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13 Best Gift Ideas for Kids

Shopping for children can be a minefield. While there are millions of gift ideas for children, the fact is that a lot of presents end up gathering dust in a closet for years. This handy guide

has useful and entertaining gifts that children won’t get bored with and can make use of time and time again.


With Kroger gift cards for kids, you can direct their spending while still giving them the thrill of having their own money and making their own selections.

1. Art kit

Get the creative juices flowing with a gift card for kids who like to draw, and give your children something they will enjoy for years to come. Most kids love to draw – let them experiment with new materials and media to see them develop their skills and have a great time doing it.


2. Fun bedding and pillows

Most children resist bedtime as they fear missing out on any excitement that might be happening without them. By giving them a gift card for bedding and pillows, you can help take some of the challenge of bedtime away. Kids who have had the opportunity to make their bed look and feel great will be more willing to snuggle up in it at night – especially if they get story time with Mom and Dad into the deal!

3. Movie night

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up together as a family and watching a movie, especially in the colder months of fall and winter. With a movie gift card, the kids can choose their favorite films while you get the popcorn going! For added excitement, invest in a projector and screen and have an outdoor movie night.

4. A shopping spree

Taking the kids on a shopping spree is a great family bonding experience. With retail gift cards, the children can also experience the excitement of being able to choose and pay for their own selections without having to ask Mom or Dad. Make a day of it by stopping somewhere fun for lunch and then have a fashion show when you return home.

5. Apps and music downloads

In our increasingly digital world, children are spending more time online than ever before. For one of the most appreciated gift card ideas for kids, give them something that lets them download new apps and music, and experience a gift that keeps on giving. Even when they’ve spent their balance, they will still be able to enjoy their purchases for many years to come.

6. A baking kit

Baking is an activity that children of any age can enjoy. Enhance your kids’ creativity and spend some quality time with them with gift cards for kids who love to cook. The children will enjoy learning how to prepare their favorite dishes and learn valuable life skills that they’ll use for years to come.

7. Concert tickets

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of anticipation that travels through a crowd at a concert just before the band comes on stage, or the mutual appreciation of that crowd as their favorite songs are played. With a gift of concert tickets, you can give your child an experience that will make memories to last a lifetime.

8. Books

There’s no doubt children who enjoy reading are more likely to develop strong cognitive skills, learn faster and be more empathetic with their peers. Encouraging a love of books from a young age can provide children with myriad benefits throughout their lives – they will never be alone if they have a good book. With a Kroger gift card, your child can experience the excitement of choosing their own next great read.

9. Gaming

We may limit screen time for children but that does not mean all screen time is bad. Studies have shown that this fun activity can also help boost brain power, develop problem-solving capability, improve visual-spatial skills and promote creativity in children. A Kroger gaming gift card lets your child explore through play. This is one of the best gift card ideas for kids with autism, as video gaming can help them develop their social connections and skills.

10. A musical instrument

The benefits of learning how to play a musical instrument are enormous for children. Not only do they get to experience the joy of music and the pride of creating something – they will also develop cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, enhanced memory, discipline and much more. Kroger gift cards for kids who love music could well spark a lifelong passion.

11. Audiobooks

Audiobooks can be a great way to get children into reading, or to listen to books while on the go. With an audiobook gift card, your child can be immersed in their favorite stories wherever they are. Audiobooks can also aid comprehension for children with learning difficulties, so these can be a great gift for kids with autism or other conditions.

12. Digital camera

A digital camera is a useful learning tool for children that is also fun and exciting to use. Practicing with a digital camera helps children hone their story-telling skills, expand their vocabulary and enrich their scientific investigations of the world around them. It can also give parents better insight into their child’s perspective and create opportunities for conversation.

13. Sweets

All kids love the occasional sweet treat. With Kroger gift cards, you can treat them to dessert heaven at their favorite outlets. Whether it’s a trip to the mall with friends or a special treat for family day, kids will love having their own money to spend on cakes and candy.

Send kid gift cards

The selection of gift cards for kids from Kroger opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to birthdays, holidays and other events. Send a child a gift card today and give them the exciting experience of shopping for themselves, while providing a little guidance as to the types of purchases they can make. Gift cards can be used to encourage reading, fund a favorite hobby or simply provide a well-earned treat at any time.


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