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8 Best Gift Ideas for Homeowners

Moving to a new home is a big occasion and one that deserves celebration. We’ve put together our top eight gift ideas so you can feel inspired to find the perfect present for new homeowners. Whether they’re first-time buyers, retirement settlers, or serial movers, we guarantee that they’ll love these gift ideas.

1. Cheeseboard

Get it from: Macy’s, Kohl’s

Price range: $12- $300

If you’re looking for a gift for a cheese lover, what could be better than their own cheeseboard for hosting parties in their new home? Equip the new homeowners with serving ware for a delicious cheeseboard to show off to their friends and family at their next wine and cheese night. Macy’s hosts an impressive array of styles, from personalized wooden boards to sleek marble finishes.

2. Gardening kit

Get it from: Target, Wayfair

Price range: $18-$20

If the new homeowner is lucky enough to have a garden, awaken their green thumb with a gardening kit! Whether they are pro-gardeners, or just starting their green adventure, Target has a range of kits with all the basic equipment they will need to feel confident to tackle their new garden.

3. Hand and bath towels

Get it from: Bloomingdale’s, Pottery Barn

Price range: $16- $69

There is something so luxurious about new towels. Fresh, fluffy towels are a well-earned treat for any new homeowner. Browse the luxurious selection from Bloomingdale’s for matching hand and bath towels, to instantly elevate bathroom décor and add a touch of luxury to everyday life.

4. Photo frames

Get it from: Wayfair, Michaels

Price range: $10- $500

A collection of photo frames is the perfect way to decorate a new home with treasured memories, as well as create space to display new ones. Choose between a variety of colors and styles to suit their home décor. After all, a home is not complete without a family portrait.

5. Coffee machine

Get it from: Kohl’s, Target

Price range: $15- $1,300

This one is for the coffee lovers! A housewarming gift card to Kohl’s or Target could make their dreams of waking up to the sweet aroma of freshly-ground coffee come true. Choose from a simple filter machine or go all out with a sleek and sophisticated espresso maker.

6. Scented candles

Get it from: Yankee Candle, Bed, Bath and Beyond

Price range: $2- $55

A paradise for candle lovers. Allow them to unwind after a long day of moving in with a delicious candle aroma. Yankee Candle has a range of scents, from ‘Sweet and Spicy,’ perfect for cozy autumnal evenings, to ‘Sweet Frosting,’ which will make their new home instantly smell like home baking.

7. Champagne flutes

Get it from: Bloomingdale’s, Wayfair

Price range: $10- $500

Every new homeowner needs a set of champagne flutes, not only to toast themselves on the success of their move, but for their obligatory housewarming party! A Bloomingdale’s housewarming gift card will allow your new homeowners to choose from simple and delicate designs to crystal-studded stems to match their décor.

8. Cozy blanket

Get it from: Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s

Price range: $10- $494

There’s no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a blanket at the end of a long day – your new homeowners will thank you when they snuggle up on their sofa. Choose between a knitted throw or a luxurious plush blanket – there are styles for every interior at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Too many choices? Buying a gift for someone else’s home can be daunting, but a housewarming gift card from Kroger takes the stress away. A gift card allows the new homeowners the freedom to choose a gift that will perfectly suit their new home – so you can sit back and relax knowing they will find something special. Be it luxury homeware from Bloomingdale’s or a meal out at their favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden – Kroger has a gift card for everyone.

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