Blazing a trail: 10 gift ideas for hikers

two people hiking on a woodland trail

For some people, nothing beats heading out into the great outdoors for a hiking adventure. Give them the gift of exploring the wilderness with our great ideas for gifts for hikers.


Where to get them: Foot Locker, Nordstrom Rack
Price range: $30-$160

Every hiker needs a reliable pair of hiking boots. A standard pair of low water-resistant hiking shoes will usually start at around $30. Big-name brands like Timberland and Adidas will have a higher price tag, with top of the range options reaching up to $160. You’ll usually pay more for more higher water-resistance and sturdiness.


Where to get it: Eddie Bauer, Cabela’s
Price range: $25-$350

Help the hiker in your life see where they’re going while still being able to enjoy the sunny views. A pair of sunglasses is a must for protecting their eyes from the sun as it peeks over the mountain tops. A basic pair of sunglasses from Eddie Bauer will start at $25, while pairs from designer brands like Oakley, or those with higher sun protection levels, can cost up to $200.

Trekking poles

Where to get it: L.L.Bean, REI
Price range: $30-$200

If your hiking friends or relatives love to push themselves to their limits, make sure they have all the tools they need to tackle any hike with a new pair of trekking poles. High-end collapsible poles made of carbon fiber materials will cost around $200 for a set of two. You can also buy single poles from around $30 or replacement tips for a trusty but worn pair from around $10 from REI.

Stainless steel water bottle

Where to get it: Target, Nordstrom
Price range: $5-$150

Hiking through woodland and mountain trails is thirsty work. Gift your loved one with a stainless-steel water bottle so they have enough for their adventure. The steel will help keep their water cooler for longer and will be more durable. Basic models start at under $10, while futuristic self-cleaning bottles can cost up to $150.

Handheld GPs

Where to get it: REI, Academy Sports + Outdoors
Price range: $50-$700

Even the most experienced hikers need a little guidance every now and then. A handheld GPS can help them find their way for around $100. Devices combining GPS with satellite communications can cost a more, ranging all the way up to $700. Academy Sports + Outdoors offer a range of Garmin devices, including GPS watches and handheld devices. With a gift card, you set the budget with the amount you want to contribute so they can splash out on whatever they want.

A new jacket

Where to get it: Under Armour, Columbia Sportswear
Price range: $20-$250

Make sure they can enjoy their favorite hike in any weather with a great protective sports jacket. Choose a nice fleece for warmth, a wind breaker for protection or a storm breaker to cover every potential forecast. Often, the tougher the material and the more weather types it’ll protect against, the more the jacket will cost.

Sleeping bag

Where to get it: Lowe’s, Kohl’s
Price range: $20-$150

Whether they’re stopping out overnight, or just want to watch the sun go down from their favorite spot on the trail, a sleeping bag is essential. Perfect for wrapping up warm, laying back and enjoying expansive sky views. The price will often depend on the features and size of your sleeping bag. Pick one with a fleece or temperature control lining, or a single or double bag depending on what they’re most likely to need.


Where to get it: L.L.Bean, Lowe’s
Price range: $15-$500

If they’re planning on spending the night in the wilderness, a tent is an absolute must. The price of a tent will usually go up depending on how many people it sleeps and what protective lining it has. The more space, the more money you’ll need. An emergency two-person tent will be the ultimate basic sleeping option, and costs around $15. If you want more space and a higher quality, waterproof material, the price could reach up to $500 with L.L.Bean.


Where to get it: Nordstrom, Cabela’s
Price range: $10-$300

Every hiker needs somewhere to keep all their essentials. That’s why a new backpack is a perfect gift for hikers. A lightweight material will help make sure they’re not weighed down by everything they need, meaning they won’t have to leave any essentials at home. Cabela’s Prestige range offers the perfect combination of space and weight, with 85L capacity backpacks available for around $300. A smaller, 2L backpack will cost around $10, and will be perfect for shorter trails.

Camera Tripod

Where to get it: Target, REI
Price range: $25-$350

Whether you’re up in the mountains or deep in the woodland, there are picture perfect views everywhere you look. Make sure they can capture every wonderful sight with a camera tripod. An extendable tripod will mean they can photograph any view, without taking up too much room in their backpack. A smaller tripod or one that extends will start at around $25, while ones with flexible legs that bend in all sorts of directions will cost more, starting at around $50.

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