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8 practical gifts for new dads

Becoming a parent is a special experience in anyone’s life. It’s an amazing and important time for the new father, as well as for the new mother. Dads can benefit from gifts in all sorts of ways – whether it’s something that offers a helping hand to mom or an item that focuses on their new baby.

If your friend or family member has just become a new father for the first time, we’ve picked out some of the best practical gifts for new dads to help you give something truly useful. You can pick all of them up with a gift card from Kroger – and earn rewards and fuel points with every purchase.

1. Daddy and me outfits

Where to get it: Buy Buy Baby

Price range: $9 - $50

Matching baby and dad clothing items range in shape, size, and style, so it depends on what the dad in your life likes to wear. From matching, vests and t-shirts to baby grows and hoodies – the list is endless. Add names or choose between designs covering different hobbies that suit the new dad. You can really personalize daddy and me outfits, to make it perfect for the individual you know with options to meet all budgets.

2. A baby sling or carrier

Where to get it: Baby Gap

Price range: $10 - $230

New dads want to experience as much of fatherhood as they can right from the get-go. Baby slings make having their offspring close to them as they go on adventures, walks around the block, and even just helping with chores at home safe and convenient.

Again, baby slings or carriers vary in make, shape, look, material, size, and cost. That means there’s bound to be one that suits the new dad you know and his lifestyle.

3. A pocket blanket

Where to get it: Target

Price range: $20-$30
If you’re out and about with a new baby and realize you’ve forgotten something (easy to do for busy new parents) a pocket blanket that fits in your coat can be a lifesaver. It helps with all manner of emergencies.

From diaper changes on the go when a restroom isn’t available, being caught short without spare clothes, to emergency protection from the weather – it’s a multi-purpose solution for all sorts of situations. This is a simple yet effective new dad gift.

4. A coffee subscription

Where to get it: Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks

Price range: From $9 a month

Yup, new dads are in from some long, tiring days and nights. Pretty much all babies wake up in the night, whether for a few minutes or hours. A caffeine kick is a new dad must-have to help the father through the day.

As the new family you know finds their routine and way through first-time parenthood, a subscription for great-tasting coffee will be greatly appreciated. It could be the thing that keeps him company during long nights and provides a boost when morning comes.

5. A dad bag

Where to get it: Buy Buy Baby, Baby Gap

Price range: $50 - $150

The new dad you are buying for might be perfectly happy using the same changing bag as mom. But it’s a thoughtful idea to arm any new dad with a flexible and versatile bag of his own.

You can get a bag that suits your new dad, his style, and lifestyle, while also helping him learn about all the things he needs for the baby every time he takes them out. This will help him get organized and in control of trips and outings with his special little one.

6. Something to read and learn

Where to get it: Barnes & Noble

Price range: $89.99 - $249.99

Dads want to learn about fatherhood, understand what to expect and how to navigate the challenges they’ll face. Why not arm your dad with a lightweight e-reader or Kindle that he can take anywhere with essential information in the palm of his hand?

Whether he wants to read about feeding and colic, to discovering baby sensory activities, or just reading a novel to relax, it’s a great new dad gift.

7. A handy clip keychain

Where to get it: Kohl’s

Price range: $7.99 - $50

Arm your new dad with a simple way to access the essentials. With a clip keychain, he can attach vital accessories to his changing bag or clothing for instant access.

Carry keys, a baby bottle, a diaper bag, or the baby’s favorite toy or comforter on the outside without the stress of having to root around in a bag when the baby is upset. Clip keychains vary in price, style, and strength and you can personalize them.

8. A cool keepsake organizer

Where to get it: eBay

Price range: $30-$60

First-time dads are starting the journey of a lifetime. They’ll make some truly beautiful memories with their little ones. And there are so many ways to mark experiences, milestones, and memories.

One of the best ways is with a personalized keepsake organizer. It protects and saves keepsakes from kids' sonograms and artwork to important household documents.

Send gifts for new dads

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Whether you choose a present for him or decide to load a gift card with an amount that suits your budget so he can choose his own gift, Kroger has something for everyone.