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25 Best Easter Gift Ideas

Easter biscuits with colourful icing designs

After a cold and dark winter, Easter marks the coming of spring! It’s a great time to get loved ones a nice gift, especially in 2021. There’s a huge variety of presents you can buy someone, and don’t feel like you’re limited to Easter bunny-themed gifts – although they are a great idea too!

What are good Easter gifts?

1. Washable sidewalk chalk

Kids can get bright and bold and let their young imaginations run wild with these vibrant colored chalks. They wash clean from driveways and sidewalks without leaving a mark. Perfect for your little artists and ideal for bringing color to classic games like hopscotch and tic-tac-toe. Barnes & Noble and Target both have plenty of variety.

2. Gardening tools

Spring at last! And that means that our gardens are finally coming back to life. So it’s the ideal time to buy someone you love new tools. From hedge trimmers to leaf blowers, weedkiller to chainsaws, we’ve all you need for the great outdoors. Find some at Lowes or eBay.

3. A plush toy

Little ones just love squishy plush toys so you can’t go wrong with Kroger. There are giant bears to cuddle up close to when it’s bedtime, fluffy dogs to take on pretend walks and characters from their favorite films and TV shows. Disney and Pottery Barn Kids have plenty to choose from.

4. Rabbit-shaped soap

Are you all ears to the idea of fun-shaped soap? It’s the perfect time of year for rabbit-shaped soap. This is such a cute gift idea that children will adore this Easter. And the young at heart will love it too.

5. Easter or Spring themed picture books

Children go hopping mad for the Easter bunny, and there’s plenty of Easter-themed picture books out there. Cute and colorful, lavishly illustrated books bring the excitement of spring and Easter to life. Great for winding down on a spring evening. Browse some at Barnes & Noble and Target.

6. Refresh beauty products

As the year springs into action, it’s a great time to buy someone new beauty products. Bath & Body Works and Ulta Beauty give you the latest in makeup tools and brushes, eyeshadow, creams, hair care and sunscreen, which will be loved by anyone wanting to refresh their look.

7. Bunny-shaped ring holder

Novelty jewelry ring holders are a fun way to look after beloved keepsakes. And a bunny-shaped holder is not only timely, it’s extra useful. Slide rings on either ear and you’ve got something to smile about when you go looking for jewelry to fit the occasion. Find yours with eBay and Pottery Barn gift cards.

8. Floral print tie

One timely gift idea for the season will really make someone stand out from the crowd. Enter Easter 2021 with a bang. J Crew and Old Navy have bold but not brash shirts and ties that will look great once parties are back in full swing this year.

9. Homemade Easter sugar cookies

It’s the ideal time of year for yummy sugar cookies. Browse your local Kroger Family of Stores or grab a gift card for Target to get started. Pale tones, decorative designs and the variety available go hand-in-hand with Easter eggs, bunnies and tiny chicks.

10. Paints

Children have and always will love to be able to splash color all over with paints. Give your budding artists a spring treat with a collection of bright and beautiful shades from eBay or the Kroger Family of Stores. Perfect for making a mess or a masterpiece on paper or canvas.

11. Chocolate gifts

Everyone knows Easter is the time to enjoy delicious chocolate treats. Give children Easter eggs or a chocolate bunny. Treat loved ones to a box of luxury candy. From the best-known brands to handmade labors of love by boutique makers, we’ve got it covered. Browse Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory.

12. Grocery gift card

A grocery gift card is always welcome for weekly shopping. Whether used for food, homecare, fashion items or gardening equipment, everyone loves a chance to save their money so they can spend it elsewhere. Be it the biggest chains or small outlets, grocery gift cards offer something for everyone.

13. Easter decorations

Christmas isn’t the only time of year to add sparkle to your home. As the world springs into color, why not decorate the house similarly? There are so many ways to do so with ceramics, paper mache, embellishments, artificial flowers. Spring garlands, wreaths, Easter trees. The choice is endless.

14. Craft sets

Keeping kids busy when cooped up inside has never been needed as much as of late. Craft sets are a really useful tool for passing the time in creative ways. Teach your children to sew, have them craft with pom poms and beads. A whole world of fun awaits. Keep an eye out at your local craft or grocery store to grab a bargain!

15. A spring blanket

As the world hopefully begins to return to normal, this spring is going to really be one worth savoring. And one of the main reasons will be the chance to have a picnic in the sun. You’ll need a spring blanket to spread out and enjoy catching up with friends on.

16. Easter/bunny themed clothes

Could there be anything cuter than dressing up babies and children in Easter or spring-themed outfits? Babies in rabbit sleepsuits, little boys and girls with bunnies adorning jumpers and t-shirts. Stores like the Children’s Place and Baby Gap are stocked with adorable outfits to spark an Easter photoshoot.

17. Floral tote bag

Help someone to keep their belongings safe and sound with a floral tote bag that will brighten up the atmosphere wherever they go. Combining form and function, these bags can be awash with pretty spring-like pastel colors and patterns to make someone the envy of fellow shoppers.

18. Personalized Easter basket

Children will simply adore Easter baskets chock full of goodies such as yummy candy, chocolate eggs and a whole host of treats. Build your own with supplies from online retailer eBay or head to your local Target. They’ll love their basket even more if they see their names emblazoned across the front with a cute Easter image. So pretty, you may even want one with your own name on it.

19. Self-care set

Show someone you care by giving them the opportunity to really pamper themselves. Candles, bath bombs, lotions and oils are always a treat and a collection of top self-care products allow loved ones to stretch out and relax after a hard day. Browse Sally Beauty and Regis Salon.

20. Coloring sets

Whether you choose wax crayons, colored pencils, felt tips or all these and more, a coloring set is a great way to keep kids busy and developing their artistic skills. There are endless choices of cases, packs and boxes of colors to choose from at Target, Barnes & Noble or even your local grocery store. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

21. Spring-scented candle

Here’s an idea that’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Why not fill someone’s room with the sweet smell of spring? Fragrances of patchouli, chamomile, cedarwood and so many more bring to mind lighter nights, fresh meadows and the world coming to life once more. Browse Yankee Candle.

22. Egg poacher

Of course, Easter is a very appropriate time to buy anything egg-themed. Poaching eggs the traditional way can be difficult. And with lives busier than ever, who has the time? Thankfully there are egg poaching products to help, including poaching pouches, pods and pans. Stores like the Kroger Family of Stores, Target and Pottery Barn will be stocked with egg-related gifts.

23. Floral mug

Add a splash of color to someone’s coffee break with some very timely springlike designs. Each time they take a drink they’ll love catching a look at the pretty peonies, roses and poppies on display across their mugs. Try Pottery Barn for some lovely Easter gift ideas to show someone you care.

24. Spoon rest with spring theme

Brighten up someone’s day (and their kitchen too) with a beautiful spoon rest that’s cutely adorned with a happy spring theme. Bright colors or flowery patterns would look super in the home and whether rain or shine, the feeling of spring will be around them. You’ll find these all over the likes of Target and the Kroger Family of Stores as we approach spring.

25. Mini frying pan

Tis the season to be making pancakes or cooking eggs. So a mini frying pan will really go down a treat this spring. Go for traditional plain black or something a little more colorful to brighten up the kitchen while you’re busy cooking up a storm. You’ll find some bargains at eBay and Target.

Send Easter gift cards

As you can see, Easter can and should be celebrated as much as Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s a time to celebrate spring and life bursting out once more. And this year, that matters more than ever.

You may be thinking of treating your children or impressing your partner with something they’ll treasure. Or you might want to give a parent something to decorate their home. Whatever the reason, a gift card from Kroger will make this spring all the more special.

Browse Kroger’s comprehensive list of Easter gift cards for all your spring and holiday ideas.