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13 Best Gift Ideas for Coworkers

We spend most of our waking hours with our colleagues. But when it comes to presents, what exactly do you get the people you spend every working day with? Whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday gift or an idea for the dreaded Secret Santa, you’ll want to find them something that doesn’t just end up at the back of a closet.

We’ve created a guide to help you find the best gift ideas for coworkers to get you started. You can grab all of this with a Kroger gift card – and earn rewards and fuel points with every purchase.


An eye mask

Where to find one: Sephora, Bed, Bath & Beyond

Price range: $10 to $40

We know the feeling – work has drained you. By 3:30pm your entire office is staring at the clock, dreaming of bed and a spreadsheet-less sleep. But when it comes to getting that all-important shuteye, it can be difficult to switch off. An eye mask goes a long way to ensuring your colleague gets their much-needed eight hours. Show them you care by giving them the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep.

A phone stand

Where to find one: eBay, JCPenney

Price range: $10 to $40

Phone stands are the much-needed accessory for every desk. Every desk worker will appreciate this addition to their workspace – whether it's to watch a show or charge their phone.

A basic stand will set you back around $10, while something a little more high-tech can cost you anywhere from $20 to $40.

A plant

Where to pick one up: Lowes, Wayfair

Price range: $10 to $40

Did you know studies have shown that keeping house plants can improve concentration, productivity, and reduce stress levels? So, if you think your colleagues need a little green friend, a plant may be the perfect gift idea.

Portable cutlery set

Where to find one: Target, eBay

Price range: $15 to $30

Once you think about just how many people use in-office cutlery, you’ll probably want to buy one of these for yourself, too. Never again will they have to hunt for an elusive fork or worry about running a spoon under hot water ‘just in case.” If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for coworkers, then there are plenty of classic or colorful portable cutlery set options from around $15. If you want something stainless steel, they’ll cost a little more but will last a lot longer than plastic utensils.



Where to drink one: Starbucks, Peet's Coffee
Price range: $10 to $20

It gets us through the day, out of bed, through boring meetings – it’s the gift of the gods. Grab a bag of your colleague’s favorite beans from places like Starbucks, or go for more specialized brews from Peet’s Coffee.

Thermal travel mug

Where to grab one: Target, Pottery Barn

Price range: $10 to $70

Give the gift of warmth on chilly commutes – your coworker will be grateful when they’re shoulder to shoulder with a hundred grumpy strangers at 8am. A few sips of hot tea or coffee and it’s almost as if they’re still at home, bundled up in blankets… well, not quite. But it will make the trip to work easier and start their day off in the right way.

Facial spray

Where to find it: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sephora

Price range: $10 - $25

If you’re looking for small gift ideas for your coworkers, a refreshing, hydrating facial spray could be just the ticket. Because let’s face it, long commutes and long hours in front of a screen can take their toll on the face. Great for a quick pick-me-up for 9-5 workers, a facial spray is a bag and briefcase essential.


Where to find one: Barnes & Noble, Michaels
Price range: $5 to $30

If they’re in need of a little organization, perhaps a notebook is the perfect subtle suggestion that they need to get their notes in order. It’s a desk staple for those who spend most of their time scribbling notes in meetings or doodling when chatting with (boring) clients.

A candle

Where to get one: Yankee Candle, Bed, Bath & Beyond

Price range: $10 to $30

There are candles for everything these days – relaxation, motivation, productivity. Whatever you feel like your colleague may need a little extra of, there are hundreds of scents and colors to choose from. You can personalize this perfect Christmas gift idea for your coworkers, or even pick up one that has hidden gemstones inside for that extra little bit of soul healing.

Beverage bottle

Where to find one: Target, Macy’s

Price range: $10 to $40

If they’re not a hot drink kind-of person, how about something a little cooler? A stainless steel, temperature-controlled water bottle is perfect for those summer days and can keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours.

A calendar

Where to get one: Staples, Barnes & Noble

Price range: $10 to $20
Have your colleagues been missing meetings and lunch dates recently? Maybe it’s time for them to finally get a calendar. Grab one inspired by their favorite movie or TV show, one with a creative design, or perhaps personalize it with funny or heartwarming snaps.


Where to find one: Crate and Barrel, Macy’s
Price range: $10 to $70

If you’ve noticed your coworkers have been bringing lunch to work every day in a sad little plastic box, perhaps it’s time to give them an upgrade? You can choose to have a bit of fun with this one with the design – maybe grab a Disney or Star Wars-themed one, if that’s their thing.

An umbrella

Where to grab one: Old Navy, T.J. Maxx

Price range: $10 to $40

So, they’ve got the lunch box, thermal cup, and notebook, now all they need to top off the business attire set is a classy umbrella. If they’re a keen walker or just don’t want to get their hair wet between the subway and the office, this is the perfect idea. From basic to branded and personalized, there’s plenty of umbrella options to choose from.

Send coworker gift cards

Hopefully our gift guide has given you inspiration for that hard-to-buy-for coworker. Whether you’re looking for birthday, promotion, or Christmas gift ideas for friends at work, they deserve something special. A gift card can be the perfect way to give them a gift with a little more choice. Treat them to some self-care with a gift card from Bed, Bath & Beyond, something more practical from Lowes, or a gift card that really says you get them from Barnes & Noble.

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