8 gifts to charm your neighbors

smiling neighbors exchange gift at door

Whether you are looking to welcome new neighbors to your area, support your friends through life’s milestones or just celebrate the holidays, we have eight gift ideas for those you live nearest to, which will make you the most popular neighbor on the block.

1.For a helpful neighbor

Where to get it: Olive Garden, Applebees, Happy to Say Thanks eGift
Price range: $5-$75

Say thank you to a neighbor who has done a favor for you, they deserve to feel appreciated. Whether they watered your garden while you were on vacation or walked your dog, there is no need to wonder what to give a neighbor as a thank you gift.
A gift card to their favorite restaurant like Olive Garden or Applebee’s allows them to take a night off cooking. Or, why not choose the Happy to Say Thanks eGift to show them you really appreciate them? This gift card is redeemable online, and they can choose from fantastic stores like Lowe’s, Ulta Beauty and Fanatics so they can buy something they really love.

2. A welcome gift

Where to get it: Starbucks, West Elm, Pottery Barn
Price range: $15-$50

Baked goods are a great housewarming gift but welcoming your new neighbors to your area with a gift card is even better.
We all know moving to a new house can be hard work so why not give them a Starbucks gift card so they can grab a cup of Joe to fuel the endless unpacking. Or, a gift card to an interiors store such as West Elm or Pottery Barn is a more long-lasting gesture. It gives them the freedom to choose an item that matches their style or purchase something they need for their new home.

3. A Christmas present

Where to get it: Bloomingdales, Happy Holidays eGift
Price range: $25-$500

Bring some joy to your neighbors these holidays. It can be tricky to think of appropriate gifts for neighbors, however, no matter their age or interests you can be sure to get them a gift card that gives them a huge range of options.
The Happy Holidays eGift card for instance allows your neighbors to choose whether they dine out, go shopping or even book a day out. You don’t need to know them well to get a knock-out gift. A gift card for Bloomingdales can be a fantastic option, with the department store stocking just about everything.

4. An Easter treat

Where to get it: Target, Rocky Mountain Apples
Price range: $10-$50

Everyone loves chocolate and there is no better time of year to indulge than at Easter. If you are arranging an Easter egg hunt around your neighborhood, why not hide a gift card within an egg as the prize?
You can even purchase a gift card to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, if you haven’t had enough candy! Or, if you are just looking to give your neighbor an Easter gift, a Target gift card can make a great option. They can spend it on art supplies for crafts, gardening items for the spring or even some new clothes to update their wardrobe for the new season.

5. A Halloween gift for young neighbors

Where to get it: Kohl’s, Target
Price range: $25-$30

At the spookiest time of the year, a gift card to Kohls or Target could make a great treat for your friends next door. These stores stock some fantastic Halloween costumes, decorations and a great range of candy, which will make trick or treating in your neighborhood the talk of the town. Whether you are throwing a Halloween party or just going trick or treating, a gift card could make the best treat for the little neighborhood ghouls this holiday.

6. A Thanksgiving gesture

Where to get it: Bath and Body Works, Kroger Thanksgiving Gift Card
Price range: $5-$500

Thanksgiving is the holiday to reflect on those things we are grateful for. Make sure you show your neighbors just how much you appreciate them. With a Thanksgiving gift card, they can choose from a huge selection of locations in the Kroger Family of Stores to find everything they need for the big meal.
A turkey and all the fixings can be expensive so this would be a super thoughtful gift for neighbors. Alternatively, a Bath and Body Works gift card is a great option - who wouldn’t love some festive pumpkin spice scents to fill their home with seasonal cheer?

7. A Birthday gift

Where to get it: Nordstrom, Cheesecake Factory, Apple
Price range: $10-$500

A surefire way to charm your neighbors old and young is to give them a birthday gift. Treat them to a sweet treat to celebrate with a Cheesecake Factory gift card – you’ll soon be their favorite neighbor.
An Apple gift card can be a fantastic present for music lovers, you can also buy movies with them. Or, with a Nordstrom gift card, they’ll be sure to find something on a clothes shopping spree. With these great options you can be sure to find something for every taste.

8. For the retiring neighbor

Where to get it:, eBay
Price range: $15-$150

Maybe your neighbor is planning a wildly adventurous retirement or is excited about taking up some hobbies closer to home? A gift card can be a fantastic way to help them celebrate the start of their retirement.
A gift card could be a great option if they are looking to explore or just fancy a relaxing break. For those looking to get busy around the house and garden, a Lowe’s gift card would allow them to pick up all the equipment they might need or an eBay gift card is really the gift of choice. Those wanting to make the most of their newfound freedom and read more books or listen to more music can hunt it down on eBay.


At the Kroger Family of Stores, we have a wide variety of gift cards to suit any interests. Browse our full gift card range online today to find even more great gift ideas for neighbors that are sure to make you the most popular on your block.