10 fab Secret Santa gift ideas

Woman redeeming Netflix subscription gift card

If you’ve pulled a name out of the hat for Secret Santa but aren’t sure what to get them, this guide will bring the festive cheer home. No matter what your budget is or who you’ve got, we’ve got gift ideas for secret santa covered.

1. Homeware fanatics

Where to get it: Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond
Price range: $25-$200

If you’re the Secret Santa for a homeowner who loves interior design, buy them a gift card to add something beautiful to their home. Pottery Barn offers a selection of stylish pieces at affordable prices, fitting out every room in the house. Bed Bath & Beyond sells everything from bathroom accessories to bed linens, all sold online and in more than 1,000 stores nationwide.

2. Beauty lovers

Where to get it: Sephora, Ulta Beauty
Price range: $25-$500

If they love all things skincare and makeup, a gift card for a store well-known for selling high-end products is sure to hit the spot. Sephora and Ulta Beauty are go-to stores that stock thousands of products from hundreds of brands like Dior and Clinique. Let them browse online or the visit the shelves in store.

3. The sporty type

Where to get it: Foot Locker, Finish Line
Price range: $25-$500

Whether they’re an active member of a sports team, a keen runner or an avid yogi, they’re bound to love the chance to buy a new sporty outfit from one of their favorite athletic stores. Foot Locker is known for a fantastic selection of high-end footwear like Adidas sneakers and running shoes, while Finish Line offers a wide selection of styles and colors from leading brands too.

4. Streaming lovers

Where to get it: Netflix, CuriosityStream
Price range: $25-$200

Whoever you’re buying for, they’ll love a gift card to pay for their monthly streaming subscription. Netflix is ever popular, offering hours of original award-winning content and blockbuster films, all broken down into genre categories. Like to learn while you relax? CuriosityStream is an on-demand service with thousands of documentary films and series to choose from.

Woman redeeming Netflix subscription gift card

5. Avid readers

Where to get it: Barnes & Noble, Audible
Price range: $15-$500

Everybody loves a good story. Whether they want to feel the paper as they turn the pages or enjoy listening to a gripping tale while doing household chores, a gift card is a bookworm’s dream. If they’re an avid reader, get them a gift card for Barnes & Noble so they can peruse their favorite authors. Or, let them download the newest best seller from Audible to have it read to them.

6. Music fanatics

Where to get it: Apple, Spotify
Price range: $30-$200

No matter how they choose to listen, everyone loves music. If they already have a subscription to a music streaming platform or are thinking of signing up, a gift card for Spotify or an Apple gift card is the perfect gift idea for Secret Santa. They can stream and download all the latest hits, and even make personalized playlists filled with their favorite artist.

7. Travelers

Where to get it: Airbnb, Hotels.com, Delta Air Lines
Price range: $50-$500

Some people love to travel the world and experience new cultures, while others enjoy regularly visiting family and friends across the country. A great Secret Santa gift for travelers is a gift card they can spend towards their next trip. Buy them one for Airbnb or Hotels.com to take a chunk off their next vacation by contributing to their flights with a gift card from Delta Air Lines.

Two cute puppies opening Christmas presents

8. Animal lovers

Where to get it: PetSmart, Petco
Price range: $25-$500

If you’re struggling to think of what Secret Santa gift to get a pet owner, then we have the answer. PetSmart and Petco have everything a pet owner of cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and more would possibly need. From exciting toys for them to play with to grooming tools to keep them looking their best, your recipient can pick out what they really need with a gift card.

9. Fashion gurus

Where to get it: American Eagle, Hollister, Gap
Price range: $25-$500

A gift card to a clothing store is a great Secret Santa gift idea for as little as $25 up to $500. Let them browse online or in the store for a new outfit from classic brands like Gap or something more high-end like Hollister. A great Secret Santa gift for guys and girls, they can choose staple fashion statement pieces, like jeans from American Eagle.

10. Foodies

Where to get it: Olive Garden, Omaha Steaks
Price range: $25-$500

If they’re the type to spend their evenings and weekends dining out, let them have the next one on you as your Secret Santa gift. They can enjoy juicy cuts of beef at Omaha Steaks or authentic Italian cuisine at Olive Garden with friends.


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