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Wanderlust: 21 Best gift ideas for travelers

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When they spend all their time on planes, trains and automobiles, it can be tough to find a great gift for the traveler in your life. But with a bit of imagination, you can treat them to a few little luxuries that will remind them of you, wherever they are in the world.

Here are our 21 top tips for gift ideas for travelers, so you can treat that adventurous person in your life with a gift they’ll treasure forever.

The best travel gift ideas

1. The chance to fly away

They say all you need to find adventure is a passport and some imagination. But an airplane ticket certainly helps too, and there’s no better travel gift idea than to give them the chance to take off in style. Lots of major airlines like Delta and Southwest Airlines offer gift cards for travelers, so why not give one and help them jet off on their next adventure?

2. Somewhere to stay

If they’re on a budget, travelers will most likely be looking for cheap places to stay. Give them the chance to live the life of luxury for less with a gift that allows them to relax in a fantastic hotel while they’re away. A hotel gift card is a great gift for someone who lives to travel, allowing them to book somewhere they’ll love. Make their stay one they won’t forget.

3. A good pair of boots

If they love getting off the beaten track, a quality pair of boots is the perfect gift. From trail hiking to mountaineering, the right boots for the job can make a big difference. Treat them to a new pair from REI, where you can let them choose the perfect hiking kit for their next venture into the great outdoors.

4. A decent book

Whether they need a detailed guidebook to plan their trip, or a stack of the latest fiction to read by the pool, a gift card for a bookstore is a great gift choice for a traveler who already has everything they need. Treat them to the latest thriller at Barnes & Noble, or let them choose an engrossing adventure to go hand in hand with their own.

5. Admission to a top attraction

Any vacation is made by the experiences you have while you’re there. Make sure you give the perfect gift for a traveler with tickets to some of the most breathtaking attractions at their destination. From Disney to Detroit Zoo, attraction gift cards let you pay for their ticket for them, or even fund a spending spree in the gift shop.


6. A camera

Did you even go on vacation if you haven’t got a stack of pictures to show your friends when you get home? Help them capture their memories with a brand new, state-of-the-art camera. Stores like Macy’s stock everything from tiny digital cameras to professional quality DSLRs to allow them to document every moment of that memorable trip.

7. A helping hand with their car

If they’re longing to take a road trip but their car needs some TLC, why not help them get back on the road and off on their adventure? If they know what they’re doing under the hood, help them get some parts, or if they need professional assistance, a Visa or Mastercard gift card will help them cover the mechanic’s bill anywhere debit cards are accepted.

8. A sturdy suitcase

Every jet setter needs a stylish suitcase to wheel behind them through the airport, as well as one which will stand up to a long and bumpy journey. A sturdy suitcase is the perfect gift for the frequent flyer in your life. Treat them to a new luggage set from department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, which offers plenty of styles to choose from.

9. A cool pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are just as important as SPF if you’re heading somewhere hot, protecting you from the sun as well as helping you look super cool. Kit them out with a fashionable pair of shades to take in their luggage for a travel gift they’ll use time and time again. Carrying brands like Ray Ban and Ralph Lauren, Sunglass Hut is a great place to start.


10. A winter coat

If the traveler in your life prefers snow to surf, they’re going to need the right kit to keep them cozy when the temperature drops. A winter coat is the perfect gift, whether they’re heading off for a European city break or a trip to the mountains. Try a gift card for a department store like JC Penney for the best choice.

11. Energizing face wash

After a day at the beach, they’re going to want to wash up to get rid of all the sand, salt and sunscreen. An energizing face wash is the perfect travel gift they can use after a day in the sun, and stores like Ulta Beauty stock a wide range to suit every skin type and budget.

12. A flask

When you’re on an adventure, it’s important to stay hydrated. A flask is the ideal gift for the outdoor lover in your life, and Williams Sonoma carries a great range to choose from. They can choose from flasks to keep their coffee hot or one that helps them carry a stash of their favorite liquor. For emergencies only, of course.

13. The right sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must to keep travelers safe if they’re heading somewhere hot, so why not hook them up with a gift of sunscreen to help them enjoy the rays without the risk? Ulta stocks a range of brands and SPFs, so it’s the perfect place to stock up on skin protection ahead of their next big trip.

14. A flashlight

If they’re a happy camper who loves heading off into the wilderness on their own, a good flashlight is a must for any backpack, and the perfect travel gift idea. Whether they prefer a sturdy model for moonlight errands or a softer light for late night reading, Lowe’s will help them find their perfect camping kit.

15. A coffee grinder

If you know a traveler who can’t be without their caffeine fix, make sure they never wake up without their favorite blend on their travels with a portable coffee grinder. From old-school crank handle designs to state-of-the-art electric powered versions, choose from some stylish, travel-friendly options at Wayfair.

16. A watch

For anyone jet setting across the globe, time is of the essence. Whether they’ve got a train to catch or a dinner reservation at that hard-to-book restaurant in a busy city, make sure they’re never late again with the perfect travel watch from Kohl’s. Choose from a wide range, from formal dress watches for nights out, to high performance sports gear for when they head out into the wild.

17. The right backpack

For anyone heading out into the wild, few things are more essential than a spacious, sturdy backpack. Whether they need a comfy day pack for trips out or a quality hiker’s pack when they’re heading into the outdoors, let them select the perfect gift for their travels from Cabela’s, where they can choose from a range of styles and colors.

18. A portable charger

There’s nothing worse than being on a long journey, only for the battery on your phone to run out, leaving you out of touch and without access to Spotify. Make sure the traveler in your life never runs out of juice again with a gift of a portable charger from eBay, where they can find the perfect power bank for them.

19. A wallet

Wherever in the world you travel, keeping cards and cash safe is important. Treat them to a new wallet they can conceal beneath their clothes to aid their security, or a wallet with room for all their travel cards, their passport and more from LL Bean, the perfect gift for any traveler.

20. A travel journal

Travel journals are a great way to ensure the moments they live on their travels will stay fresh in their mind forever. People who love to travel can keep memories of their trip alive with keepsakes like tickets, postcards and photos. And with a stylish journal from Staples, they’ll be able to document it all in one handy place.

21. The best travel pillow

Long flights, delays and layovers can make getting enough sleep on your travels tough. But if you’ve got a quality travel pillow, you can take a nap anywhere. Treat them to a life of luxury when they’re jetting off with a comfy cushion from Bed Bath & Beyond to help them arrive refreshed and raring to go.


Send traveler gift cards

Whether they love quiet weekend breaks, adore active vacations in the mountains, or enjoy a bit of lazy luxury by the ocean, gift cards give the option to find the perfect gifts for travelers.

Whatever the occasion, and whatever your budget, finding presents for people who travel has never been easier. And who knows, they might love your gift so much they take you with them next time! Help the traveler in your life set off on their next big adventure with a gift card from Kroger.

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