from the Kroger Family of Stores, you can keep tantrums at bay. Bargain toys like Hot Wheels cars start from a couple of bucks, while large construction sets will cost around $40.

Replacing old toys with brand new ones every few months isn’t just pricey, it’s bad for the planet. So, for the family who like to live a little greener, a gift card for online marketplace eBay could be a great choice. You can find loads of great quality new and used toys for a fraction of the retail price.

Don’t spend hours scouring the stores for the perfect gift for a two-year-old. With the Kroger Family of Stores, you can browse our full range of gift cards online today and get a gift sorted in minutes, whatever they like and whatever your budget.