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5 Gift Ideas for Your Son

Finding gifts for a son is a challenge that all parents face. Each one is unique and their pastimes, interests, and hobbies can vary greatly. Gifts for an adult son will of course differ from what a young son would like.

There are several categories you can consider though — such as sports and car-related gifts, personalized gifts, and unique gifts for grown sons.

Many parents are also on the lookout for birthday ideas and Christmas gifts for their sons. Whether he is sporty, into technology, or has refined tastes — the best gifts are always out there, and Kroger can help.

Below are five great ideas for parents looking for presents for their sons.

1. An air hockey table

‘What should I get my son for Christmas’ is a common question around the holidays.

When the snow flies and the chill hits the air, hockey is a great source of entertainment. But instead of bundling up and lacing on skates outside, why not play air hockey indoors instead?

An air hockey table is one of the best Christmas gifts and it makes a great birthday present too. It’s also a handy gift for an adult son because it makes them feel like a kid again. It provides endless hours of faced paced one-on-one action.

Buy them a Sportsman’s Warehouse gift card and let the hockey fun begin.

2. A personalized whiskey decanter set

Engraved gifts for a son are an excellent idea, and one of the most eye-catching is a personalized whiskey decanter set.

These elegant products include a decanter to store the drink of choice, plus stylish glasses to share. If you’re looking for a sophisticated gift or a present for an adult son's birthday then this set is hard to beat.

The personalized engraving also makes it one of the most sentimental gifts a parent can give. If you’ve ever asked yourself where to find personalized gifts, look no further than this option from the likes of Macy’s.

3. A vacation
Time away to relax, unwind or experience new places simply can’t be beaten. Vacations are flexible, exciting, and often exotic. They are always memorable and create stories that last a lifetime.

They’re great gifts for anyone, sons included, and one of the best personalized presents ever. And if you live someplace with ice and snow, vacations also make badass Christmas gifts.

If you’re wondering what to get your son for Christmas, don’t ask yourself what, ask yourself where. Get their vacation off to the optimum start with a travel gift card.

4. A new phone

Mobile phones are an inescapable part of modern life, with new models emerging all the time. If you’re wondering what to give your son, perhaps you should consider the gift of communication.

A phone makes a great Christmas gift. It’s a flashy showpiece, it opens a world of connectivity, and it’s a great way to start a new year.

Better still, when packaged with accessories and/or a calling plan it can become a set of birthday gifts. These packages also make ideal gift ideas for adult children — especially ones headed off to college.

Explore related phone deals with the likes of Apple and Boost Mobile.

5. New cologne

If you are looking for gift ideas that you can enjoy too, cologne is a sweet option. Giving perfume is a timely way to display your affection and care.

It is easily one of the best gifts for a son from a mom, and it is the gift that keeps on giving — everyone will enjoy being around him. And if you’re wondering what to get a son for Christmas — nothing beats the sweet smell of success around the holidays.

Give your son a Bath & Body Works gift card, or one from Ulta Beauty, to get them smelling their best.

Send gifts for sons

If you’re still wondering what to get your son for the holidays, or his birthday — you are not alone.

Special gifts for a son are important. Every son is unique, and heartfelt, meaningful gifts — especially birthday presents for those already grown-up — can be challenging to find. Fortunately, this is just a small sampling of the many amazing gifts available with Kroger gift cards.

Be sure to explore the gift card mall for more meaningful gifts for your son. There are hundreds of cards to fit any budget and are featured in distinct categories; offering an even larger selection from dozens of retailers and restaurants.