7 super gift ideas for your sister

Two little sisters run on the road in park on a sunny summer day. Cute little girls.

Whether she’s older or younger, chances are your sister is also your best friend. After all, who else gives the best advice, lets you raid her stuff and always has your back no matter what?
To show just how much you appreciate her, we’ve got gift ideas for sisters to suit all budgets and personalities.

1. Spa day

Where to organize one: Spafinder, Elements Massage
Price range: $30 to $250

Nothing says ‘thanks for always being there’ like a relaxing afternoon at a spa.
A single treatment, such as a facial or manicure, will cost around $30. A full day of spa activities can be a few hundred bucks for the two of you – meaning you get to enjoy her treat, too.
Spafinder has regular offers, promotions and reviews for wellness retreats across the nation, while Elements Massage lets you design a personalized massage package.

2. Outdoor adventure

Where to find one: Groupon, Go Play Golf
Price range: $15 to $150

If your sister isn’t one to sit still, an afternoon activity outdoors can be a great way to spend quality time together and get a little competitive.
She can practice her swing at Go Play Golf, which has more than 5,000 locations across the US. Just load a gift card with your chosen amount for her to use on lessons, merchandise or courses.
Groupon has thousands of deals on activities, including whitewater adventures ($70), skydiving ($50) and horseback riding ($60).

3. Music

Where to get it: Guitar Center, Spotify
Price range: $10 to $200
Whether she loves creating her own tunes, or singing out loud to her favorite songs, music is a great way to bring you and your sister closer together.
Get her on the road to musical stardom with her own recording gear, from high-tech headphones ($50) to mic stands ($20) and tuners ($30).
Spotify Premium is $9.99 a month and will give her access to all her favorite tunes. You could even create your own playlist just for her.

4. Books

Where to get them: Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes
Price range: $5 to $30

This gift idea for your sister may take a little detective work to figure out what genre she likes best.
If you have similar tastes, great. Get her a book you enjoyed and start your own mini book-club. If not, consider her personal tastes.
If she’s not much of a sit-down reader, an Apple iTunes gift card will allow her to access a wide variety of podcasts, as well as her favorite authors and artists.

5. Candles

Where to get them: Yankee Candle, Macy’s
Price range: $5 to $40

Help her wind down after a long day with a relaxing and refreshing candle.
With Yankee Candle, you can create an extra special gift by making your own candle, just for her, for around $35. Select the jar and scent, then personalize with an image of you both and a heartfelt message.
If she has a signature scent, candles from the likes of Jo Malone ($36), Wavertree & London ($35) and The Cottage Greenhouse ($35) are a guaranteed win.

6. Sweet treats

Where to get them: Wicked Good Cupcakes, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Price range: $10 to $60

Whatever the occasion, a sweet treat will always put a smile on her face.
Wicked Good Cupcakes is known for their delicious cupcakes in a jar, and even do birthday boxes from $27.95 – filled with your choice of cupcake or pie jars, plus candles and festive party favors.
For that chocoholic sister, Rocky Mountain has birthday boxes and gift baskets from $15.95, as well as fudge, licorice and caramel apples.

7. Scrapbook album

Where to get it: Shutterfly, Michaels
Price range: $10 to $40

A scrapbook album can be a fantastic gift that she’ll treasure for years to come, costing around $10 to $20. Then the art supplies and photos are only a couple of dollars each.
But its real value comes from you – putting it all together. It’s one of the lowest-cost gifts going, but can be priceless.

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