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11 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

So you’re going to a baby shower and want to show the mom-to-be how excited you are for her? From clothing and toys for the baby to keepsakes, pamper packages and monitors, there are plenty of ways you can tell her you care.

Take a look at our top gift ideas for baby showers and find the right gift to treat the expecting parents.

1: Bath products

There’s no way around it - babies don’t stay clean for very long and need regular baths to stay soft and fresh. A fantastic baby shower gift card idea is to treat the new mama to luxurious products designed just for newborn skin. Head to a store like Bed Bath & Beyond or your local grocery store and you’ll likely find ranges of bath products gentle enough for baby skin.

2: Baby monitor

Whether this is their first baby or their fourth, a new baby monitor will keep the parents’ mind at ease when they settle their little one down. Help them invest in a state-of-the-art video and audio monitor with a gift card for specialist baby stores like buybuyBABY or deal websites like Groupon.

3: Hand-knitted clothing

If the expectant parents love crafting, they may want to create something special for their baby before they’re born. Hand-knitted clothing and blankets are special keepsakes that can be passed down. Knitting has boomed in popularity so you’ll find materials everywhere but head to your local Michaels and you’ll get all your crafting essentials.

4: Photo album

That first year of a child’s life is a magical time, yet it flashes by so quick. New parents are bound to be taking countless snaps to document their baby’s growth. However, these previous memories are often left on your cellphone or maybe a laptop (especially when you are still battling sleepless nights). Treat them to a gift card for Shutterfly so they can quickly and easily upload their snapshots and then create a beautiful photo album.

5: Journal

A journal is a wonderful way new parents can write down every milestone of pregnancy and getting to know their new baby. They’ll be able to flick back through their memories and smile at those special first months, which often pass in a blur. Staples sell an array of stationary, including journals, so they can pick one out when you give them a gift card at the baby shower.

6: Pregnancy candle

A touch of aromatherapy is an ideal way to reduce stress levels, which every pregnant woman should aim for. Great for the baby shower, gift cards for Yankee Candle means she can browse for her favorite scents and find something that helps her get into a state of Zen before going into labor.

7: Baby clothes

They’ll likely be gifted plenty of toys but what babies really need is clothes - lots of them. Help bulk out the closet with gift cards for children’s clothes stores. It means they can buy what they want, when they want. Babies grow so fast that new parents are often having to splash out on new outfits once. Stores like babyGap or even your local Kohl’s will be packed with clothes for children of all ages.

8: Diaper bag

Parents don’t need to sacrifice style for baby necessities. But it’s no secret that babies need a lot of stuff. Baby bags are a lot more stylish than they used to be and you can find something to suit everyone’s tastes. Get them a gift card for Honest, a popular lifestyle brand, or head to a baby specialist store to find something more budget friendly. There is an extensive range of baby must-haves, including trendy diaper bags with plenty of storage for everything a little one needs when heading out of the house.

9: Keepsake box

From special presents gifted by loved ones to the baby’s first lock of hair, a keepsake box is a special present for children and parents to store precious items and look through them when they grow up. Target has an extensive range of storage boxes, from the simple and sturdy to the pretty and stylish.

10: Quiet door closure

Every parent knows that awful feeling of spending hours soothing a baby to sleep only for the door to slam when leaving the room and wake the baby again. You can pick these up at your local hardware store, such as Lowes. The new parents will thank you, whether you’re building a baby shower gift bag or giving them a gift card so they can spend the funds how they want to.

11: Grocery order

Having a newborn to deal with is incredibly special but can also be overwhelming. Take some of the load off by sorting out groceries and meals for them. You can prepare them some meals for them to throw into their freezer for straight after the birth or offer to go to the store for them. You could also give them a Kroger gift card at the baby shower so they can pick up all their usual essentials and stock up with a range of baby food. Not to forget coffee, so they can stay awake after sleepless nights.

Send baby shower gift cards

If you’re not able to make it to the baby shower but still want to treat the mother-to-be, you can send them an eGift card instead. Digital gift cards are a great way to show you care and are excited for their journey into parenthood.

Send an eGift card via email and it will be delivered directly into their inbox. You can even choose which time and date you’d like them to receive it. Just add the amount and hit send, saving you the cost of postage.

Browse our full range of gift cards and find the perfect gift for a baby shower.